EL Communication Sample 1 On a road / 道で

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# This page uses three language: EL, English and Japanese. Thank you for patience with unreadable Japanese parts.
# I recommend you to print the all the bases page, so you will be easier to understand each basis shape and the number.

..... 'B' ( ) stopped his car on a roadside in San Francisco, wondering which direction he should go. He calls to a walker 'A' (; ).
(Bさんは、行き先の方向に迷って、道路脇に車を停めました。歩行者のAさんに声をかけます ) .....

B) 「ちょっとすみません、あなたは地球語の手話をつかえますか?」 ( ' Hi, can you use EL signs?' )

A) 'Yes, a little' (「はい、少しですが」)
: B) 「よかった、お尋ねしますがゴールデンゲイトパークはどちらでしょうか?」
( 'Lucky! May I ask you which direction the Golden Gate Park is ?' )
A) ' Go straight down this road, and you will be inside the gate. The park is wide. Where are you going to? '
. B) 「バッファローを見たいんです」 ( 'I'd like to see the buffalo' )
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