Hello!     Earth Language (EL)

EL is a multi-method auxiliary language based on nature to help all kinds of communications
beyond cultures and conditions; also a tool for stimulating creative thoughts.
(EL has been developed since 1988; and this website is since 1996)
All these plans are the tentative ideas for EL, and you are welcome to join for more improvement.

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Earth Language page has been in Facebook
since February 2nd, 2011.
# In 2017, seasonable photos with EL haiku or words, you'll see in Facebook Earth Language page. Please enjoy.

# The EL Font has been renewed! (March 23, 2016)
The newest font is free to download.
The Font EARTH4 and about the EL ASCII
Differences between Earth3 and Earth4 are only about a few basis-shapes/sizes, not big change, however the new one looks more natural and recognizable in a bases overlay.
Have fun with EL base overlay typing.


# The Corner of the EL Philosophy (March 2020)
The first series of this corner:
# The Magical Method of a Grandma (March, 2020) chapter 1-8
How we can turn the worldwide misfortune of the pandemic 2020 into a beneficial result?
A Grandma talks to you in this series.
She uses a magical method. Why is it magical? What does she do with it? You shall start to think.

# The Earth without Country Border (2019 Annual Message)
EL is the most necessary thing to change this planet society into a utopia. Why?

# Update in the EL dictionary:
Parts of the index-page and the hyphen (gf) page are renewed.
The empty frame page is newly added. (2018)

# From [Rivalry] To [Concerto of Happiness]
(2018 Annual Letter)
For The New Base of Global Society * learning through Kotodama/Word Spirit in ancient Japan

# 2017 Annual Letter "The axis of the universe"
Also Update about Yoshiko and Earth Language

# FB Earth Language Page Archive (Basic parts of EL only)  for the convenient sequence (April 10, 2012)

Various Samples of EL Usages

Not only writing messages, you can do variety of things using EL.

Meditation Exercise with EL Body-signs

By a combination of the power of symbols and Qi-Gong theory. this exercise would work for harmonizing your body and mind, becoming a part of nature, moving the whole body.
This is easy to learn, and very effective. You need not study language for this, but probably you would naturally memorize and enjoy some of EL symbols too, through your body and heart.

Introduction, The Ocean, Tree, The Sun, Rain
(started: October 18, 2007)
Wind, Earth, Cloud, Happy and Gratitude
(added: November 15, 2007)
The Moon (January 27, 2008)

EL Symbols for Vision improvement
If you feel your optic nerve strain or dry eyes and would like to improve your vision, this link might help you.
Contents through Yoshiko's experiments and experiences:
Happy labels between eyebrows (May 16, 2009)
For natural blinking (May 23, 2009)
Sunning exercise (May 31, 2009)
Resting eyes in darkness (June 10, 2009)
Training Peripheral Vision (June 22, 2009)
Sense of movement (July 31, 2009)

Poem and Pictograph in EL

Back Issues of EL Poem and Pictograph
Enjoy various feelings from many cultures in the globe. This section introduces a short poem, haiku or story in English, Japanese and EL with an EL pictograph, Since February 1999)

Photo and Story Series
"Story of My Vegetable Garden" (1-39)
Report about newly started gardening in a forest. Sometimes photos come with haiku by hoo.

Guess what through those Illustrations :
Play here with children!
EL fundamental characters are like simplified pictures. (uploaded on 06, 01,'99)

Archives of Mini Topics in EL
and English with photos:

Please enjoy the back number issues to see what EL writings are like.
President Obama's Inaugural Address
is partially translated into EL (January 26, 2009)

EL translation of the Babel story
from the Holy Bible (Nov.2005)

The History of EL since 1988

The Links Relating to EL

Thanks for the cooperation!

(The people, who have helped EL)

The Bibliography
The books from which the author learned or
used for building the EL system are mostly in Japanese.

About the EL Founder and
the editor of this site:

Yoshiko McFarland and the Background of EL
Now Living in Milton WA, USA
Email: yoshikomc(at)gmail(dot)com

Yoshiko's Batik Works (1975-86):

There are some images of the ancient Japan. Searching the ancient world brought her the new inspiration of Earth Language for the future world.
Here you'll see some of her commissioned works too.

About Earth Language (EL)

Earth Language as a method for Global Change
(The point of EL: written on March 2009)

The General Introduction of the EL System

For overview the system.

What is Earth Language?
The principles to develop EL
(11,30, 2003)
Here explains why English shouldn't be
the common universal language.

The comparison between the primitive world, the common English world and the world with EL

Old Version of 'What is EL?','The aims and works'

(published on '92, April 27,'01 revised)

Evolved Language
About the concept of the new global communication method

What you can do now with EL
EL has many approaches to start. Even if you knew about EL just today, you can use and enjoy EL a little right now. Please choose what you'd like to do from here. (October, 2008)

Footnote about history of various
human communication ways

How does the EL System work?
(Most pages in this section are revised on June 2005)

Many general vocabularies
are created by combining
the meanings of two or
more basic symbols.

Why EL is based on visual symbols

The total of the EL base

The way to increase symbols out of only 70bases

The EL ideograms

It's easy and fun to learn, using your own mother language

The EL definition system with the grammar and the method for organizing information

The sequence of the subject, the object and the verb in a sentence is free; greetings and answering are simple; there are rational ways for abbreviation, classifying and organizing information, also making logos and a private symbol.

The EL phonetics
You can write any human-mouth-made sounds by this way. (Renewed: May 2005)

The EL multi-method system
Using the same memory, you can communicate with others by hand-signs, gestures, eye ball signs and vocally as well.

Examples for EL communications
with signs and characters
(explanation in English and Japanese)

The EL Main Dictionary
Play with Symbols, and come join us to prepare more.  

Illustrated Dictionary:
Please have fun learning EL like riddles. Most main words in EL are expressed with a single symbol. Enjoy using some of them in your daily life.
Preface note for naming things and Classification of living things
(since June 29,2007)

Human Body Features
(since March 6th, 2007)

(since June 10th, 2007)

(since June 29, 2007 and it's going to grow more).

Insects (since July 11, 2007)
Plant (plant parts and processes, March, 2013)

Direction, Location, and shapes 
The main six directions / in and out /
Four directions and seasons
(January 21, 2009)

Printable text sheets to learn EL
(start: Feb. 1st, last update: March 6th, 2007)
Here you can download the following text sheets:
[Table of Bases and hand signs]
For convenience for signing
[160 Traveler's Conversations] in EL, English, Japanese, German and Esperanto; also partly in Italian and Noxiro.
[Dictionaries about body features and the concepts related to them]
Also you can download the EL introduction leaflet and
Undoing the Tower of Babel from here. Have fun sharing EL with your friends.
[hapado] (Thank you)

You are welcome for linking this page and using EL.
But please let the author know about what you've done/thought or your plan related to EL, for more improving EL.

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