The Base Overlay and The Joined Characters

Millions of single symbols can be formed from only 70 bases

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The way to increase characters
The feature of the overlay system

The way to increase characters

Why the EL bases have varieties of the sizes/the shapes/the locations
in the frame is all to make this compounding system possible.
Some base like a dot sometimes disappears when it compounded with other bases. Not every base in every case matches to be compounded, but most combinations are available. Most of the bases look too simple, but overlaid with others, they can form various shapes, matching with many fundamental meanings.

Using Hyphen
In case a base overlay with many elements looks too complicate, you also can use a hyphen between fundamental characters to show a complicate concept by all together.
(this hyphen was added instead of former #gf mark on 2006)
When using hyphen, put the main substantial part of the concept first.
(global world) is shown as too.

The feature of the base overlay system

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