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Others' web sites or issue in English or European languages, using/relating to the Earth Language

(Wiki type) Earth Language Dictionary site to build its many language contents by global volunteers cooperation: by Mindaugas Indriunas (a Lithuanian now in the US) (started 11, 2011)

Other systems to compare to EL definitions recommended to see by Mindaugus:
Common Web Language

Another Earth Language group in Jouni Sakari Kemppinen's page [sah kah reh 'la] in Ning society. Here it seems that you can discuss about EL and join to introduce EL in many languages; also to enjoy creation with EL symbols and visual thinking. The owner is a Finnish and six languages user. (10, 2011~)

The wall of Earth Language page in Facebook sometimes has links to others' creations. (since 2, 2011)

Robot Voices for EL vowels by Joe Pike in California (2010)

Phonetics sites to refer by Joe Pike's recommendation:
Visible Speech/Physiological Alphabet in Omnigot
Vowel Synthesis Interface
You can use 110Hz as F0 as Barton or 133 HZ for the fundamental frequency of a 16cm vocal tract. 

The EL Writing Program with Colors (a program for colorful EL editing)
by Steve Watson (: Stedawa, a Canadian English teacher in China and Korea).
Bloglines page by Stedawa
The corner about Earth Language in Steve's wikipedia site
Steve's Blog on 2007.11.22 about EL
Steve's haiku in Earth Language
(A moment of a lake in China; haiku with seasonal colors)

Ban'ya Natsuishi's Peace Haiku in many languages included EL(in his blog)

Simizu Kuniharu's Haiga page used EL symbols (Japan)

World Haiku Association Haiga corner since July 2007 hoo's haiga

“moonset” (EL fearure in a haiku and tanka magazine, spring/summer 2008 Oregon)

Zonnebanktoerist Electronica (Synthesizer music by Zonnebanktoerist in Belgiam)

EL for Communications with Extraterrestrials:
The DEGUFO (UFO magazine in the middle Europe)
The issue, "Lingua Cosmica -- Zur sprachlichen Kommunikation mit extraterrestrischen Lebewesen
by a physicist, Dr. Jens E. H. Waldeck.

Langmaker (old, but unable to update)

Wikipedia Earth Language (partly wrong explanation though)



★早稲田大出身のリトアニア人、Mindaugas Indriunasさんが

Facebook Earth Language Page

The DEGUFO (UFO magazine in the middle Europe)

The issue, "Lingua Cosmica -- Zur sprachlichen
Kommunikation mit extraterrestrischen Lebewesen
物理学者Dr. Jens E. H. Waldeckさんの論文『宇宙言語』の下のほう。

★ Steve Watsonさんの 地球語紹介のブログ

Seren Arbazardさんの人工言語サイトより
・ 「人工言語事典」

夏石番矢さんのブログ・サイト (地球語俳句を通じて)


★光文社 『80人の海外成功物語』内田麻衣子・飯田かすみ著

アメリカ生活情報サイト「JINA」 ロスアンジェルス
「アメリカで見つけた素敵な人インタビュー」  コーナー



★北米毎日新聞に「地球語」半年連載 (1996)

★北CA企業年鑑・生活情報誌 『adoa』創刊号 (1991-92)


★ 清水国治さんの俳画サイト中、

世界俳句協会の俳画コーナー 2007年7−12月のhooの作品


★Zonnebanktoerist Electronica

(制作:中国で英語を教えているカナダ人の スティーヴさん

★Steve さんの地球語俳句サイト