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Images of 70 Bases
The way to increase ideograms
Fundamental ideograms
The usage without grammar
The EL Grammar


This section is about the EL ideograms: written symbols to show  meanings;
and the setting way of definitions.

# A word is not equal to the same image ideogram:

First of all you have to lean this point:
EL is not made based on English.
There is a big difference between these languages in the bottom.

Contrary to English and other alphabetic languages, EL uses ideograms for the base.
An EL symbol has impact to show its image like an icon; so works differently from a word.
A word usually wants to lead you to one direction, but an icon catches you directly.
An English word is regarded as a part of a sentence, as a noun/adjective/adverb/verb by itself;
and according to which part, the form of the word is usually different,
as beauty (noun), beautiful (ad.), beautifully (adv.).

An EL ideogram shows just an image; and when it is just alone,
you can handle it as a noun in English meaning some condition/thing/material/affair;
but you need not define it as a noun.
Because it doesn’t change the form whichever part it works for.
An EL ideogram works as a particular part of a sentence with a grammatical symbol or by its position in a phrase.

EL pronouns also don’t change the shape by each nominative, objective and possessive case.

He moves (this is the nominative; is the predicate with the verb base ),
his hand (this is the possessive, modifying the next ideogram by the sequence rule),
to him (this is the objective case in English: this phrase is supposed to modify its front character or the predicate of the sentence with (to; preposition) in EL)

You can compose a sentence with the EL grammar as specifically as you like.
Yet, the basic ideograms have some fuzziness/flexibility:
movable in the scope of each image with other additions.
Also EL has its own rational definitions.
These features are important for the global communication,
because most root images are commonly recognizable, but not completely the same.

English word board means
1) a flat wide piece of some hard material;
2) a group of people in an organization.
This setting is too unique for a single word from other cultures.

The EL ideogram for 1) is set as a flat thing with thickness by its shape
and the combination of elements of the meaning.
It needs another expression for 2) separately in EL.
# Tightness and flexibility of the EL fundamental ideogram
An English word meaning can be changed sometimes very much,
as “cool” and “bad” are used for fashionable/attractive away from the original meanings:
“low in temperature, but not cold” and “not good/low quality.”
You can’t selfishly change or widen the image of an EL fundamental ideogram like these examples, because of aiming to be a universal and sustainable communication method.

However you can express anything freely compounding and combining fundamental ideograms;
also creating a personal symbols or abbreviations is available too, using a bracket together.
EL fundamental ideograms have such kind of stability and flexibility.

# The materials

# The 70 EL bases are morphemes: used for meanings, symbolizing each basic image by each shape.

# All bases work for creating more ideograms with another character,
even with numerals, and other notations, relating to the image or the shape of each base.

# Five small bases , , , , are used for grammatical symbols as their single form.
Except them, all bases work as ideograms by themselves, too.

# [Images of the 70 bases]
Perhaps you can memorize 70 bases and the images very quickly by the help of each shape:

# [The way to increase ideograms] (Bases overlay)
Bases are compounded on top of each other to create another ideogram. How?

# [Fundamental ideograms] and [EL Dictionary]
* Definitions in those pages are still very rough; please think of the detail through each combination of images.

# [The Usage Without Grammar]
An EL ideogram independently works like an icon. Those symbols are applicable for various usages.

# [The EL Grammar] EL has the simple but powerful grammars, so you can record documents and send messages with EL ideograms; besides EL has various tools and systems for rationally organizing information. Main greetings and answers are shown as a single symbol + period.

# [The EL Font and ASCII] Please get the EL Font Earth3, it's free.

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