Examples of EL Usage Without The Grammar

Drawing pictures with EL characters

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All ideograms, including bases and base overlay, are symbols of some meaning.
So they can be used for icons in computing and maps. New icons also can be rationally made
in the EL compounding system for logos and meanings.
The sample below is a map of a small resort town. You see a lot of information in the map:

{container of human society}: (a) town,
{place, information}: (a) map,
{ money, functional place}: (a) bank,
{ building for work}: office,
{{ life moving}: travel/journey,
{building to live}: house,
{house group for travelers}: hotel,
(as the simplified picture): island,
{place always with waves}: the sea,
{ container on waves}: boat/ship,
{ resting/out from work, place}: anchoring place, {edge of the sea}: beach ,
{ a road with levels}: stair, {place for car}: parking/garage
{{large car}: bus, {place for stop}}: bus stop,
{ information building}: information center, : tree, : flower,
{ mouth, accept}: eating, { a thing to indicate time}: clock/watch,
{ high building}: tower, { heated earth/soil}: earthenware,
{ hearty thing related to place}: souvenir,
{a thing as a form from heart}: gift, {joy drink}: alcoholic drink,
{money for goods go}: shopping,
{ road with cover}: arcade, { public garden}: park,
{ water contain place}: pool/pond,
{ plane for performance}: stage, { document(s) bound}: book(s),
{sheets recognized shape}: picture(s), { show, place}: showroom,
{ water facility}: restroom/bathroom(s),
{ awaken, drink}: coffee, {leaf drink}: tea, (as the simplified picture): fruit(s),
{ sweet thing}: sweets, { face cover sheet}: mask(s),
{ nose sense goods}: incense/perfume, { head cover}: hat/cap(s),
{ body (simplified), cover}: clothes, {thing for sound}: musical instruments) ,
{ moving picture}: movie/film, { event, place}: event place/theater
(*The contents of each { } are the elements of the left character;
and the word on the right side of colon is the meaning of its left character.)

Here names are not shown, but names of places/shops can also be shown forming EL phonetic abbreviations.

Drawing pictures with EL ideograms

It is fun and easy to draw a picture with EL ideograms. You may enjoy this way for your diary,
for a sketch in a postcard when you are traveling, for sending a message to your friends,
and for graphic designs of advertising or image symbols for meditation. Here you see a few examples.

A sketch:

On an edge of a peninsula covered
with trees ( ), you ( ) are standing.
The boat ( ), which I ( ) am on is floating
on the waves ( ), and
some clouds ( ) are seen.

For a little card :
I ( ) am offering a large bouquet{ flower( ), grass ( ) to you ( ) with the both hands ( ).

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