This look like a seat for someone, symbolizing existence.
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the hand-shape-sign:
Stretch the hand forward with the palm upward,
touching the fingers next to each other (手のひらを上に平らに差し伸べる)

the hand-movement-sign: Draw the base shape in one stroke (一筆で書く)

name: jo sound of joke without [u] in the vowel ( ジョ )

ASCII: m (the partner base of M )

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): existence, to be (存在)


vi. (the subject) appear, come (現れる、来る)
vt. put ( something there ), or let ( somebody ) be (置く、居させる)
{gd,54}: be ( for existence or status ); see the detail in #gd, ge section (いる、ある、~だ)
{gd,05,54} : am not, are not, is not (存在の否定、いない、ではない)
. : He is not my chief. (彼は私のチーフじゃない)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to 'being/ to exist' (居る・存在にかかわって)
2) Various kinds of existence (いろんな存在)
3) As a part of a picture like symbol (象形文字の構成)

examples of base overlay:

Related to 'being/to exist' (居る・存在 にかかわって)

{05(not),54}: extinction, become extinct (vi. with gd), extinguish (vt. with ge) (消滅)
{35(infinite),54}: immortality, immortal (不滅)
{35,54,05(denied)}: mortal (死を免れない存在)
1^m {54(being), oneness
`1^m  {being, only}: unique
{54,25(join)}: inauguration, installation (着任)
{04(away),54}: retreat (n.), retirement, withdrawal, retreat (vi. with gd), withdraw (with ge ) (引退)
{03line, 54}: a line( queue), the situation where many individual things are in a line (or lines),
be in a line (vi. with gd), draw line up, set (something) on a row (with ge) (列、並ぶ状態)
{0354},21go}: parade
{{36(time),62(behind)}(after),54}: remaining, remain (vi. with gd), leave/let something remain (vt. with vt) (残る)
{54,47(received)}: possession, have (vt. with gd) (持つ・所有)
{possession, less}: poor/scanty (貧)
{possession, much}: rich, abundant (豊か)
{{54,47},21(heading)}: bringing, bring (vt. with gd) (もっていく、連れて行く)
{{47,54}(possession),23change}: exchange (交換)
{, 24certain}: keep(ing) (保つ)
{temporary, having}: rental
{19 in, , }: debt, borrow (vt. with gd)(借り)
{20 out, , }: lend (vt. with gd)(貸し)
{, 25join}: sharing, share (v. with gd) (分かち合い)
{17,18,23,54(be)}: a hand-stand or to be standing in upside down (逆立ち)
{36(time),54}(being with time): waiting, wait (vi. with #gd), let (somebody) wait (vt. with #ge) (待つ状態)
{10(place),54}: whereabouts/ where being now (現在いる場所)
{22 original, 10,54}: original address (原住地)
{22,10,54,65 people}: native/aborigine/original or former inhabitant (先住民)
{{10,54}(whereabouts),67(life) }: home address (住所)
{10,53(situation),54(existence)}: states (情勢)
{54,30(indication)}: identification (certificate) (身分証明)
{54,30}{46,28} or {54,30,46,28}: ID card
{31form,54 existence}: formation, mode (形態)
{12(bipolar),54(existence)}: contrast (対照)
{33(entire circle),54}: all, whole (全)
{{33,54}(all, whole),36}: always (いつも)
{10(place),{33,54}(whole)}: everywhere. whole area (いたるところ)
{{33,54},65(people)}: everybody (みんな)
{{33,54},53(condition)}: the whole picture (全貌)
{07(large),54}: greatness, great (偉大)
{08(small),54}: trivial being, trivial (とるに足らぬ)
{24(stable),54}: settlement, settle (v, with gd) (定住)
{11(limited),54}: special (特別)
{54,43(involved/twined)}: bond, fetter (しがらみ)
{54,44(opened)}: freedom, liberty (自由)
{69(torso),54}: sit, sit down (vi with gd) (座る)
{{69,54},50goods}: chair (椅子)
{54,17(up)}: lord (honorific title as the fundamental character) (特別な上位者への敬称)

Various kinds of existence (いろんな存在)

{{15,33,66}(face),54(existence)}: representative (代表)
{{48,51}(feet/support to stand),54}: supporter (not only human) (支持者)

God/gods in the main religion:
{{02(one),60(truly)} (absolute),54}: God (絶対神)
{ { God, the cross-symbol}: God in Christianity
{, the symbol of the moon}: Islamic God
{, origin}: God in Judaism
{ nature, origin, existence}: Brahman or God in nature worship religions
{ part of }: god/gods in polytheism
{{, }: all and zero in one}: Buddha (not as the founder of Buddhism)
{{17(upper),67(life),35(very long)} (ancestor),54}: ancestral god (祖先神)
{17,37}(heaven),54}: celestial existence (天上の存在)
{{23,37,70}(wings),54 for 45(relation)}: angel (天使)
{67(life),54}: living creature (命ある存在)
{{05(no),67(life)}(death),54}: existence after death (死霊); 'ghost' when it acts/moves (幽霊)
{{01,68}(spirit),54}: spiritual existence; fairy (妖精)
{31(shape),23(change),41(move),54}: a monster which turns the shape (化け物)
{{ {21(facing),{60,66} (horn)} (threat), 54}: demon/ogre (鬼)
{57(mystery),54}: goblin (妖怪)
{{06(reverse),{60,68}(sincerity)} (sin),54}: Satan/devil (悪魔)

As a part of a picture like symbol (象形文字の構成)

{34,54}: the head (as a fundamental character by the shape of the part of a body),
conduct, lead (v. with #gd) (頭・D動詞:指揮する)
{{51,24}(bone),{34,54}}: skull (頭蓋骨)
{{34,65}(member),{(34),54}}}(head of members): boss, chief (長、チーフ)
{{10,24}(land),{34,54}}: king (王様)
{{34,54},48(cover)}: hat/cap (帽子)

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