This shape looks like a hanging around an atmosphere to represent some situation;
also this is the upside down shape of #54 (existence). (状態を表すための、上から垂れ被る記号)
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the hand-shape-sign:
Stretch the hand forward with the palm downward,
touching the fingers next to each other (甲を上に手を水平に前に伸ばす)

the hand-movement-sign:
Draw the base shape in one stroke. (続けて形を描く)

name: ji sound of Jim ( ジ )

M (the similar looking)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single):
condition, situation: particular state that someone/something is in (状態)


This single form with no modification is not used for a verb.
But compounding with a verb symbol is used
{gd,53}: be or be ..ing (for expressing the present situation) (・・だ、)
{ge,53}:  is letting (someone or something) do ... (させている)
{gd,05(not),53} : be not ..ing, be not in the following situation (状態の否定、~でない)

main images in base overlays:

1) For more detailed terms about 'condition' (状態に関して少し詳しい語彙)
2) Various conditions (いろんな状態)
3) A state of some tangible thing (物体の状態)
4) Doing for some condition (状態を~する)

{gc,53}: as (the condition of ..., being considered) (preposition)

examples of base overlay:

For more detailed terms about 'condition' (状態の関して少し詳しい語彙)

{09( happening/event),53(situation)}: conditions, circumstances (of something going on) (状況)
{09,53condition,{09,44}start}: happening, happen (with gd) (出来事、起きる)
{10(place),54(existence),53}: states on site (現場状況)
{36(time),53}: the atmosphere at a time or term (世情)
{22(origin),53( situation)}: original condition (元の状態)
{60(real),53}: the actual conditions/circumstances (実態・真相)
{{36,60}(now),53}: the present state/condition (現状)
{{36,19}(past),53}: the past state (過去の状態)
{41(move),53}: comings and goings (動静・消息)
{{33,54}(all),53}: the whole picture (全貌)
{40(balance),53}: condition (of some balance) (調子)
{31(shape),53(condition)}: sight/looking (光景・様子)
{10(place),31,53}: landscape (景色)
{68(heart),53}: emotional condition (心の状態)

Various conditions (いろんな状態)

{{42(wave),13}(constant up and down),53}: normalcy (常態)
{{42,13},05(not),53}: abnormality (異常)
{13the same, 36 time 53}: simultaneous/synchronized (同時的)
{57(wonder),53}: odd/ strange/ weird (奇態)
{02(one),53}: alone, single
`1^M ` {alone, only}: solitude, lonely (孤独、寂しい)
{02(one), 21( direction), 53}: one sided (一方的)
{43(closed),53}: closed condition (閉鎖的)
{43,53,68(heart)}: closed heart (閉ざした心)
{44(opened),53}: released, become free (with #gd), set free (with ge) (解放)
{12(bipolar),53}: contrastive (対照的)
{{15,68}(conscious),53}: notice (n., v. with #gd) (注意、気付く)
{{21,36,39}(fish),53}: swimming, swim (vi. with #gd)} (泳ぐ状態)
{37(nature),53}: natural (自然な)
{{03,31(shape)}(diagonal),53}: inclination, incline (vi, with #gd) (傾斜)

A state of some tangible thing
{01(dot),53}: powder or powdered/ground condition (粉・粉状)
{16(parts),53}: separated, separate (vi. with #gd, vt. with #ge) (分離状態)
{{24,59}(ice),53}: frozen (凍った)
... like these, #53 can be added for distinguishing an original character meaning to tell about the condition.

Doing for some condition

{38(creation) of 53}: directed, direct (vt. with ge) (演出)
{45(relation) of 53}: meet (v. with #gd) (会う)

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