The line from the left bottom connect to the right half of a half diameter circle:
this shape symbolizes an extended hand asking something to put in. (なにかを求めて差し出す手の象形記号)
. . . .
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The angle of the straight line in this base was changed (Oct. 2006) to see easier in complicate c-c.

the hand-shape-sign:
Hold out the hand diagonally forward with curled four fingers up
like wanting something in it.

the hand-movement-sign:
Draw the base shape starting from the straight line toward diagonally inner/outer forward

name: [ho] ho sound of hope without [u] in the vowel ( ホ )

ASCII: j (the similar looking, and lower than 56)

phonetic value:

[ alveolar flap ], to work as the diacritic for flap or tap in a C-c.
(The base symbolizes the flapping tongue)

definition (single):

require, requesting situation (symbolizing an extended hand to ask something to put in)


: v. ask, request (頼む)
: v. let (somebody) request (~に頼ませる)
{gd,55}: want to : When #55 in a d-verb symbol, the subject want to (or would like to) become into
the situation of (or do) the following character or phrase. (~したい、~でありたい)
{gd, 68 heart, 55demand}: wish ((実現性は低いが)~とのぞむ、願う)
{gd,{55,60}(needs)}: need, The base overlay {55,60} in a verb symbol represents that the situation of the verb is in need.

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to various desire/wish (a kind of feeling) (望み、欲にかかわって)
2) Related to seeking; being/ doing for one's desire (「求める」にかかわって)
3) Related to asking /requesting to others (他に尋ね・求める)
4) Related another looking of this base shape as a spoon (スプーンのような形にかかわって)

examples of base overlay:

Related to 'desire/wish'( a kind of feeling ) (望み、欲にかかわって)

{37(nature),55}: natural desire, instinct (本能)
{59(water),55}: thirsty/ thirst (渇き)
{{67,47}(taking food),55}: appetite (食欲)
{50(goods),55}: materialistic desire (物質欲)
{07,55(desire)}: avarice, greedy (欲張り)
{08,55}: selfless/ disinterested (無欲)
{15(recognition),55}: hunger (thirst) for knowledge (知識欲)
{41(movement),55}: desire of exercise (運動欲)
{46(work),55}: desire to work (勤労欲)
{55,68(heart)}: a wish, desire, wish (v. with #gd) (望み)
{17,55,68}: aggressive (上昇志向)
{55,{68,30}will}: ambition (大志)
{{52(heart),68}(passion),55}: aspiration, eager (切望・熱望)
{48(covered ),55}: latent (hidden) desire (潜在的な願望)
{06(opposite of the meaning),55}: giving, give (vt. with #gd) (与える)
{05,55(desire)}: unnecessary situation (不要)
{60( really ),55}: need (n./vt. with gd) (必要)
{{60,55}need, 50 goods}: necessity/commodity (必需品)

Related to 'seeking'; being/ doing for one's desire (「求める」にかかわって)

{{34,39(eyes),55} : search, look for (v. with gd) (D動詞:捜す)
{{01,21}(aim),55}: seek (for an aim) (探し求める)
{39(sense),55}: research (with one's sense/sensors) (研究・調査)
{{46,63}(hand),55}: grope (n./v. with gd) (手探り)
{{25,34}(gain/benefit),55}: pursue profit (利益追求)
{61(front),55}: hurry, rush (n., v. with gd ) (急ぐ)
{61(front),55,64(very)}: haste (n. , v. with #gd ) (あせる、あせり)
{62(behind),55}: be easy going (のんびりする)
{55,{02,23}( light)}: seek(ing) light (光を求める)
{55 to 25(join)}: apply, volunteer (志願)
: the head to say "let's do/be something/in some way together" (いっしょに~しようと呼びかける文頭)
{55,25,65(person)}: applicant, volunteer (志願者)
{55 for {01,68}(spiritual),14(way)}: seeking a religious way (求道)

Related to asking /requesting to others (他に尋ね・求める)

{55,57(question)}: question/ask, inquire (v. with #gd) (質問)
{06(opposite of the meaning) of {55,57}}(question)}: an answer, solve (v. with #gd) (解答)
{55seek and 47receive}: catching catch/get (v. with #gd) (得る、つかまえる)
{55 for 34(value)}: demand (ask to get an expected money/ thing ) (請求)
{{55,34},28(sheet)}: account, bill (請求書)
{05(not),55,34}: free (from fees) (無料)
{55(asking),21(heading to),{01,19}(self side)}: invitation/ invite (招待)
{55(asking),21(heading to),{01,20}(the other)}: arrangement for a visit/
get an appointment (v. with #gd) (訪問のうかがい)
{55(request) for{34,18,21}come}: asking to come this way/call (n./v. with #gd) (呼び寄せ、招く)
{{15,39}notice, 55 request}: call (for someone's attention) (呼びかけ)
{55(asking ),{24,10,67,20,19}}: propose marriage (結婚の申し込み)
{44(opened/spread; a part of 'public' {34,44}),55}: demand (as social) (需要)
{06(opposite) of {44,55}}: supply (for a society) (供給)
{55,30(indicate/show)}: applying (to show that you want to ...) (申請)
{{55,30(indicate)} (to apply),28(sheet)}: application form/ card (申請書)
{{55,30(indicate)} (to apply),65(person)}: applicant (申請者)
{55 for 58(possibility)}: ask(ing) a permission (許可を求める)
{51(power),55}: command (by force) (命令)
{{60,66}(horn/ threat),55}: blackmail, extortion (恐喝)
{64(violently),55}: enforce (強要)
{43(winded/twined),55}: pester/nag (せがむ)
{55 with 56(action)}: beg (乞う)
{64(violently),56(action),55}: snatch, robbery/ rob (v. with gd) (強奪)
{{64,56,55},65(person)}: robber (強盗)
{55 for {13,68}(sympathy)}: beg to get one's sympathy (同情を求める)

Related to the base shape (記号の形から)

{{47,50}(dishes ),55}: spoon (it makes a pair with 'fork' used 56)

. . .