The line from the upper left corner connects to the right half of a half diameter circle:
this shape symbolizes an extended hand and arm to work forward, symbolizing an action.
( 「行為」を表して、前向きに働きかける手を単純化した記号)
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The angle of the straight line in this base was changed (Oct. 2006) to see easier in complicate c-c.

the hand-shape-sign:
Hold out the hand diagonally forward with curled four fingers,
like working upon something. (4指を曲げて、腕を斜め前にさしのべる)

the hand-movement-sign:
Draw the base shape starting from the straight line toward diagonally forward. (直線部分から描く)

name: [hi] hi sound of hit ( ヒ )

ASCII: J (the similar shape and its higher than 55 )

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): action, acting situation (行為)


: vi.
act (行う)
: vt. let (somebody) act (行わせる)

main images in base overlays:

1) Various action (いろんな行為)
2) Related to 'activity (活動性)
3) A situation by action/a way or a matter for doing things (行為のためのものごとや状態)
4) Related to another looking of this base (記号の別の形から)

examples of base overlay:

Various action (いろんな行為)

{05(not),56}: (the subject) stops doing (with gd), stop someone to do the action (vt. with #ge) (行為の停止)
{11(limit, end),56}: finish (n.), finish (vi. with gd) (行為の終了、E動詞:終える)
{{04(minus),46(work)}(harmfu),56(action)}: harm (someone) (with gd) (有害行為d動詞:傷つける)
{25(plus),46}(beneficial, useful),56}: benevolence, benevolent (有益行為)
{63(mild),56}: gentle/be gentle (v. with gd) (おとなしい)
{64(very, violent),56}: violence, rude, outrage (v. with gd) (乱暴)
{12(friction),56(action)}: a dispute/fight (けんか)
{{12,56},64(violent)}: a battle, fight( vi. with gd ) /set (something/someone) to fight (vt. with ge) (紛糾、紛争)
{27 plural, 56 action}: repetition, repeat (v. as verb) (繰り返し)
{{13,15}(similar),56}: imitating, imitate (vi. with gd) (真似)
{46(work),56}: labor (労働)
{55(ask) with 56(action)}: beg (乞う)
{64(violentl),56,55}: snatch, robbery/ rob (v. with gd) (強奪)
{{64,56,55},65(person)}: robber (強盗)
{47(receive),56}: catching, catch (v. with gd) (つかむ)
{56 of 47(accept),15(recognition)}: admission/ admit (v. with #gd) (承認)
{56(action),25}: participation, participate (with d-verb symbol) (参加)
{56,25,65}: participant (参加者)
{56,44(opened)}: performance
{{36,42}sound,{44,56} performance}: playing music (演奏)
{{36,42},{44,56},65 occupation}: musician (音楽(演奏)家)
{65(person),56,44}: performer/ actor/ actress (エンターテイナー・俳優)
{41(movement),56,44}: various dances, dance (vi. with gd) (ダンス)
{04,39,42}( voice, vocal ){56,44}: vocal entertainment, song, sing (vi. with gd) (うた)
* {{33,15,42}(spoken language),44( short formed "entertain" )}: song with meanings,
sing the kind of song (v. with gd) ((意味のある)歌、歌う)
{15,33,42}( spoken language ){56,44}: reading/recitation/speaking entertainment (語り・朗読)
{36,42}(sound){56,44}: music, musical (音楽)
{{56,44},28(area)}: stage (ステージ)
{56,38(creation)}: performance, perform (vi. with gd) (演技)
{{44,39,68},56action}: play/game (遊び)
{ spoken language, 56}: speech/lecture (講話)
{30(showing) with 56}: demonstration (デモ)
{56,26(piled)}: practice, training (訓練)
{56,{14(get through),26(piled)}(experienced)}: being used to, accustomed (慣れ、慣れる)
{{36,61}(before),56}: rehearsal/ rehearse (v. with gd) (下稽古)
{{36,62}(after ),56}: clearing up, settle after some event (後片付け)
{56 for {01,21}(aim)}: accomplish, carrying out (遂行)
{21(go),56(action)}: promotion, promote ( v. with gd ) (推進)
{21,56,65(person)}: promoter (推進者)
{60(really),56}: practice, deed (実行)
{ +65(person)}: executioner (実行者)
{{15,68,25},56action}: taking care
{{15,68,25},56action},65occupation}: career/baby-sitter
{{10,23}trasfar,56 action}: trip/ travel (旅)
{06(opposite),56}: return, pay/revenge (v. with gd) (お返し/仕返し)
{45(relation),56}: association, communicate (v. with gd and {gc,25} for 'with') (付き合い)

Related to 'activity' (活動性)

{56,49}: activity (活動性)
{07(much),56}: briskness, active (活発)
{08(less),56}: inactivity (不活発)
{{08,40}(risky),56}: adventure (冒険)
{{07,40}(well balanced),56}: prudent/prudence (慎重)

A situation by action/a way or a matter for doing things (行為のためのものごとや状態)
{56 with {04,34}(loss)}: error (失敗)
{56 with {25,34}(benefit, advantage)}: success (成功)
{41(move),56}: exercise (体操)
{56(action),14(way)}: manner (マナー)
{56,{14,24(firm)}(rule)}: duty as law (義務)
{09(happening),56}: event (催し)
{{09,56},68(heart)}: ceremony (儀式)
{09,56,{44,68}(happy)}: (ceremony for joy): celebration (祝典)
{05(denied),67(life)}(death) {09,56,68}: funeral (葬式)
{11,38}(finish) {09,56,68}: finishing ceremony (終了式)
{70(space between),56}: rest (休憩)
{22(beginning) of 56}: preface, opening, outset (序)
{28(area) of 56}: area of doing/ field of specialty (活動分野)
{{46,28},56(act)}: play card (遊びのカード)
{35(continue),56}: custom, habit (習慣)

Related to another shape of this base (記号の別の形から)

{56 relating to {47,50}(dish/container): fork (making a set with {55,47,50}( spoon)) (フォーク)

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