The combination of the two vertical, parallel  lines and a half upper circle,  looking like covering something. (上から囲う形)
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the hand-shape-sign:
make the base shape by the parallel opening between the thumb and the other fingers.
The direction of the hand is free. When showing this sign alone in front of the shoulder,
the opposite direction (the thumb and index side faces to the reader) must be easier.

the hand-movement-sign:
drawing the base shape in one stroke (記号を端から続けて描く)

name: [ta] ta sound of target ( タ )

U (the similar shape)

phonetic value: [ t ](IPA), [ tz ] (SAMPA) voiceless alveolar plosive (the base symbolizes the flat tongue for it)

definition (single): a cover/cover (覆い)


become a cover: the subject work for covering something (覆う)
cover it with ( the subject's ) hand( ) (主語の手で覆う)
vt. let/make (something or someone) work for covering (被せる)
(make a sheet() to cover it) cover it with a sheet (シートで覆う)
The above phrase is the same as .

main images in base overlays:

Regarding the symbol shape as covering or a cover (覆いや覆うことに関連して):
1) Related to the image of covering/covered situation (覆い・覆う状態のイメージに関連)
2) Related to a thing to cover something, included buildings and clothes (覆うもの)
3) Related to surrounded/surrounding situation (周りに関連)

As another image by this shape (記号をほかの象形の一部とみなして):
4) Forming a picture-like symbol as a fundamental character (象形基本文字の構成)

examples of base overlay:

Related to the image of covering/covered situation (覆い・覆う状態のイメージに関連)

{48,53(condition)}: covering (覆っている状態)
{05(not),48}: uncovered situation, undressed (with #gd), peel/ unwrap/ take off the cover (of the object of that sentence) (vt. with ge) (D動詞:脱ぐ、E動詞:はがす)
{06(opposite),48}: bare, naked (裸・むきだし)
{48,19(in)}: secret (秘密)
{48(cover),26}: seal, seal up (vt. with ge) (密封)
{06(opposite),{48,26}}: unseal (開封)
{62(behind),48}: concealment, conceal (v. with gd) (隠された、D動詞:隠す)
{48,43(closed)}: packed, pack (vt. with ge) (梱包)
{48,25(join)}: security(警備)
{{48,25}security, 24(related to law),46}: police (as an official organization)
{{48,25}security, 24(related to law),10place}: police station
{{48,25}security, 24(related to law),56occupation}: police officer
{67(life),48}: guardianship, escort (v. with gd) (D動詞:護衛する)
{67,48,65(person)}: guardian (護衛者)
{18(under),48}: protected situation, protect (vt. with #ge) (保護されている、E動詞:保護する)
{48,21(heading)}: defense, defend (v. with gd) (防御)
{48 guardian, 37 nature, 51 power}: fortune (運命)
{fortune + {04,34}loss}: bad-luck (不運)
{fortune + {25,34} profitable}: good-luck (幸運)
{48,{15,33}(language)}: cipher/secret code (暗号)
{{46,63}(hand), 48}: grip, grasp (vt. with gd) (にぎる)
{{46,63,48},{01,19,20}(each other)}: handshake (v. with gd) (握手)
{{65,64}arm, 48}: hug (n., v. with gd) (抱擁)

Related to a thing to cover something (覆うもの)

{28,48(cover)}: wrapping sheet (ラップ)
{{15,33,66}(face),28,48}: mask (仮面)
{{13,14,28}(fabric),48(wrap)}: scarf kind of fabric (スカーフ・風呂敷)
{{(11,13,28} (board),48}: shelf (棚)
{{15(recognition),30(indication)}(message),48(cover)}: envelope (封筒)
{{15,30,48},21(go)}: (a) letter (手紙)
{48,50(tangible thing)}: luggage (荷物)
{21(go),48,50}: package (小包み)
{47(container),48}: capsule (カプセル)
{66,67,48(cover)}: peel (n.) (果皮)
{11(limit),48}: a lid/conceal (vt. with gd) (蓋)
{{04,39}(mouth),48}: lips (唇)
{{34,39}eye, 48}: eyelid (まぶた)
{10(place),48}: building (建物)
{{10,48},67(life)}: dwelling house (住宅)
{{10,48},67,26(group)}: apartment house (集合住宅)
{{10,48},{19(in),20(out),{34,38}(money )}dealing}: shop (店)
{{10,47}building for 46work}: office
{{10,48},{34,44}public}: public building (公共建築)
{37 nature, {10,48}}: camp
{{10,48},17(above, top)}: roof (屋根)
{{10,48},18(below/bottom)}: foundation (of a building) (建物の基礎)
{{10,48},19(inside)}: interior (室内)
{{10,48},20(outside)}: exterior (屋外)
{{10,48},61}: front (side) of a building (建物の正面側)
{{10,48},62}: the back/rear of a house/building (建物の裏)
{{10,48},{17(upper),07(much)}(high, tall)}: tower (塔)
{{10,14}(passage/ road),48}: arcade/ a passage with an Arched roof (アーケード)
{10,14} for 34(substance)}: warehouse/ shed (倉庫)
{14(way),48}: gate (also as a picture-like fundamental character)(門)
{48,31(form)}: fashion (装い)

{48,69}: clothes
{, 09 thing}: wearing (着ること)
{, 53 situation}: wear (verb with gd)
{{48,69},24}: uniform (ユニホーム)
{{51,48}(legs),{(48),69}}: pants/trousers (ズボン、パンタロン、袴)
{19(inner),{48,69}}: underwear, lingerie (下着)
{19,17(upper),{48,69}}: underwear for upper torso like brassiere/ undershirt (上半身用の下着)
{19,18(under),{48,69}}: underwear for lower torso like a brief/trunk (下半身用の下着)
{17(upper),18(under),{48,69}}: suit kind of clothes (上下のスーツ類)
{02(one),{48,69}}: one-piece dress or the kind of clothes (ワンピース類)
{17(upper),20(outer),{48,69}}: jacket kind of clothes (上着)
{20(outer),{48,69}}: coat kind of clothes (コート類)
{{47,61}(foot),48}: shoes (靴)
{{47,61},18(under part mainly),48}: sandal/ flip-flop (ぞうり)
{{34,54}( head),48}: hat/cap (帽子)
{41( move ),48}(only cover vision is moving without reality; also as a hieroglyphic character): ghost (幽霊)

Related to surrounded/surrounding situation

{01,48}: (a dot is surrounded) surrounding, around (周り)
{{01,48},33( a circle)}: circumference (円周)
{01,48, 11(edge)}: frame (縁・枠)
{03(line),48}: outline (アウトライン)
{64(very),17(above) of 48}: transcendence/ transcendent (超越)
{12(friction),48}: dust (塵)
{37(nature),48}: nature environment (自然環境)
{38(human made),48}: artificial environment (人工的な環境)
{36 time,{01,48}(around)-01(invisible)}: year
(as a period of time flowing, not as the length, as 'what or which year' );
is chosen for the period included all seasons around.(長さでなく時の位置を表す「年」)
See the section #36 (time) for more characters related to "year."

Forming a picture-like symbol as a fundamental character (象形基本文字として)

{48,51(power)}: leg (not only for living creature, anything supporting the own body);
d-v: stand (supporting the own body)/ e-verb: let someone or something stand (脚・D動詞:立つ)
{{48,51},21(heading)}: running, run (vi. with gd as a fundamental character) (走る)
{{48,51},21,64(fast): sprint, run fast (vi. with #gd) (疾走)
{{48,51},21,63(slow): jog, run slowly (vi. with #gd) (かけ足)
{{48,51},21,17(upward)}: prance (飛び跳ねる)
{{68,60}(sincere) for {48,51}(supporting)}: responsibility/take responsibility (v. with #gd) (責任)
{{01,19}(oneself),{48,51}(support)}: independence/self-help (自立)
{{01,20}(other),{48,51}(support)}: dependence/rely (v. with #ge; #31 for 'on' of 'rely on') (依存)
{{14,45}(neck),{(48 invisible),51}(leg)}: knee (膝)

{{43,41}(reptile) with {48,51}}: lizard (トカゲ)
{{43,41,48,51},42(flowing water)}: crocodiles/alligators (ワニ)
{{43,41,48,51},64(violent)}: dinosaur (恐竜)
{{15,41,67}(mammal),{51,48}(legs)}: horse (馬)
{{23,41,70}(bird),{48,51}(leg)}: ostrich (ダチョウ)
{{48,51},50(tool)}: radar (はしご・脚立)
{28(flat surface) with {48,51}}: table (テーブル)
{28,48,51}(table) for 46(work)}: desk (机)

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