The combination of the two vertical, parallel lines and a half under circle, making a vessel or a container shape to accept or hold something in. (器を象った記号)
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the hand-shape-sign:
Make the base shape by the parallel opening between the thumb and the other fingers.

the hand-movement-sign:
Draw the base shape. (記号の形を宙に描く)

name: [da] da sound of dark without the extension of the sound ( ダ )

ASCII: u (the similar shape)

phonetic value: [ d ] (IPA), [dz] (SAMPA) (voiced alveolar plosive)

definition (single): yes : (means your talking is accepted, okay), accepted (はい・承諾)


vi. accept ( the subject accept(s) something) (受ける)
vt. give ( let something/someone get/accept something) (受けさせる、与える)
{gd,47} : the passive d-verb symbol (D動詞の受動態 )
The subject gets some action by the person or the thing which follows the preposition {gc,46}(by).

{ge,47}: the passive e-verb symbol (E動詞の受動態)
See the verb section for the examples of these usage.
( これらの動詞の使い方例は ここを参照 してください)

main images in base overlays:

Regarding this symbol as a vessel shape (記号の器形にかかわって):
1) Related to acceptation/ receiving (受けるイメージにかかわって)
2) Related to holding (持つことにかかわって)
3) Related to the image of taking in and out of a container, or the capacity/contents
4) Some kind of vessel/ container including rooms and towns (何かが入るためのもの)

Un related to the image of a vessel (器とは無関係の形を連想して):
5) To form the picture-like fundamental character of the foot (足の象形文字を構成して)
6) Regarding the shape as the tongue (舌の形と捉えて)

examples of base overlay:

Related to acceptation/ receiving (受けるイメージにかかわって)

{05(not),47}: No (for a request), disagree (with gd) (いいえ、不承知)
{06(opposite),47}: objection, oppose (v. with gd) (受諾に反対)
{{15(recognition),30indication}message,47}: reception (of a message), receive (v. with #gd) (受信)
{62(back),{34,38}(money),47}: acceptance of a bribe, accept a bribe (v. with gd) (収賄)
{{36,39}(ear),47}: hearing, hear (v. with gd), let (someone) hear (vt. with ge) (聞き取り)
{{44,68}(happiness),47}: 'Thank you' (only this or with a period), be grateful (v. with #gd) (感謝)
`au% `{35 keeping for long, 47, 68 heart}: memorial (記念)
{24( certain),47}: pledge, oath (誓い)
{37(nature),47}: harvest including fishing and hunting (収穫・収獲)
{{04,39}(mouth),47}: eating, tasting (vt. with gd) (食・口にする)
{67(life),47}: consumption/nutrition, take foods (v. with gd) (摂取)
{67,47,{46(function),(67)}(organ)}: digestive organ (消化器官)
{67,47,50(tangible thing)}: food (食べもの)
{{67,47},{16,22) elements}: nutrient (栄養)
{{34,67}meat,{47,67}}consumption}: carnivorous, predatory/pray/carnivore (肉食)
{66 plant,{47,67} consumption}: herbivorous/herbivore (草食)

{{46,63},47(container)}: hold/catch/receive something by hand (vt. with gd) (手でもつ、つかむ)
{55seek and 47receive}: catching catch/get (v. with gd) (得る、つかまえる)

Related to holding (持つことにかかわって)

{54(existence),47}: possession, have (vt. with gd) (持つ・所有)
`umb `{possession, 08 less}: poor/scanty (貧)
`umB `{possession, 07 much}: rich, abundant (豊か)
{ possession,23(change)}: exchange (交換)
{, 24certain}: keep(ing) (保つ)
{{54,47},21(heading)}: bringing, bring (vt. with gd) (もっていく、連れて行く)
{, having}: rental
{19 in, , }: debt, borrow (vt. with gd)(借り)
{20 out, , }: lend (vt. with gd)(貸し)
{, 25join}: sharing, share (v. with gd) (分かち合い)
{47(holding),07(much),{34,38}(money)}: rich (not for 'heart', but for money) (お金持ち)
{47,08(little),{34,37}}: poverty/ poor (not for 'heart', but for money) (貧乏)
{12(friction),47}: dirtiness/dirty (as a fundamental character) (汚れ)
{{12,47} dirt, 04(minus)}: pure, purified, cleanse (vt. with ge) (汚れない、清ら)
{{12,47} dirt, 20( out)}: cleaned, cleaning, clean/sweep (vt. with ge) (掃除)
{,{42,20}flow away}: washing (洗い)

{{34,37}(brain),47}: memory, memorize (v. with gd) (記憶)
{{38,34,37}(computer),47}: computer memory (コンピュータ・メモリー)

Related to the image of taking in and out of a container, or the capacity/contents

(出し入れや内容・容量に関係) {25plus,47}: surplus (黒字)
{04(minus),47}: debt (負債)
{26(pile in),47}: stock, store (vt. with gd) (蓄え)
{47,21(go)}: conveyance, carry (vt. with gd) (運搬)
{20(out from),47}: exit, take out (v. with gd)(排出)
{19(in to),47}: entrance (entry), accommodate, put in (vt. with ge) (入会・入場、E動詞:収容する)
{{34,38}(money),19(in to),47}: deposit, saving money (預金)
{{34,38}(money),20(out from),47}: withdrawal (預金の引き出し)
{19(in),20(out),{34,38}(money),47}: banking (銀行業務)
{47(pocket shaped container),{15,41,67}(mammal)}: pouched mammals (有袋類)
{47,59}: beverage/ something to drink (飲み物)
: fruit juice (フルーツジュース)
: vegetable juice (野菜ジュース)
(babble drink): soda
{{47,59},{(59),02}(leaf' by the shape)}: (any kind of) tea (茶)
{{47,59},{44,39}(awake)}: coffee (コーヒー)
{{47,59},44( open/a part of 'joy')}: alcoholic drink/ wine (酒)
: sparkling wine
{wheat-babble-wine}: beer
{44(open/spread) in 47}: stir (vt. with ge) (攪拌)
{43(rolled) in 47}: knead (vt. with ge) (こねる)

{34(main) in 47}: content, substance (内容)
{{34,47}(substance),16(part))}: element (要素)
{15(recognition),{34,47}(contents)}: meaning (意味)
{{15,34,47},42(flowing)}: flowing of meanings: a story (物語)

{33(whole),47}: filled, fill (v. with ge) (満)
{{33,47},20(out)}: overflowed, flow over (v. with gd) (溢れた)
{{07,08}(degree),47(container)}: capacity (容量)
{07(large),47} : large capacity (容量大)
{08(small),47} : small capacity (容量が小さい)
{68(heart),47}: (capacity of heart) toleration, permit (v. with gd) (心の器)
{07(large){47,68}: tolerant (寛容)
{08(small){47,68}: narrow-minded(ness) (狭量)
{{07,08,47}(capacity),52(heat)}: heat capacity, calorie (熱量)
{52,47,32(unit)}: calorie as the degree unit (カロリー)
{{08,52}(cold),47(holding)}}: holding cold (冷蔵)
{{07,52},47}}: holding warm (温蔵)
{47,32(basic unit)}: the basic unit of capacity: liter/litre (リットル)

Some kind of vessel/ container (何かが入るためのもの)

{47,50(tool)}: container/vessel (容器)
{{47,50},28(plane/flat)}: plate; to this character, it's available to compound for a large plate,
for a small plate, and (under) for a saucer
{{47,50},59(liquid)}: cup (for liquid) (コップ)
{{47,50,59},20(out)}: teapot, kettle (to pour some liquid out) (ポット)
`uId^ `{{47,50},59,11(a part of 'lid')}: bottle
{{47,50},34(substance)}: jar (to keep some substance in) (壷)
`u=-#1 ` basket ()
{{35,50}(soil),52( heat),47}: pottery as vessels/dishes (陶器の器類)
{{47,50},66(plant)}: plant pot/flowerpot (植木鉢)
{{08(less),52(heat)}(cold)}: refrigerator (冷蔵庫)
or {{{24(hard),59(water)} ice, frozen,47,50}: freezer (冷凍庫)
{47,48(cover)}: capsule (カプセル)
{47 for 52( heat )}: pan (鍋)
{{47,52},{17,18}( vertically long )}: cooking pot (深鍋)
{{47,52},28}( flat )}: frying pan (フライパン/料理用鉄板など)
`uw, `{{01,30}(scale),47}: measure cup (計量器)
{47 of 31(shape)}: molding, mold (a pattern to mold) (鋳型)
{28,47(container)}: bag/sack (袋)
{{46,63}( hand ),{28,47}}: gloves/mitten (手袋)
{{47,61}( foot/feet ),{28,47}}: socks (ソックス・足袋)
{{28,47},16 part}: pocket
{{(11)(invisible),13,28}(board),47}: box (箱)
{{13,28,47}( box ),20( out )}: drawer(引き出し)
{{13,28,47,20},26( gathering )}: a furniture/box with drawers(引出しがまとまったたんすなど)

Bigger size (container of people/human society) (人間の入れもの)
{41(move ),47(container to carry)}: vehicle, car (乗り物・車)
{{41,47},07(large)}: larger car as a bus (大型車)
{{41,47},08(small)}: smaller car (小型車)
{place for car}: parking/garage
{{47,41}viacle, 19,20(in-out), 10place}: bus/train station (駅)
{{41,47} on 14rails-shape)}: railway, train. (レールを走る乗り物)
{{10,14{,{41,47}car}: roadway (車道)
{14rails-shape,{41,47}vircle}: train
{02(one),14 in this case, the rails shape, {41,47}viacle}: monorail-car
{{41,47},{21,(47)}(carry)}: truck, carrier car (運搬車)
{47(container to carry) on 42}: boat/ship(船・舟)
{{47,42},{12,60,66)combat}: warship (軍艦)
{{70(air),21(go)}(fly to go),47}: plane, any kind of flying vehicle (飛行機など)
{{35,37}(universe),47}: spaceship(宇宙船)

{10(place),47}: room/chamber (部屋)
{10,47,11(limit/partition)}: door (戸)
{10,47,{34,39}(eye) }: window (窓)
{10,(47),{47,52(heat)} pan}: (the room with pans): kitchen (キチン)
{10,47,34(substance)}: closet (押し入れ)

{10(place),37(nature),59(water),47}: lake (湖)
{{10,65(human)}(society),47}: town (町)
{08(small),10, 47,65}: village (村)
{38(artificial)10,47,65}: city (街・市)
{07(large)10,38,47,65}: megalopolis (大都市)

To form a hieroglyphic symbol

Related to 'foot/feet' (象形から、足に関係して)

{47,61}: foot (by the shape), step (v. with #gd) (足、D動詞:踏む)
{{47,61},46(work)}: foot work (足機能)
{{47,61},64(shock): kick (n.), kick (v. with #gd) (蹴る、蹴り)
{{47,61},21(heading)}: walk (n. , walk (vi. with #gd) (歩行)
{{47,61},{21,63}(slow)}: slow walk (そぞろ歩き)
{47,61},{21,64}(fast)}: quick walk (はや歩き)
{{47,61},{63,66}(brunch)}: toe (足の指)
{{47,61},{14,45}(neck)}: ankle (足首)
{{47,61},18(lower)}: the bottom of foot (足の裏)
{{47,61},18,62(back)}: heel (かかと)
{{47,61},24(hard)}: hoof (ひずめ)
{{47,61}(foot),48}: shoes (靴)
{{47,61},18(under part mainly),48}: sandal/flip-flop (ぞうり)

Related to tongue/taste(象形の舌、味にかかわって)

{39(mouth shape).47(tongue shape)}: tongue (舌)
`upc (the main function of tongue): the sense of taste, taste (vt. with gd) (味覚、D動詞:味わう)
{33(abstract code for sense),{39.47}}: taste (n.) (味, )
{{33,39.47}, 44(spread/pleasant)}: sweet, sweetness (甘み、甘い)
{{33,39.47},42(wave/ a part of 'ocean')}: salty, saltiness (塩からみ、塩からい)
{{33,39.47},64(violent)}: hot spicy (辛み、辛い)
{{33,39.47},20(out)}: bitter, bitterness (because you want to spit 'out' when you feel this strong taste)
{{33,39.47},17(up)}: sour, acid (酸味、すっぱい)
(Don't you feel your tongue go 'up' to touch to the ceiling of the mouth, when you taste acid?)
{{33,39.47},43(close/clung)}: astringent taste (you feel your tongue clung and shrunk, don't you?) (渋味、渋い)
{{33,39.47},40(balanced)}: delicious for any kinds (おいしい)
{{33,39.47},67(life/a part of animal)}: protein kind of taste (うまみ、うまい)
{{33,39.47},18(down)}: no English word for this taste (Egui in Japanese):
a kind of toxic taste like a green part of potato: it's not bitter, sour, hot or astringent, but perhaps your tongue wants to hang 'down' from your mouth .(えぐみ、えぐい)
{{33,39.47},07(much)}: thick taste/tasteful (濃い味)
{{33,39.47},08(less)}: thin taste/tasteless (薄味)

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