This shape is the combination line of the two horizontally parallel lines and a half right circle
of a half frame diameter, looking like improving to the right while treating something on the left.

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the hand-shape-sign:
making the base shape opening parallel between {the index, the middle finger}
and the thumb. (人指し・中の二指と親指の間を平行に開いて記号を象る)

the hand-movement-sign:
draw the base shape starting from the bottom edge

name: [te] te sound of tell ( テ )

c (the similar shape, the direction is opposite though)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): function, work (機能・はたらき)


vi. work (働く)
vt. use, let (something or someone) work (使う、働かす)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to some kind of function/work (機能・はたらきに関連)
2) Related to a thing/place/facility for some function (使う/機能するものや施設)
3) to form the picture-like character for hand, and that applications ( 「」に関連)
4) Related to week, compounding with time (「時」と組んで に関係)

examples of base overlay:

Related to some kind of 'function/work' (機能・はたらきに関連)

(The following 'plus' and 'minus' are by subjective judgment (次のプラス・マイナスは主観的なもの)
{25(plus),46}: useful, effective (有効・便利)
{04(minus),46}: {defective work}: harm (有害)
{04,46,29(substance)}: toxic (毒)
{04,46,09(happened thing)}: disaster, calamity (災い)
{04,46,09,37(nature)}: natural calamity (自然災害)
{04,09,46,38(human made)}: human negligence, man-made disaster (人為災害)
{04,46,56(action)}: harmful action, hurt (someone) (with #gd) (有害行為、E動詞:傷つける)
{04,46,49(quality)}: harmful temperament(49)} (悪質)
{05(no),46}: idle/disable situation, go wrong or become out of order (vi. with gd) (無為・故障)
{06(resist/ opposite),46}: hindrance, obstruction, disturb (vt. with ge) (邪魔)
{17(high),46}: elaborate, elaborately (高機能)
{18(low),46}: inferior, disabled (機能が劣った)
{46,60 consistent}: reliable (信頼できる)
{07(much/many),46}: multi-function (多用)
{08(little),46} : narrow functional, (少機能)
{58(possible ),46}: ability (to work for) (機能能力)
{58,46,08}: disability, disabled (障害)
{58,46,08,65 person} (also doesn't it look like a wheelchair?): disabled person/people (身障者)
{46,30(indication)}: to show(/indication of) the function (for computing/ merchandise) (機能表示)
{46, 09(intangible matter)}: job, task (仕事)
{46,56(action)}: labor (労働)
{46,65(person)}: worker (労働者)
{{46,65},09}: occupation/business/ profession (職業)
{46,55want}: usage, use (with gd) (使用)
{46,55,65person/people}: user (使用者)
{51(power),46,32(unit)}: the basic unit of work: joule ( J 仕事の単位・ジュール)
`poc (the main function of eyes): the sense of sight, vision (視覚)
`cCp (the main function of ears): the sense of hearing (聴覚)
`upc (the main function of tongue): the sense of taste (味覚)
{{34,39}( eye),46,32}: degree of eyesight (視力の度)
{{36,39}( ear),46,32}: degree unit of hearing (聴力の度)
{46,14(way)}: use, utilization, application (利用)
{46,16(divided)}: allotment, assignment, take partial charge (v. with gd) (配分)
{46,26(gathering)}: system (しくみ)
{{45,26}(being in net),46(work)}: network
{{48,25}security, 24(related to law),46}: police (as an official organization)
{46(function),68}: psychological works (心理作用)

Related to a thing/place/facility for some function (使う/機能するものや施設)

{46,50(tangible thing)}: tool (道具)
{{34,39}(eye){46,50}(tool)}: glasses/eye tool (メガネ)
{{05,12}(saw off),{46,50}} (n. a saw) (のこぎり)
{46,59(liquid)}: liquid for some work which shown by modifier (液剤)
e.g. ( color - work-liquid ): liquid to put color on, color ink/ dye/stain (染料・カラーインク),
( clean - work-liquid ): detergent (洗剤)
{46,64( very/fast)}: machine (as a fundamental character) (機械)
{10,{46,64}( machine )}: factory (工場)
{51(power),38(creation),{{46,64}(machine)}: motor (モーター)
{{46,64}(machine),38}: machine made (機械生産)
{38(artificial),65(human),46}: robot (ロボット)
{46(function),28(sheet)}: card (カード)
{{46,28},{38,34}(money)}: cash card (キャッシュカード)
{{46,28},56(act)}: play card (遊びのカード)
{46(function),67}: organ of living creature (器官)
{47(accept),46,67}: digestive organ (消化器官)
{40(balance),46,67}: the organ system for controlling hormone (ホルモン器官)
{70(air),46,67}: respiratory organ (呼吸器官)
{{46,67},26(gathering)}: system of organs ((生体の)組織)
{39,46(function, tool)}: the organ of sense (感覚器官)

{46,63(controlled)}: hand (as a hieroglyphic fundamental character) (手)
{{46,63}( 'hand' by the shape),28}: palm (手のひら)
{46,63,28,20(out)}: back of hand (手の甲)
{02,25}, {46,63.28}palm}: joining one's palms together (合掌)
{{46,63},{(63),66}(branch)}: finger (as a fundamental character) (指)
: work with fingers like typing/playing piano (指で働く、弾く・タイプを打つなど)
: point with a finger (指差す)
{{46,63},43(rolled)}: fist (拳)
{{46,63},38(creation)}: hand-made, make by hand (v. with gd) (手作り)
{{46,63},47(container)}: hold/catch/receive something by hand (vt. with gd) (手でもつ、つかむ)
{{46,63},21(heading)}: working with hand improving something like writing, drawing, painting, etc.
{{46,63},16(divided)}: dividing by hand (vt. with #gd) (D動詞:手で分ける)
{{46,63},17(up)}: raising one's hand (挙手)
{{46,63},18(down)}: get hand down (手を下ろす)
{{46,63}(hand), 48cover}: grip, grasp (vt. with gd) (にぎる)
{{46,63,48},{01,19,20} (each other)}: handshake (v. with gd) (握手)
{{46,63}(hand),25}: aid, assist (with d-verb symbol) (手伝い)
{{33,15},{46,63}(hand)}: hand signs (手話)
( including (hand-shape signs) and (hand-movement-sign )
{{46,63},{28,47}(sack)}: glove(s)/ mitten (手袋)
{10,46}: utility (ユティリティ、機能の場)
{46,{10place,65person}society}: company, enterprise (企業、会社)
{, 26 compounded}: business group
{{10,47}building for 46work}: office
{{34,38}money,{46,10(place)}( facility, establishment)}: bank (銀行)
{10,59(water),46(function)}: bath room, rest room (トイレ)
{{10,59,46},20out}: toilet
{{10,46},{47,59}water-pool}: bath room

Compounding with 'Time' (「時」と組んで)

{36(time),46}: week (as a period of time flowing, not as the length, as 'what or which week'):
This period of time relates to the rotation of human working society, so 46 was chosen for the character.

Each day of the week is simply shown using numbers from Monday,
avoiding friction between cultures. Now usually seven days a week, but it could be changed.

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