This shape is formed, cutting in a half vertically and making the parts inside out. 
It represents relation, looking like twisted two lines or two bodies touching each other.
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the hand-shape-sign:
the index and middle fingers are crossed, showing the back hand horizontally to the readers.

the hand-movement-sign:
draw the base shape with the other signed hand starting from the upper inside,
and continue the movement from the outer lower edge to the other line roundly.

name: [bi] bi sound of bit ( ビ )

ASCII: x (the similar shape)

phonetic value: [q] voiceless uvular plosive (口蓋破裂無声音)

definition (single): related, relation (関係)


vi. relate: the subject relate(s) (to someone or something) (かかわる)
vt. connect: the subject connect A and B, or A with B (つなぐ、関係させる)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to relation/relationship (さまざまな「関係」にかかわる)
2) Related to connection/to connect something (接すること、接し方、つなぐものに関係)
3) To form a picture-like character, looking like some animal legs (動物の足に見立てた象形文字)

examples of base overlay:

Related to 'relation/ relationship' (『関係』にかかわって)

{02(one),45}: conformity, conform (vi. with gd) (適合)
{45,56(action)}: association, communicate (v. with gd and {gc,25} for 'with') (付き合い)
`Jonx {money, association} or aoJx  {value association}: trade (交易)
{04(away, reduced),45}: become estranged, drift apart (vi. with gd) (無沙汰/遠ざかっている)
{05(cut),45}: situation to cut the connection or to break off relation (断関係)
{45,44(open)}: opening of relationship (v. with gd) (関係を開く)
{45,22(origin)}: beginning/outset (発端)
{45,41(move)}: move linked together (連動)
{06(resist, oppose),45}: avoidance, avoid (v. with gd) (回避)
{12(friction),45}: trouble/have a trouble (vi. with gd), give a trouble (vt. with ge) (関係不調)
{07(much),45}: complicated situation, become complicated (v. with gd (複雑)
{08(little),45} : (systematically) simple (単純)
{13(same),45}: equality, even(ly) (平等)
{45,15(recognition)}: comparison, compare (v. with #gd) (比較)
{45,20(out)}: exempt, exemption, excuse (免除)
{17(above),18(below),45}: vertical relation (上下関係)
{60(straight),45}: directness (直接)
{61(front),62(back),45}: connection/context (前後関係)
{19(in),20(out),45}: in and out relation/ relationship between home and abroad (内外関係)
{19,20,02}(right and left/horizontal),45}: horizontal relation (左右関係)
{45,69(zero)}: neutral (ニュートラル)
{10(place),45}: related place (関係する場)
{38(human-made),{37,34}(brain)} (computer) {10,45} (computer relation place):
the Internet (as joined characters)(インターネット) * This idea was from Fernando@Portugal
{33(globe),45}: holistic (部分と全体のつながりに焦点をあてた)
{45,42(flowing)}: ripple effect, influence (波及)
{45,26(gathering)}: editing, edit (vt. with #ge) (編集)
{{45,26},46(work)}: network
{{45,26},28(sheet)}: net (n.) (網)
{11,45(relation)}: special contract (特約)
{45,24(firm, set)}: organization, organized (組織)
{25(joined),45}: combination, matching (組み合わせ)
{45, 38(made)}: a contract, an agreement (契約)
{45,40(balance)}: negotiation, treaty, negotiate (v. with #gd) (交渉)
{53(situation),45}: meeting situation/ meet (v. with #gd) (会う)
{{53,45},09(event)}: meeting (会合)
{45,63(mild )}: under control (抑制された)
{45,64(violent)}: dramatic (劇的)
{16(divide) of 45}: classification, classify (vt. with ge) (分類)
`:xl {classified place}: section
{13(same),45,16}: the same kind (同類)
{37(nature),{16,45}: kind (sort of nature) (種族)
{{16,45},65human}: (human) race, racial (人種 )
{67(life),45}: kinship/relative (血族・親族)
{45,65(people)}: human relation/relationship (人間関係)
{{15,33}(language),13(same),45}: (the same language relation) race, a people/peoples (民族)
{59(water),45}: water system (水系)

Related to 'connection/ to connect something' (接すること、接し方、つなぐものに関係)

{45,21(going)}: connection, link, connect, tie (vt. with # ge) (つなぐ)
{{45,21},50}: hook-up (a tool to connect)
{28(surface),45}: touch (n./v. with gd) (触れる)
`Hpx {{28,45}touch, 39}: thwe sense of touch (触覚)
{{28,45}touch,44energy-open}: massage (n./vt. with ge) (マッサージ)
{{28,45,63(weak)}: very close but not touch (触れないが非常に近い)
{28,45,64very strongly}: glued, bond (vt. with ge) (接着)
{28,45,64,29material}: glue (the material to glue something) (接着剤)
{{04,39}(mouth),28,45}: kiss
{28,45,43(clasp, twined)}: stuck (by bolt, staple kinds)
{28,45,43,50(tool)}: tool for sticking something, such as bolt and staple
{45,29(substance)}: catalyst (as a chemical term) (触媒)
{45,43(roll/wind)}: twine, wind (vi. with gd, vt. with ge) (からむ)
{05(denied),{45,43}}: unstuck (vt. with ge) (引き剥がれた)
{43,{49(quality),68(heart)} (personality)}: adhesive personality (粘着質の性格)
{45,70(space between)}: mediation, mediate (v. with #gd ) (仲介)
{45,70,65(person)}: agent, middleman (仲介者)
{35(continuous),45}: chain( this also looks like a picture of a part of physical chain) (チェーン)
{{35,45},21(go)}: chain reaction (連鎖反応)
{45,51(power)} (symbolic shape of that the left and the right sides are connected
and the lines are shrunk or stretched, controlled by power): muscle (筋肉)
{45,51},03(line/fiber)}: ligament (靭帯)
{work for connecting {51,24}(bone) and {45,(51)}( muscle )}: tendon (腱)
{39(sense),45,03(line)}: nerve (神経)
{14(way),45}: neck (Symbols of the main parts of a living body are fundamental characters) (首)

{14,45,{(48),51}( leg ))}: knee (膝)
{14,45,{47,61}(foot)}: ankle (足首)
{14,45,16(part)}: (any) joints (ジョイント)

For a computer term:

{45(relation),30(indication)}: to show with 'thread' as a computer term (スレッドの表示)

As a part of a hieroglyphic character , without the original meaning of #47

{40,45,66}: (looking like a insect): insect (wider meaning than Insecta) (虫: 昆虫綱より広い概念の設定)
or grass: Orthoptera/ grasshopper (バッタ目(直翅目)、バッタ・イナゴ類)
or tree: Cicadoidea/ cicada (セミ科セミ)
{ , main part of 'insect' symbol}: beetle (甲虫)
{ sheet, main part of 'insect' symbol}: butterfly (蝶)
Here are many varied insect symbols with some illustrations.

or flower}: insects that comes to flowers (花による虫)
or {relation, middle} mediation (仲介)}: insects that transmit something lik a disease (媒介虫)
or cover: pupa/chrysalis (さなぎ)
{67(life),24(hard)}(shell),66,45}: crustacean (甲殻類)
{{67,24,66,45}, {17,18}(symbolizing 'vertically longer')}: shrimp/prawn/lobster (エビ)
{{67,24,66,45},{19,20}(symbolizing 'horizontally longer')}: crab (蟹)
{45,59,70}: amphibian (両生類)
{{45,59,70},17('up', because of its jumping)}: frog (蛙)
{{45,59,70},18('down', because its sinking custom): salamander (サンショウウオ)

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