A half of the left part of full size circle in the right side of the frame, symbolizing nature property
or quality, since the half moon shape shines on the original direction.
( ものの持つ質を表して、元の方向を照らす半月形の記号)
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the hand-shape-sign:
the whole hand shapes a vertical hemisphere (片手で半球を象る)

the hand-movement-sign:
draw a half circle started from the bottom, distinguished from the movement sign of #40

name: [fu] foo of foot ( フ )

D (the similar shape)

phonetic value: unused

definition single): quality (質)

Without modification, this single base itself is not used for a verb form.

main images in base overlays:

Regarding the symbol as a half moon shining upon the original direction:
1) Re late to general meanings of quality (一般的な質にかかわって)
2) Related to one's nature/character/temperament (個々の性格・素質にかかわって )

Regarding the half moon shape:
3) Related to the symbol shape: moon/a half circle (半円・月にかかわって )

examples of base overlay:

Re late to general meanings of quality (一般的な質にかかわって)

{04(minus),49}: negative, become negative (with #gd), make negative (with #gd) (ネガティブな)
{25(plus),49}: positive, become positive (with gd), make positive (with ge) (ポジティブな)
{49(quality),17(high)}: high level quality, be qualified (with gd) (高級・高質)
{49,17,38(made)}: refinement, refined, refine (vt. with ge) (洗練)
{49,18(low)}: low level quality (低質)
{49,18,38(made)}: deterioration (低質化)
{35(long continuous),49}: continuity (継続性)
{35,51(power),49}: endurance/permanence (耐久性)
{{52(heat),35}(thermal),49}: retentiveness of heat (保温性)
{49,23(change)}: change in quality (変質)
{{05(not),13(same)}(different),49}: alien (to)/extraneous (異質の)
{59(water),06(resist),49}: water-proof/water resistant (防水性)

Related to one's nature/character/ temperament (個々の性格・素質にかかわって)

{37(nature),49}: natural quality/constitution, nature (素質・性格)
{{13,14}(common),49}: common nature (共通性)
{22(original),49}: attribute/attribution (属性)
{30(show),49}: characteristic, feature, peculiarity (特徴)
{09,49}: character of an affair (ことがらの質)
{10,49}: character of the place (場所柄)
{49,53(condition)}: behavior/property (性状)
{49,21(heading direction)}: inclination/ tendency (性向)
{67(life),49}: constitution (体質)
{{50,67(living body)},49}: looking quality of a living body (体格))
{39(sense),49}: sensitivity (感受性)
{39,49,07(much)}: sensitive, susceptible (高感性)
{17(up),39,49}: elegance, grace (上品)
{18(below),39,49}: vulgar (下品)
{{36,42}sound, 49quarity}: timbre/tune (音質)

{06(resist),49}(resisting temper): defiant temper (反抗性)
{04(minus),46(work),49}: harmful temperament (有害性)
{67(life), 35(continue),49}: dominant (優性)
{05(denied),67,35,49}: recessive (劣性)
{36,64}(sudden),49}: acute (急性)
{{(01),70}(middle),49}: neutrality (中性)
{05(not),23(change),49}: permanence/constancy (不変性)
{24,31,41}( flexible),49}: flexibility (弾力性)
{{07,24,31}(hard),49}: rigid (剛質)
{31(shape),23(change),49}: plasticity (可塑性)
{{43,44}(spring),28(sheet),49}: elastic (弾性)
{59(water),49}: aquatic (湿性)
{59,05(denied),49}: dry type (乾性)
{07(much),46,49}: busy bee/hard worker (勤勉)
{08(little),46,49}: idle (怠けもの)
{19(in),21(face to),49}: introverted (内向性)
{20(out),21,49}: extroversion (外向性)
{43(clinging),49}: adherent (粘着性)
{06(opposite),{43,49}}: anti-adherent (粘らせない)
{44(opened),49}: openhearted/open (開放的)
{34(subject),49(temperament)}: autonomy (the ability to decide by him/herself) (主体性)
{49,68(heart)}: personality (性格)
{24(hardness),{49,68}}: stubborn, persistent (頑固)
{{06(reverse),24}(flexible),{49,68}}: flexible minded (柔軟な心)
{35(long continuous),{49,68}}: patient (根気強い)
{{05(denied),35,{49,68}}: the type getting soon tired of and sticking to nothing (あきっぽい)
{43,45}(cling),{49,68}}: adhesive personality (粘着質)
{05(denied),{43,45},{49,68}}: frank (さばさばした)
{59(wet),{49,68}}( wet type of personality): sentimental (しめっぽい)
{{05,59}(dried),{49,68}}: not sentimental, crisp businesslike (ドライな)
{61(front),{49,68}}( putting one's heart in front): positive (as the personality) (積極性)
{62(back),{49,68}}( putting one's heart in back): negative (as the personality) (消極性)
{20(out),{49,68}}: sociable (社交的な)
{19(in),{49,68}}: private, withdrawn (内気な)

Related to the symbol shape: moon/ a half circle (半円・月にかかわって)

{31(shape),49}: a half circle (半円)
{33,49(a half moon shape)} (sometimes circle/a half circle): moon (as a fundamental character) (月)
{{33,49},{13,03}(kindred)}: (natural) satellite (衛星)
{38(human made){33,49},{13,03}}: manmade satellite (人工衛星)
{36(time),49}(shows a time period, 'month'( as a period of time flowing,
not as the length, as 'what or which mouth' ). #49 has the shape of a half moon,
symbolizing a period related to the rotation of the moon.
(month of the first): January (1月)
1{{36,49}(month),70(space)}: for one month, one month long (1ヶ月間)
{{36,49},62(before with 36}: last month (the month before this month)(先月)
{{36,49},61(after with 36)}: next month (the month after this month) (来月)

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