The upper half part of a full frame diameter circle in the lower side of the frame,
looking like a solid thing; symbolizes a body or a tangible thing.
(平らな床に置かれた物体のように見える半円形で、 何か実体のあるものを表す)
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the hand-shape-sign:
a standing fist, wrapping the thumb with other fingers, facing the back of the hand to the reader
the hand-movement-sign:
draw an upper half circle, starting from the outer round part first (半円から先に書く)

name: [fo] fo sound of folk without [u] in the vowel ( フォ )

ASCII: d (the partner base of D )

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): an object/tangible thing (not a thing which happens) (物)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to tangible thing/three dimensional object (物体にかかわって)
2) Various materials to make something (いろんな材料)
3) Related to volume/amount of volume (体積にかかわって)
4) Related to goods/products (生産品・商品)
5) Tools (道具)

examples of base overlay:

Related to tangible thing/ three dimensional object (物体にかかわって)

{{15(recognition),57} (wonder) (unclear but some),50}: something (to be seen or touched)
/anything (なにかのもの)
{57,50}: what (for a tangible thing; only 57 includes any thing ), what kind of thing (なに、どんなもの)
{34,50}: the thing/those things (それ(そのもの)
{06(opposite),50}: metaphysical (形而上)
{31shape, 50}: a (solid) object
{35,50(tangible thing)} (used 35 with prayers for lives to be able to grow on it eternally): soil
{{35,50(soil)},52(heated)}: earthenware (焼き物)
{{35,50,52},47(container)}: pottery as vessels/dishes (陶器の器類)
{{35,50,52},24(hard)}: porcelain (磁器)
{16(part),50}: part/parts (of an assembled things), take to pieces (vt. with ge) (部品、E動詞:解体する)
{67(living),50}: body (of a living creature) (身体)
{{50,67}(body of a living thing),16}: body part (of a living thing) (身体の部分)
{{50,67},49(quality)}: build/ physique of a living body (体格)
{n8(8),28(plane),50} : octahedron (an object with eight planes) (8面体)
{15(recognition),31(shape),41(move),50}: 3-D movie (3ーD映画)
{30(indicate),50}: material evidence (物証)
{{36(time),62(behind)}(earlier),50}: a track left by, a remain (痕跡、遺物)
{13,15,50(goods)}: imitation (goods) (模造品)
{68(heart),31(form),50}: present, gift (贈り物)
{10(place) and 68(heart) 45(connect), 50}: souvenir (土産)
{{15(recognition),21{(go)} (test),50}: approvals, ( test ) sample (試品)
{{60,55}need, 50}: necessity/commodity (必需品)
{48(wrapped,50}: luggage (荷物)
{21(go),48,50}: package (小包み)
{26(piled),50}: a heap, a pile (積載品)
{{26,02}(bunch),50}: (a) bundle of things (束になった品)
{36(time),50}: age (of things) (ものの年齢)
{07(much),36,50}: old, aged (as the thing) (古い)
{08(little),36,50}: new (a short time after it was made) (比較的に新しい)
{{36,60(real)}(now),50}: brand new (新製品)
{{19,36}(past),50}: antique (骨董)
{70(space/air),50}: gas (気体)
{59(water),50}: liquid (n.) (液体)
{24(hard),50}: solid (n.) (固体)
{42(flow),50}: fluid (n.) (流体)

Various materials (いろんな材料):
{29(chemical element),50}: chemical material (剤)
{{67,25}(care){29,50}(chemical material)}: medicine/drug (薬剤)
{{67,25}{29,50},65}: pharmacist (薬剤師)
{{66,31,39}(smell),50}: perfume, incense (香料)
{{33,39,47}(taste),50}: seasoning (調味料)
{{33,39,47,64}(spicy),50}: spice, condiment (香辛料)
{{23,33},50}: color material (絵の具・クレヨン)
{{28,20}(surface),40(balance), 50}: cosmetics (化粧品)
{{28,45,43}(bond),50}: glue (接着剤)
{69,35,50(goods)}: soap (石鹸)
{03(line shaped),50}: rope (ひも)
{03,24(hard),50}: wire (ワイヤー)
{{24,31,41}(rubber-like flexible, 50}: rubber (ゴム)
{{45,21} connection,50}: hook-up (a tool/part to connect)
{50,28(plane)}: (any kind of) sheet (シート、平面状のもの)
{11(partition).{28,50}(sheet)}: curtain, room divider (カーテン・間仕切り)
{{44,52}(fire),50(thing, goods)}: fuel (燃料)
{{44,52},{70,50}(aerial)}: fuel gas (燃料ガス)
{{44,64}(explosion),50}: explosive (爆薬)

Related to volume/ amount of volume (体積にかかわって)
{{07,08}(degree),50}: volume(体積)
{08(small),50} : small (for volume, size), dwindle (vi. with #gd) (体積が小さい、D動詞:縮む)
{{08,50},64(very)} : tiny (微小)
{07(large),50} : big, large volume, expand (vi. with #gd), swell out, inflate( vt. with #ge)
{{07,50}64(very)}: huge, gigantic (巨大)
{50,32(unit)}: cubic meter (立方メートル)
{07(large),50,32(unit)}: 1000,000,000 cubic meter
{08(small),50,32(unit)}: 0.000,000,0001 cubic meter

Related to goods/products (生産品・商品)

{38(human made),50}: products, produced, produce( vt. with ge) (生産する・生産物))
{{38,50},09(intangible thing)}: production (製造)
{09,27(repeating),{38,50}}: reproduction (再生産)
{{38,25}(processed),50}: processed goods (加工品)
{{21,13}(following),{38,50}}: by/secondary product (副産物)
{17(upper),50(goods)}: exclusive goods (高級品)
{17,15(recognized),50}: brand name item (ブランド品)
{18(lower),50}: a coarse article (粗末な品)
{50,{34,38}(money)}: price (価格)
{50,{34,38},24(stable)}: fixed price (定価)
{10,24,50(object)}: land as real estate (物件としての土地)

Foods (食品):
{{67( life ),47(accept)}(eating),50}: food (食べ物)
{21(heading),{67,47}(eating),50}: appetizer, hors d'oeuvre (アペタイザー)
{{67,47,50}(food) with 59(water)}: soup (スープ)
{{44,{33,47,39}(taste)} (sweet),50}: dessert (甘いもの)
{{39,47}(tongue),44(joy),50}: fancy snack/drink ( not for nutrition, just for enjoyment of taste) (嗜好品・おやつ)
{{67,34}(meat),50}: meat product (肉製品)
{16(ground){67,34}(meat),50(shaped thing)}: sausage (ソーセージ)
{{21,39,36}('fish' by the symbol shape),50}: fish product (魚製品)
{16( ground ),{21,39,36}(fish),50}: steamed fish past (かまぼこ類)
{{15,59,67}(milk), 50}: dairy product (乳製品)
{{33,66}(beans),50}: bean product (豆製品)
{{33,66}(beans),16(ground),50(solid body)}: soy milk products like tofu (豆腐など豆乳から作った製品)
{{59,66}(wheat),50}: wheat product (麦製品)
{{16,59,66}(wheat flour),03(line shaped),50}: noodle (ready to eat) (麺類)
{{16,59,66}(wheat flour),50}: bread (パン)
{{40,66}(rice),50}: rice product (米製品)
{{40,66,16},03(line shaped),50}: rice noodle (ready to eat) (米麺類)
{{40,66,16},50}: rice cake (餅)

Tools, installment (道具)

{46,50(tangible thing)}: tool (道具)
`Jd : installments for actions; eg.`agp Jd or`apg Jd  for toy * the idea is from S. Takehara.
{10,48,67}(house)(tool): furniture (家具)
{69,54},50goods}: chair (椅子)
{ sleep, place, tool}: bed
{ {12(friction),05(cut)},{46,50}(tool)}: saw (のこぎり)
{05,50(thing/tool)}: knife, any kind of tool to cut (刃物)
{11,50(goods)}: a lock / lock (vt. with #gd) (錠)
{06(opposite),11,50}: a key/unlock (vt. with gd) (鍵)
{{12(friction),60(penetrate)},50}: a drill (ドリル)
{{43,38}( twist),50}: screw (ねじ)
{43,38,{46,50}(tool)}: screwdriver (ねじ回し)
{{17,02}shot, 50}: shooting tool, as arrow/gun etc.
{17(up),58(hanging shape),50}: hanger (ハンガー)
{{48,51}(legs),50}: radar (はしご・脚立)
{{28,30|(screen),50}: monitor( visual display unit) (モニター)
{30,36,50}: (a) clock or (a) watch (時計)
{{34,39}(eye){46(function),50(thing)}(tool)}: glasses (めがね)
{33,50(goods)}: ball (ボール)
{{36,42}(sound),50(instrument)}: musical/sound instrument (楽器)
{28,64}(stretched surface){36,42,50}: drum (太鼓)
{03(line) in 70(space)} {36,42,50} : stringed instrument (弦楽器)
{64shock, {03,50}rope}: whip (鞭)
{31(shape),65(human),50}: doll (人形)
{47(container),50}: container/ vessel (容器)
{{47,50},28(plane/flat)}: plate; to this character, it's available to compound for a large plate,
for a small plate, and (under) for a saucer
{{47,50} for 59(liquid)}: cup (for liquid) (コップ)
{{47,50,59},20(out)}: teapot, kettle (to pour some liquid out) (ポット)
{{47,50},34(substance)}: jar (to keep some substance in) (壷)
{{35,50}(soil),52(heated),47}: pottery as vessels/dishes (陶器の器類)
{{47,50},66(plant)}: plant pot/ flowerpot (植木鉢)
{{08(less),52(heat)}(cold)}: refrigerator (冷蔵庫)
or {{{24(hard),59(water)} ice, frozen,47,50}: freezer (冷凍庫)

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