The upper half part of a half frame diameter circle touches to the center of top line
of the frame, and from the both edges, horizontal lines reach to the left and the right edges.
The shape looks like the standing out biceps by swelling power.
( ふくらみや力を示す膨らんだ形の記号
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the hand-shape-sign:
the thumb and the pinkie stretch out from the palm down
naturally extended hand (手のひらを下にして親指・小指を左右に伸ばす)

the hand-movement-sign:
draw the base shape (記号を宙に書く)

name: chi sound of chill ( チ )

F (F of Force)

phonetic value: [ c ]
(voiceless palatal plosive; the base symbolizes the hard palate) (硬口蓋無声破裂音)

definition (single): power (through the symbol shape like biceps or a swell of power)
(力: 力瘤または力の盛り上がりに見える形から)


vi. force/exert oneself (力する)
vt. let someone exert his/her power (力を出させる)

{gd,51(power, forth)}: gives force and pressure image for the verb.
(gd に重ねると、「がんばって~する」と、動詞に力が加わる表現になる)

: I enforce {ge,51} him to assist it. {25,46,63}.
(ge に重ねると、相手に強いる表現になる。「私は彼にそれを強いて手伝わせる」)

For a strong command, #51 is compounded with the verb symbol and used
with the idiomatic command head phrase、.
It is not necessary to put the subject of the sentence, because it's clear with this type of head.

: (it's a command), assist it! ((命令だ)、それを手伝え!)

main images in base overlays:

1) according to what makes swell: power, force, pressure
2) by the symbol shape: expanded, swell, protrude, mound
3) Forming a fundamental character for a part of living body to support the body/body shape

examples of base overlay:

Related to power, force, pressure

{{07,08}(degree),51}: (degree of power) strength (強さ)
{07(much),51}: strong, become strong( v. with gd), make ... strong (with ge) (強)
{08(little),51}: weak, become weak (v. with gd), make ... weak (with ge) (弱い、D動詞:弱る)
{20(out),51}: output (出力)
{07(much),{20,51}}: much output (出力大)
{08(little),{20,51}} : little output (出力少)
{19(in),51}: input (入力)
{07,{19,51}}: much input (入力大)
{08,{19,51}}: little input (入力少)
{18(downward),51}: gravity (重力)
{18(downward),{07,08}( degree )}: weight (重さ)
{07(much),{18,51}(weight)}: heavy (重い)
{08(little),{18,51}(weight)} : light (as the weight) (軽い)
{{18,51}(weight),32(unit)}: the basic unit of weight: gram (グラム)
: kilogram, : ton...
{{18,51}(weight),07(large),32(unit)}: 10000000000 gram
{{18,51}(weight),08( small ),32( unit )}: 0.0000000001 gram
{51,32(unit)}: the basic unit of power: newton (N 力の単位・ニュートン)
{46(work),51,32(unit)}: the basic unit of work: joule (J 仕事の単位・ジュール)
{{34,12}(electricity),51: voltage (電圧)
{{34,12}(electricity),51,32}: electron volt (eV 電力の単位ボルト)
{06(opposing),51}: resistance, resist (v.) with gd (抵抗)
{61(front),51}: forward power, push forward (v. with gd) (押し)
{62( back ),51}: backward power, pull (backward) (v. with gd) (手前に引く)
(How about to use these two for showing the direction to open a door?
{19(in),21(heading),51}: centripetal force (求心力)
{20(out),21,51}: centrifugal force (遠心力)
{{01,19}( self side),21(heading),51}: attraction (引力)
{{01,20}( other side),21,51}: repulsion (斥力・反発作用)
`HF+ `{added power on the surface}}: pressure (for physics) (圧力)
`HF+p `sense of pressure (圧感)
`HFB   {power of being stretched}: tension/ tensile strength (張力)
{{43,44}(spring/bounce),51}: elasticity/ spring (弾力)
{70(space),17(upward),51}: buoyancy (浮力)
{62(behind),35(continue), 51}: inertia (惰力)
{04(away),51}: exhaustion, be exhausted (with gd) (減圧・脱力)
{16(part),51}: sharing (energy) (分力・分担)
{51,25(added)}: power up, reinforcement (加圧・強化)
{{02,25}(integration),51}: cooperation (協力)
{21(going),51}: impetus/ momentum (勢い)
{22(origin),51}: motive power (原動力)
{{22,51},59(water)}: waterpower, hydraulic (水力)
{65,51(power)}: human power (人力)
{59,51}: water-pressure (水圧)
{51,40(balance)}: equilibrium (力の平衡)
{{37,70}(sky),51}: atmospheric/ barometric pressure (気圧)
{07(much),{37,70}(sky),51}: high atmospheric pressure (高気圧)
{08(little),{37,70}(sky),51}: low atmospheric pressure (低気圧)
{{42,70}(wind),51}: wind pressure (風圧)
{51,30(show)}: coercion, coercive, impose (v. with #gd) (威圧)
{58(possible),51}: ability, faculty (能力)
{04(reduce) of 58,51}: declining of ability/decline one's ability (v. with #gd) (能力低下)
{25(add) 58,51}: reinforthment of ability/reinforth one's ability (v. with #gd) (能力増強)
{11(limit) of 58,51}: one's best (できる限り)
{51 of 68(heart)}: courage, courageous, screw up one's courage (with gd), encourage (with ge) (勇気)
{{30,68}(will),51(power)}: vitality (気力)
{07(much),30,51,68}: vigorous (気力溢れる )
{08(less),30,51,68}: lose one's vigor (vi.) (弱虫)
{35(long continuous),51}: staying power (持久力)
{35,51,49(nature/quality)}: endurance/permanence (耐久性)
{17( up ),51}: lift , lift up (vt. with gd: by the subject's power) (揚力・D動詞:揚げる)
{{17,51},{46,64}(machine)}: lifting machine
{03(line),14(way),51}( line which power goes through): power line (電線)
{51(power),38(create),{46,64}( machine )}: motor (モーター)

Related to a swelled situation/ thing (by the symbol shape) (盛り上がった状態や突起物)

{01(to switch the meaning),51}: swelled, some expanded condition, projection (盛り上がり、凸)
{{01,51}{01,52}depression}: inequality/irregularity (起伏、凹凸)
{37(nature)01,51}: mountain or hill (山)
{{(01),37,51}(mountain),07(big)}: great mountain (高山)
{{(01),37,51}(mountain),08(small) }: hill (丘)
{{(01),37,51}(mountain),35(continuous)}: a mountain range (山脈)
{{01,51} of {67,69}(torso)}: penis (陰茎)
{45(relation) of {(01),(52)}(hollow) and {(01),(51)} of {67,69}(torsos)}: sex as activity (性交)
* the notations in ( ) are invisible with other notations.

Forming a fundamental character for a part of living body to support the body/ body shape

{51,24(stable/ hard)}: bone (骨)
{{51,24},{34,54}( head)}: skull (頭蓋骨)
{{51,24},05(no)}: bone-less (骨なし)
{{51,24},02(for the shape),62(back)}: backbone/spine (背骨)
{{51,24},26(compounded)}: structure (構造)
{{24,51},29(element)}: calcium (カルシウム)

{45( relation ),51} (symbolic shape of that the left and the right sides are connected
and the lines are shrunk or stretched, controlled by power): muscle (筋肉)
{45,51},03(line/fiber)}: ligament (靭帯)
{work for connecting {51,24}(bone) and {45,(51)}(muscle)}: tendon (腱)
{51,69(torso shape)}: shoulder (肩), shoulder (vt. with a verb symbol) (かつぐ)
{48,51}: leg (not only for living creature, anything supporting its own body) (脚);
d-v: stand (supporting the own body) (D動詞:立つ)
e-v: let someone/ something stand (E動詞:立てる)

{{48,51}( feet/support to stand),54(existence)}: supporter (not only human) (支持的存在)
{{01,19}(oneself),{48,51}(support)}: independence/self-help (自立)
{{01,20}(other),{48,51}(support)}: dependence/rely (v. with ge ; #31 for 'on' of 'rely on') (依存)
{{48,51},21(heading)}: running, run (vi. with gd as a fundamental character) (走る)
{{48,51},21,64(fast): sprint, run fast (vi. with gd) (疾走)
{{48,51},21,63(slow): jog, run slowly (vi. with gd) (かけ足)
{{48,51},21,17(upward)}: prance (飛び跳ねる)
{{14,45}(neck),{(48 invisible),51}(leg)}: knee (膝)
{{43,41}(reptile) with {48,51}}: lizard (トカゲ)
{{43,41,48,51},42(flowing water)}: crocodiles/alligators (ワニ)
{{43,41,48,51},64(violent)}: dinosaur (恐竜)
{{15,41,67}(mammal),{51,48}}: horse (馬)
{{23,41,70}(bird),{48,51}}: ostrich (ダチョウ)
{{48,51},50(tool)}: radar (はしご・脚立)
{{51,48},{(48),69}(clothes)}: pants/trousers (ズボン、パンタロン、袴)
{28(flat surface) with {48,51}}: table (テーブル)
{28,48,51}(table) for 46(work)}: desk (机)

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