01 A dot shape at the center of the frame (真中の点) 
* The dot size of this font has been enlarged (April 2016), but old images of bases overlay in this contents
haven't been modified.
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the hand-shape-sign:
point straight to the front with the index finger (人差し指で前方を指す)
the hand-movement-sign:
quickly bend/flick the wrist and return to the original position
with another signed hand (他のサインの手の手首をすばやく曲げて戻す)

name: [po] ( po sound of poach ) (ポ)

ASCII: , (as a dot shape)

Phonetic value: [function] staccato for single usage/ some pause for plural usage
; (the amount is related to the length of the pause) (1つでスタカット、複数で ポーズを表す)

definition (single): (grammatical symbol; the usage is below)
下の使い方で: 1)文法記号(日本語の「・」に似る)、2)間(ま)、 3)他に働きかける慣用句の冒頭に利用)

main images in base overlays:

  1. Tangible very tiny things as flour or a tiny element  (点または点状のもの)
  2. Related to some abstract image of a pointed matter, spot or position (指示や指定の位置に関連)
  3. Related to the image of point as score point (得 点などの点に関係)
  4. As the the image of a point which links to the origin of the universe (宇宙の根っこにつながる源点)

examples of base overlay:

1 As the the image of a dot or things composed of many tiny dots (点または点状のもの) :

{01,31}:{ ( the shape) is recognized as a dot }: dot (点)
{01.53}: { (the condition) is mass of dots }: powder or powdered condition (粉・粉状)
{01,59}: { (water) is as 01 (powder)}: vapor including steam (蒸気)
{01,59,37}: { (vapor) in (natural condition) }: fog (霧)
{01,29}: { the individual dot-like elements of (materials) }: atom (原子)
{01,29,16(parts)}: elementary particle (素粒子)
{01,29,16,19( inside )}:proton (陽子)
{01,29,16,20( outside )}: electron (電子)
{01,29,16,60( penetrate )}: neutron (中性子)
{01,67}: { tiny elements (units) forming (life)}: cells of lives (細胞)
{{01,67}(cell),28(sheet)}: cell membrane (細胞膜)

2 Related to some abstract image of a pointed matter, spot or position (指示や指定の位置に関連)

{01,34 forms various pronouns }: it/that ( a pronoun for the certain thing in a topic)
When another noun follows this, it works like its /that (話題のそれ、その)

{ the, 33 globe}}: the planet earth(地球)
* English needs definite article 'the' for particular things like the earth,
the sun and the moon, but EL characters include 'the' in these meanings,
so is not necessary to put in front. It needs when you say 'the lady' or 'the event'.
or {{01,34,33}(the earth), 28}: the ground, earth( but not means the material soil ) (大地)
or {{01,34,33}(the earth), 10 place}: global world (地球世界)
{01,60} {(true, strict) point}: focal point, a focus, be focused (vi. with gd) (焦点)
{01,39} {the point of (feeling, sensor)}: the point of any kind of sense (感覚点)
{01,40} {the point of (balance)}: the center of gravity (重心)
{01,19} {the status position is (in)}: oneself, one's own (自身)
{19,{01,10}(position)}: one's own place (自分側)
{55(asking),21(heading to),{01,19}(oneself)}: invitation/invite (招待)
or {{01,19}(self),{51,48}(leg/support)}: independent (独立)

{01,20}: {the status position is (out)}: other (他)
{{20,01},10(place)}: other place (他所))
{21(heading to),{01,20}(the other)}: a visit/ visit (to other place) (v. with gd) (訪問)
or {55(asking),21(heading to),{01,20}(the other)}:
arrangement for a visit/get an appointment (v. with gd) (訪問のうかがい)
or {{01,20}(other),{51,48}(leg/support)}: dependence, rely (依存)
{19.01.20}(as the combination of 'self' and 'other'{20,01}}: each other (互い)
or {{46,63,48}(grasp),{01,19,20}}: handshake (v. with gd) (握手)
{{01,19,20} each other, 23}: change/relief/alternation (交代)
reciprocally standing (相互依存)
mutual understanding (相互理解)
reciprocity (相互利益)
{01,30}: {dot for (indication)}: scale (of a measurement) (めもり)
{01,48}: {a dot is surrounded by (cover)}: surrounding, around (周囲)
{01,48,33}: {around of (a circle)}: circumference (円周)
{01,48, 11(edge)}: frame (縁・枠)
{01,09}: {a pointed (intangible matter)}: item (項目)
{01,10}: {a point of (place)}: location (位置)
{{01,10}(location), 69}: zero location of axis (ゼロ地点)
{01,23}: {the point to be (changed)}: turning (changing) point (変わり目)
{01,28}: {(pointing the center of the ( square or surface or aspect )}: center (中央)
* The base overlay with might look better for this meaning, but the character could be mistaken
with when hand- written. So I chose for it.
{01,70}: {pointing the middle of (the space)}: middle (中間)
{01,70,68(heart)} (putting one's heart between thoughts: out of thinking): meditation (瞑想)
{01,70,56(action)}(between actions): rest (休憩)
{01point, 06}: conflict point (対立点)
{01,14} { pointing in the middle of a (way, route)}: halfway, on the way (途中)
{01,21} {the point of a (heading direction)}: (final) aim (目的)
{01(point),22(origin)}: basis (基準)
{01,22,15(recognition)}: standard, criterion (規準、標準)
{01,24}:{ (fixed, settled) point}: fixed (settled) point (定点)
{01,17}(pointed out the edge of (above)} the top, summit (頂点)
{01,18}(pointing out the edge of (below)}: the lowest, the bottom (どん底)
{01,61}(pointing out the top (front)}: the first, the top in front (先端)
{01,62}(pointing out the edge of (behind)}: the tail/the last (最後)
{01,16} {the spot to be (separated)}: turning point to diverge, junction (分岐点)
{01,11}: the spot of (the limit): end (終点、終わり) 
,X {01,26piled}: joint(合わせ目)
,x {01,45relation}: a point of contact (接点)
,/ {01,05deny}: negative point (否定点)
,C {01,36time}: a moment (一瞬)

3 Related to the image of point as score point 得点などの点に関係
{01,19,33}: {point of (my (our) own side), makes abstract symbols}: score point (得点)
{01,20,33}: {point of (other side)}: loosing point (失点)

4 As the the image of a point which links to the origin of the universe (宇宙の根っこにつながる源点)
{01,68}: {pointing the core of (heart)}: spirit or soul (魂)
{14(road) of {01,68}}: religion (宗教)
{14,01,68}(religiously),17(above)}: sacred (神聖)
{55(seeking),{01,14,68}}: seeking religious way (求道)

The renewed 01 of Earth4 Font and the examples of bases overlays with it

The new [01(dot)] symbol is only a change of the size: enlarged as the period circle size.
By that way, [01(dot)] can be distinguished, even if the line of another base were
at the same position. So lots of new overlays can be made.
The dictionary needs a lot of alterations in many pages related to this little change. (2016)


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