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the hand-shape-sign:
the back of hand faces to the reader, with the straight standing index finger
the hand-movement-sign:
move the another signed hand straight down/up
depending on the meaning at least whole spread hand length

name: [piN] (English ping ) ( ピン )


phonetic value:

(single): nasal sound with completely shut mouth ( ン )
(in a base overlay): nasalization (鼻音化)

definition (single): one ( as the numeral ) (数字の1、ひとつ)


vi. become in one (ひとつになる)
vt. make something in one, unite (ひとつにする)

main images in base overlays:

1 Related to the image  of one as a numeral (数字の1に関連)
2 Related to the vertical direction/line or strait movement (縦方向 に関連)
3 Without relating to its own image. to take a part of a picture-like symbol
for a fundamental concept. (他の形と組んで象形文字を構成)

examples of base overlay:

Related to the image of one as a numeral (数字の1に関連)

{02,33(to form abstract symbols)}: the first (1番)
{02,36(time)}: once, one time (一度)
{ + }: first time (はじめて)

{02, 21(direction), 53(situation)}: one sided (一方的)
  {02,38(made) in one}: unity, united, unified, unite (with d-verb symbol) (統一)
{02,13(same) one}: the same one (同一)
{02,27plural}: another (もう一つの)
{02,45(relation) become in one): conformity, conform( vi. with gd ) (適合)
{02,22(origin, direction of origin)}: one source origin (一元)
{02,25(joined) and became in one}: integration (統合)
or {02,25}, {46,63.28}palm}: joining one's palms together (合掌)
{02,68(heart) in one}: praying, pray (v. with gd) (祈念)
{02,26(piled) together in one}: a bunch, a group (グループ・束)
{02,35(infinite)} : universality (普遍)
{02,60(truth)}:absolute (絶対)
{02,16(part/divided)}: a part (一部)
{12(cogs) in 02(one)}: gearing, gear ( with something )( vi. with gd ) (ギアなどがかみ合う)
{02(one),32}: unit (単位) Related to single or individual (単/独に関連)

{02,53(situation) of one}: alone, single
{02,11(limited)}: only (のみ、だけ)
1^M  {alone, only}: solitude, lonely (孤独、寂しい)
aM1^ : lonely (寂しい)
{54(being), oneness
1^m  {being, only}: unique
1UFm  {standing with legs as one existence}: independent (独立)
{02,34(subject / tool for making pronouns)}: each, each one (各)
{02,50(tangible thing)}: an individual thing (単品)
{02,65(person)}: an individual person (個人) Related to the vertical direction/line or strait movement( 縦方向に関連)

{02,17} (hieroglyph type): shot, be shot (vi. with gd), shoot (with ge);
This hand-sign is that 02(the straight up index finger) hand pushes up (17).(発射)
{02,18}: (hieroglyph type) : the situation of falling (dropping down), fall (vi. with gd);
This hand-sign is that pointed down thumb) hand vertically moves down(02)(落下)
{02,61}: {straight move to the 61(front direction)}; the situation of going strait a head,;
go strait a head (vi. with gd) (直進)
{02,62}: {straight move to the 62( back)} ; the situation going strait back, go strait back (vi. with gd) (直退)
{02,19}: {the shape pointing the left direction( with 19) from the center line }; the left (direction) (左)
{02,20}: {the shape pointing the right direction( with 20) from the center line }; the right (direction) (右)
{02,19,20}: both (両方)
{02,20,22,33} or (the right-sequence): a number from the right(右からの順)
{02,19,22,33} or (the left-sequence): a number from the left (左からの順)
{02,31} {the 31(shape) of #02 is vertical}; vertical (縦)

Without relating to its own image, to take a part of a picture-like symbol for a fundamental concept

{02,23}(by the total character shape): light (noun), shine (vi. with #gd) (光)
{02,23,07}: {07 (a lot of) light }: bright, light (as the opposite of dark, not 'light' as weight) (明)
{02,23,05}: {05(no) light}: dark, darkness, become dark (vi. with gd ) (暗)
{02,23,06}: {06(opposite) of light}: shadow, shade (vt. with gd) (影)
1v: {{02,23} (light),16(divided)}:spectrum (スペクトル)
1v:d {{02,23,16} (spectrum),50(tool)}:prism(プリズム) *these two ideas are from S. Takehara

{{02,23}(light),14(through),28sheet}: sheet glass (including 'windshield', etc.) (板ガラス)
{{02,23,60(penetrate)}: translucent (透明)
{{02,23,60(penetrate),28}: (any kinds of) translucent sheet (distinguished with above character) (透明シート)
{02,59} (shaping a typical kind of leaf); leaf (葉)
{02,40}: with 40( balanced), shaping an axle of spin from the side
an axle, an axis, a spindle or any kind of central supporter of total movement (軸)

{02,14}: {with 14( way), symbolizing a thing of many lines}; (any kind of) hair (毛)
{02,14,{34,54}(head) or : hair (on the head) (髪)
{02,14,{15,33,66}(face)} or : hair on the face (any location) (ひげ)
{02,14,{34,39}(eye)} or : eye lashes (まつげ)
{{02,14},{34,39}(eye),17(above)} or : eyebrow (眉毛)
{02,14,{04,39}(mouth),17(above)} or : mustache (口髭)
{02,14,43(curled, rolled)}: curly hair (巻き毛)
{02,14,70(space)}: feather (羽)
{02,14,{21,36,39}fish} or : fin (ひれ)
{02,14,{24(stable),66(plant) }(root)} or : root hair (of plant) (根毛)
{02,43(rolled)} (shaping a needle with a thread): (any kind of) needle (針)

=-#1 woven (織られた)
e =-#1
weave (verb)  (織る)
weaving  (織ること)
woven-fabric (織物)
unwoven-fabric (不織布)

u=-#1 basket ()
1-wW  {02,04,30,31} as a picture-like symbol: for any kinds of shining stars in the night sky including the sun level stars, planets and galaxy. 

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