A straight line which goes through the center and the left edge is higher symbolizing a line/long.

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the hand-shape-sign:
the diagonally extended middle finger (It is the symbol of line, not for insult! )
the hand-movement-sign:
from the lower to the higher, diagonally straight move (低いほうから斜めに直線を書く) (リー)

name: [ li: ] (like "lea" sound of leaf, the vowel extended longer)


phonetic value: [ : ]

[function]: long: pronounce longer for the phoneme in the same base overlay or for the left character.
When the single #03 repeats after a phoneme, the sound is pronounced very long. (長音化)

definition (single): line(線)

d-verb : become a line shape (form a line) (線状になる)
e-verb : line up something (線状にする)

main images in base overlays:

Depending on the features of this symbol shape:
1) line (線)
2) diagonal (斜め)
3) things or conditions related to length or long shape (長さや長いものにかかわる)

examples of base overlay:

The images of some kind of line abstractly or visually (線に関連)

,! (01(dot),03): dotted line (点線)
{03,60}: {60(true, straight) + line}: straight line (直線)
{03,41}: {41(movement) + line} track, line remained by movement (動線)
{02,03}: {02(vertical) + line}: vertical line (縦線)
{03,04}: {04( in this case, horizontal) + line}: horizontal line (横線)
{03,04,27(plural)}: horizontal stripe (横縞)
{03,17}: {17(above) + line}: over line (オーバーライン)
{03,18}:{18(under) + line}: underline (アンダーライン)
{03,48}: {48(around) + line}: outline (アウトライン)
{03,11}: {11(put an end) + line}: border-line, end line (境界線)
{03,44}: {44(opened, spread) + lines}: radial lines (放射状の線)
{03,16}: {line part}: a line is parted into plural: split (裂)
{03,59}: {line of water (surface)}: horizon, horizontal(水平線)
{03,23}: {bent situation of light (shortened from{02,23}) line}: inflection, refract (vt. with ge),
be refracted (v. with gd) (屈折)
{03,12}: {line is 12(bent shaped)}: bent at a point (or points) situation about a stick or wire kind of thing
(without separation into pieces) (折り曲げ)
{03,12,16}: {bent and 16( separated)} in the e-verb form: break down,
bend and crush (something) into pieces (折りちぎれた)
{03,42}: {42(curving or waving shaped) + line}: curved line, curving situation, curve something (vt. with ge) (曲線)
{03,26} :{26( piled) + lines}: crossed, situation crossed over each other (交差)
X!,l { 03,26,01,10(place)} or : intersection (交点)
{03,05} :{line + 05(cut)}: engraved, engraved line, get a cut (with gd), engrave or give a cut (Vt. with ge) (線刻)
{03,25} : {line + 25( joined)}: drawing (the situation joining with line) (線描)
{03,54existence}: a line/row//queue, the situation where many individual things are in a line or lines,
be in a line (vi. with gd), draw line up, set (something) on a row (Vt. with ge) (列、並ぶ状態)
{0354}line,21 go}: parade
{03,14} : {the line for 14(a way to lead to another place)}: a line for something going through it(なにかが通る線)
{03,14,51}: {{03,14} which 51(power) goes through}: power line (電線)
{03,14,36,42}: {{03,14} which {36,42}(sound) goes through}: telephone line (電話線)
{n2, 03,{14, 10}(road)}: a two lane road (2車線道路)
{{10,14}road,24 fixed, 03(line)}: rail way (鉄道)
{{03,10,14,24}, 02(one),03(line)}: monorail(/p)

{03,13 (the same)}: series, a line which binds things or people with the same kind or system (同系)
{{03,13} + {33,44}(the sun)}: star (the same kind of thing to the sun) (恒星)
*For general usage for stars (any twinkling stars in the night sky), you can use a picture-like symbol:
{ {03,13} + {(01 omitted),33,34}( the earth)}: planet (the same kind of thing to the earth) (惑星)
{03,13,34,69}: similar to the earth, but it's on an elliptical orbit: comet (彗星)
{03,65} : {65( human as a social animal) + line}: a line of human relation in the society (人脈)
{03,63} : {line is 63( less power, loose)}: loose (and bent) (緩)
{03,64} : {line has 64( strong, hard situation)}: stretched, situation of strong tension (張)

The base 03 in the following base overlays relates to the image of length,
since the length is an amount of the thought line from a point to another. (長さに関連)

{03,07,08}: {03 with {07,08}(degree)}: length (長さ)
{03,07(much)}: long, grow (increase) on the length (vi, with gd), lengthen, extend (vt. with ge) (長)
{03,08( little)}: short, shorten( the subject becomes shorter) (vi. with gd),
shorten (make an object shorter ) (vt. with ge) (短)
{03,32(the base to make the unit of a measurement)}: meter,
the basic unit of the measurement of length (メートル)
{03,33}: {33(circle) + length, also by the total shape}: diameter (直径)

The base 03 in the following base overlays has the image of a thing related to a long shape (長いものに関連)
{30(indication) + needle}: an indicator needle of a tool such as a compass and a clock (指針)
{02,03,59}: {{02,59}(leaf) of 02 shaped}: a needle leaf (針葉)
{03 shows length and 34 shows the cross section}: a stick, a long thing with some thickness (棒)
{as a long thing of 43(rolled)}: thread, spin, make something into thread (vt. with ge) (糸)
{{03,43} + 21(go)}: {thread is 21(going to improve) the job}: sewing, stitching (縫)
{{45,51(power)}(muscle),03}: ligament (靭帯)
{39(sense),45(relation),03}: nerve (神経)
{{66,68},03 line}: both pistil and stamen (しべ)
or {{66,68},03 line,19 female}: pistil (めしべ)
or {{66,68},03 line, 20 male}: stamen (おしべ)
{03,28}: {long 28(plane kind of thing)}: tape, sash, flat things with long length (テープ)
{03,50}: {long 50(thing)}: rope (ひも)
{03,24,50} rope kind of thing,24(hard)}: wire (ワイヤー )
{03,50}-05(without): wireless
or {{59,66,16}(wheat flour),03,50}: noodle (as a material of food) (ヌードル・うどん)
or {40,66,16}(rice flour),03,50}: rice noodle (米粉麺)
{03,29}: {long shaped 29(an elemental material) }: fiber (繊維)
{03,29,37}: natural fiber (with 37(nature)) (自然繊維)
{03,29,38}: artificial fiber (with 38( artificial)) (人工繊維)
{03,29,66}: plant fiber (with 66( plant)) (植物繊維)
{03,70 space}: line/lines stretched in 70( space)}: (musical) strings (弦)
{03,70} {36,42,50}: string + {{36,42}(sound), 50(tool)}: stringed instrument (弦楽器)
(68 heart, }: poem (詩)

The base 03 in the following base overlays has the image of inclination or diagonal
because of the base shape (斜めの形に関連)

{ 31(shape) of 03}: diagonal (ly) (斜め)
{03,31,53(situation)}: inclination, incline (vi, with gd) (傾斜)
{inclined 28(surface)}: slope (斜面)

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