ga ASCII: '
Grammatical notation: a tiny circle out of the frame touching to the left top corner
. . . .


Snap with thumb and other fingers showing to switch the meaning;
sign this first when hand-signing a compounded character included this symbol.
親指と他の指の間で指鳴らしをするしぐさ(#ga :スウィッチを意味)をしてから重ねた記号のサインを示します)

name: [ti] (ti sound of tip ) ( ティ )

definition (grammar):

1) This is always compounded with another base overlay, to change/switch the way
to get the meaning of a fundamental character, as the gathering of the meanings
of the element bases in the base overlay.

{38,66}: sprout (as the picture-like character);
(with ga): artificial (38) plant (66)

2) Annotation mark
{ga,30(indicate)}: To show that the word/sentence in front of this has
some additional note separately. It works like asterisk(*) in an English books.

When a document has plural notes, #ga is compounded with each number of the sequence.
... : *1, *2, *3...

. . .