This ellipse shape is similar to 0 (zero). This is larger than other numeral bases; so another one can get in this ellipse.

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the hand-shape-sign:
Wide opened fingers like showing nothing is held
the hand-movement-sign;
Draw the base shape starting outward from the bottom

name: [noN] (SAMPA) ( ノン )


phonetic value: unused

definition [single]: 0 (zero)


vi. come to nothing (無になる)
vt. bring to naught (無にする)

main images in base overlays:

1) mathematical expression to make clear figures of large or infinitesimal numerals
2) Meaning zero or empty (ゼロまたは空っぽを意味して )
3) To form a picture like fundamental character, regarding this base shape as a torso/main part of body.
4) Related to ellipse, or some oval shaped things (楕円形、または楕円のなにか)

examples of base overlay:

Mathematical expression to make clear figures of large or infinitesimal numerals


{{02(one),69(zero)}(ten),26}: ten times (10倍)
{n3,69,26}: a thousand times (千倍)
For more examples, please see here. (#69の数学的な利用に関しては、 ここをご覧 ください)

Meaning zero or empty (ゼロまたは空っぽを意味して)

{69,12(friction)}: nonresistance, unresisting (無抵抗)
{11(limitation),69}: unlimited (無制限)
{10(place),69}: nowhere (どこも~ない)
{09(affair),69}: no matter/nothing (which happens) (なにごとも~ない)
{50(goods),69}: (tangible) nothing (なにも~ない)
{65(person),69}: nobody/no one (だれも~ない)
{36(time),69}: no time (~なときがない)
{34,69}: valueless/worthless (無価値)
{06(opposite),69}: appearing (vi. with gd) (有)
{45,69(zero)}: neutral (ニュートラル)
{28(surface),69 empty)}: blank, blank paper (白紙)
{15(recognition),69}: ignorance, ignorant (無知)
{15,69,53(condition)}: idiocy, idiotic (白痴的)
{15,69,65(person)}: idiot (白痴)
{{01,10}(location), 69}: zero location of axis (ゼロ地点)
{69 in the 70(space)}: empty/vacancy (distinguishing with (meaning 'no room between') (空っぽ)
{{69,70} of 68(heart)}: emptiness (of heart) (心の空虚)
{69(holding empty space) by the total shape with 35}: bubble (泡)
: soda , : sparkling wine, { wheat-bubble-wine }: beer
{69,35,26(gathering)}: foam (泡の集合)
{69,35,50(goods)}: soap (石鹸)

Related to a torso/main part of body (because of the shape), forming a picture like fundamental character
{48(cover),69}: clothes (衣服)
{{48,69},24(stable)}: uniform (ユニホーム)
{{51,48}(leg),{(48),69}}: pants/trousers (ズボン、パンタロン、袴)
{19(inner),{48,69}}: underwear, lingerie (下着)
{19,17(upper),{48,69}}: underwear for upper torso like brassiere/undershirt (上半身用の下着)
{19,18(under),{48,69}}: underwear for lower torso like a brief/trunk (下半身用の下着)
{17(upper),18(under),{48,69}}: suit kind of clothes (上下のスーツ類)
{02(one),{48,69}}: one-piece dress or the kind of clothes (ワンピース類)
{17(upper),20(outer),{48,69}}: jacket kind of clothes (上着)
{20(outer),{48,69}}: coat kind of clothes (コート類)

{67,69(torso shape)}: torso; sit (vi. with #gd: support torso without depending upon legs)
{67,69,62(back)}: back (of torso) (背中)
{67,69,61(front)}: stomach (腹)
{67,69,19(in)}: internal organ/ bowel/entrails/ guts (内臓)
{67,69, 62,18(under)}: bottom(尻)
{15,{67,69}(torso)}: breast (胸)
{67,69,01(dot)} (a dot in the middle of torso): navel(臍)
{{01,51}(swelled thing) of {67,69}(torso)}: penis (陰茎)
{{{01,52}(hollow) of {67,69}(torso)}: vagina (膣)
{45(relation) of {(01),(52)} and {(01),(51)}(projection) of {67,69}(torsos)}: sex as activity (性交)
{torso, 62back, {04,39} mouth}: anus/vent (肛門)
{51(power),69}: shoulder (肩)
{69(torso),54}: sit, sitting (座)
{{69,54},50(goods): chair (椅子)
{69,62(back)}( also the total shape looks like the back of a sitting dog with its tail): tail (尾)

Related to ellipse, or some oval shaped things (楕円形、または楕円のなにか)

{69,31(shape)}: ellipse, oval (楕円)
{45,66,69}: 'beetle' (by the shape) (甲虫)
{{02,23}(light),{45,66,69}}: firefly (ほたる)
{{43,41}(reptile),69}: turtle/ tortoise (亀)
{it moves like planet, but its track is ellipse): comet

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