The combination of arcs and the bottom full line,
symbolizing a space between two things or borders or time spots.
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the hand-shape-sign:
open between stretched index finger and pinkie, the palm side facing to the reader
the hand-movement-sign:
draw the base shape in one stroke with the partner signed hand 

name: [va] va sound of varnish ( ヴァ )

_ (for the space on a bottom line)

phonetic value: Voiceless pharyngeal fricative (咽頭摩擦無声音化)

definition (single): space, room (空間)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to a duration (時間・期間にかかわって)
2) Related to space between/among things/events ( ~の中間にかかわって )
3) Related to amount/size of space (空間の量にかかわって)
4) Related to space/sky (空・空間にかかわって)
5) Related to air/gas (空気・気体にかかわって)
6) Related to 'in the air/sky', but also forming a picture like fundamental character

examples of base overlay:

Related to a duration (時間・期間にかかわって)
:{36(time),{(01),70}(between (times))}: a duration, during/for/while (with #gc)(期間、~の間の)
{{36,70}a period/time-length,57}: how long (for a period) (どのくらい長い期間)
(preposition): during/ while ... (~するあいだの/に )
:{07(much),36,70}: (for) a long term/time (長期間)
:{08(little),36,70}: (for) a short term/time, (短期間・D動詞:時間短縮になる)

{36,44(a part of 'the sun'),70}: a day long (1日間)
: for two days, two days long (2日間)
: {{36,46(work)}(week),70}: a week long, for a week (1週間)
: 1{{36,49(a part of 'moon')}(month),70}: for one month, one month long (1ヶ月間)
: {{36,48(around)}(year),70}: a year long, (for) a year (1年間)
: how many years (何年間)
{35(continue),{36,70}(term)}: continuance, a period of continuation (継続期間)

Related to space between/among things/events (~の中間にかかわって )

{01,70}: {pointing the middle of }: middle (中間)
{#gc (preposition) {01,70}}: between/among/amid (~の間の/に)
{45(relation),{(01),70}}: mediation, mediate (v. with gd) (仲介)
{45,70,65(person)}: agent, middleman (仲介者)
{01,70,68(heart)}(putting one's heart between thoughts: out of thinking): meditation (瞑想)
{01,70,56(action)}(between actions): rest (休憩)

Related to amount of space (空間の量にかかわって)

{{07,08}(degree),70(space)} : three dimensional width of a space/amount of space (空間の広さ)
( means a square measure of surface 面積の大きさ)
{07(much),70} vast (広大)
{08(little),70} : small as the space: tight (窮屈)
{05(no),70}: directness (直接)

Related to space/sky (空・空間にかかわって)

{37(nature),70}: sky, the atmosphere (as the fundamental character ) (空)
{{37,70},53(condition )}: weather (at a time) (天気)
{{37,70},41(movement)}: movement of weather (空模様)
{{37,70},44(opened)}: fine sky (晴)
{{37,42}(cloud),70}( clouds in the sky): cloudy (曇り)
{08( little ),{37,42,70}}: little cloudy (薄曇り)
{{42,70}(wind),{(37),59}(rain),64(violent)}:gale, wind and rainstorm (暴風雨)
{12(friction),{37,70}}: haze, hazy (もや霞)
{38(  artificial ){12,37,70}}: smog (スモッグ)
{{37,70},{12,34}(electricity)} (electric phenomenon in the sky): thunder/lightening (雷)
{{12,34,37,70}{02,23}( light )}: lightning (稲妻)
{12,34,37,70},42( a part of 'sound' )}: thunder (雷鳴)
{{37,70},51(power)}: atmospheric/ barometric pressure (気圧)
{07( much ),{37,70},51}: high atmospheric pressure (高気圧)
{08( little ),{37,70},51}: low atmospheric pressure (低気圧)
{{07,08}(degree),52(heat),of {37,70}( sky)}: temperature (of environmental air) (気温)
{07(much),{37,70},52}: high ambient temperature/hot (暑い)
{63(gentle),07( much ),{37,70},52} : warm (あたたかい)
{08(little),{37,70},52( heat )}: low ambient temperature/cold (寒い)
{63(gentle ),08(little),{37,70},52}: cool (涼しい)
{{(37),70},{(01),59}(vapor){02,23}(light){(23),33}(color)}:  rainbow (虹)
{{10,12,33}(polar region),70,{02,23,(33)}}: aurora (オーロラ)

{21(go),70}: fly (vi. with gd) (飛ぶ)
{{70,21}(fly to go),47( container )}: plane(s), any kind of flying vehicle (飛ぶ乗り物)
{17(upward),70}: to float (in the air; vi. with gd) (浮遊、D動詞:浮く)
{70,17(upward),51(power)}: buoyancy (浮力)
{70,39(sense)}: the sense of space (空間感)
{{17(upward),70}(float).39(sense)}: the sense of floating (浮遊感)
{70,41 move,39sense}: psychedelic (幻覚、幻覚的な)
{70(space ),18}: sinking sink (vi. with gd) (沈、D動詞:沈む)
{14(go through),70}: going over (超・越)
with gc: : beyond/over (~を越えて)
{70,{14,10}(road)}: bridge (橋)

{03(line),70}: string(s) (of musical instlement) (弦)
{03,70} {36,42,50}(sound tool): stringed instrument (弦楽器)
{68 heart, }: poem (詩)
{{01,52}(hollow),70}: hole, an empty space in which something could be, but not go through (突き抜けていない穴)
{69(zero) in the 70(space)}: empty (空っぽ)
{{69,70} of 68(heart)}: emptiness (of heart) (心の空虚)
{28(surface),70}: margin, blank space on a surface (余白)

Related to air/gas (空気・気体にかかわって)

{70,50(material)}: gas (気体)
{{37,70}(sky),50}: air (空気)
{{44,52},70(airial),50}: fuel gas (燃料ガス)
{61(after),{44,52},in 70(air)}: smoke (煙)
{70,{46,67}(organ)}: respiratory organ(s) (呼吸器官)
{08,{(01),59}(vapor) in 70} : dried (乾燥)
{07,{01,59}(vapor)-01(because it cannot be seen),70(space)} : high humidity, humid (高湿)
{70,42(wave)}: wind (風)
{70,42,63(gentle)}: breeze (そよかぜ)
{70,42,64(violent)}: windstorm (暴風)
{70,42,43(rolled/twined)}: tornado (竜巻)
{{42,70}(wind),51(power)}: wind pressure (風圧)
{{70,42}wind,67}: breathing (息)
{{70,42}wind,67,19(in)}: inhaling (吸気)
{{70,42}wind,67,20(out)}:exhaling (呼気)

Related to 'in the air/sky', but also forming a picture-like fundamental character

{23,41(move),70}(a wings-opened bird shape ): bird (鳥)
{{23,41,70},42(stream)}: water bird (水鳥)
{{23,41,70},{48,51}(leg)}: ostrich (ダチョウ)
{{23,41,70},64(violent)}: bird of prey (猛禽)
{{02,14}(hair),70}: feather (羽)
{{37.70}(sky),{23,(70)}(parts of 'bird')}: wing(s) (翼)
{{23,37,70}(wings),54(existence) for 45(relation)}: angel (天使)
{45( related ),59(water) and 70}: amphibian (両生類)
{{45,59,70},17(up, because of its jumping )}: frog (蛙)
{{45,59,70},18(down, because its sinking custom): salamander (サンショウウオ)

Because of this base shape (字母の形から)
{31shape,70}: constricted/narrowed in the middle (くびれた)

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