This is similar to the traditional heart symbol: the upper part of this base looks larger,
but imagine that the content is expanding upward wanting to open up to above;
and the energy is coming from the center bottom.
( ハート形の類似の記号:下中央の一点からエネルギーが出て 上にふくらみ開こうとする形)
. . . .
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the hand-shape-sign:
Touch the the fingertips to each other as if wrapping an egg upward,
symbolizing upward expansion from the bottom for representing heart.

the hand-movement-sign:

Draw the base shape in one stroke starting from the upper junction

name: [ha] ha sound of harp ( ハ )

a (as a set with 67: A (similarly shaped), also [a] is the vowel in (heart)
(67: Aの対記号として)

phonetic value: [ h ] glottal fricative (声門摩擦無声音)

definition (single):

#68 itself means the human heart (not a muscular organ) regarded as the seat of emotions,
the will, consciousness, inmost thought and various human spiritual feelings,
n contradistinction to logical thought and mental tendency which are shown
using {34,37}( means the brain).


vi. think ( from one's heart) (思う)
vt. make somebody feel and think (思わせる)
{gd,68}: sure will be/do ... (きっと...する)
{ge,68}: sure will let ( someone or something ) do ... (きっと...させる)
{gd, 68 heart, 55demand}: wish (about one's own something)(実現性は低いが)~とのぞむ、願う)
{ge, 68,55}: wish someone to do or to be something (他が~であってほしいと願う)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to general spiritual or psychological concepts (魂・心理に関係する一般概念)
2) Related to some phenomena of heart (心の現象に関わって )
3) Related to mind personalities (性格に関わって)
4) Related to various kinds of feelings (さまざまな感情)
5) Related to consciousness (意識に関わって)
6) Related to will. (意志にかかわって)
7) To form a picture-like fundamental character for flower (「花」の象形基礎文字の構成)

examples of base overlay:

Related to general spiritual or psychological concepts (魂・心理に関係する一般概念)

{01,68}: spirit, soul (as a fundamental character) (魂)
{14(road) of {01,68}}: religion (宗教)
{14,01,68}(religiously),17(above)}: sacred (神聖)
{55(seeking),{01,14,68}}: seeking religious way (求道)
{{(01),14,68},65(person)}: religious person as priest/pastor/minister (宗教家)
{09(intangible matter),68}: psychological phenomenon (心理現象)
{10(place),68}: state of spiritual feeling (心境)
{68(heart),53}: emotional condition (心の状態)
{46(function),68}: psychological works (心理作用)
{{14(way),60(truth)} (science),68}: psychology (心理)
{65(human),45(relation),68,14(way): moral (倫理)
(68 heart, musical strings}: poem (詩)
{19(inner),68}: the inner thought (which is not shown outer) (内心)
{20(out),68}: expression or presentation (of one's heart) (心の表出・表現)
{48(cover),68}: personal secret, keep something secret (with gd{48,68} {gc, 45} ...) (秘密)
{68,31(form),50(thing/goods),68}: a present, gift (贈り物)
{09(intangible matter),56(action),68}: ceremony (儀式)

Related to some phenomenon of heart (心の現象に関わって)

{51(power),68}: courage, courageous, screw up one's courage (with #gd ), encourage (with #ge) (勇気)
{52(fever),68}: passion (情熱)
{{34,37}(brain),68}: intelligence (the logical thinking part of the brain works with ones heart together) (知性)
(NB) Maybe you try to read this character as {37(natural),{34,68}(value)}, but 'natural value ' is expressed as 37 {34,68} separated into two characters.
{11( limit ),68}: (a) limit of thought (思いの限り)
{21(heading to),68} : interest, be interested (v. with gd) (興味・関心)
{07( much ),{21,68}} : much interested (興味深い)
{08( little ),{21,68}} : not so interested, reduce interest (v. with gd) (関心が少ない)
{{21,62}(backward),68}: retrospection (懐古)
{11(limit),{21,68}} : resignation, give up (v. with gd)(あきらめ)
{57(question),{21,68}} : perplexing, be puzzled (or waved) (vi. with gd), puzzle (vt. with #ge) (迷い)
{04,21,68}(situation of an interest{21,68} goes way): lose an interest (with gd) (関心が無くなる)
{13(same),68}: sympathy (同情)
{13,68,60(truth)}: compassion (慈悲)
{{13,21}(following,being along),68} : trust (信頼)
{57(question),68}: suspicion, suspicious (疑惑)
{02(one),68}(focus thoughts and feels in one): pray ( n.), pray (v. with #gd) (祈念)
{{01,70}(space between),68}: meditation (瞑想)
{38(creation),68,09( intangible thing )}(creation in one's heart): fantasy, fancy (v. with #gd) (ファンタジー)
{55(want),68}: a wish, wish (v. with #gd) (望み)
{{02,23}light, 68}: hope (希望)
{25(join),68}: thoughtfulness (思い遣り)
{04(lack, shortage),68}: lacking thought, thoughtless (想いの欠けた)
{40(balance),68}: mind health (心の健康)
{05(denied){40,68}}: unbalanced (unstable) mind (心が不健康)
{06(reverse){40,68}}: madness, lunacy, insane (狂った)

Related to mind personalities (性格に関わって)

{49(nature, quality),68(heart)}: personality (性格)
{24(hardness),{49,68}}: stubborn, persistent (頑固)
{{06(reverse),24}(flexible),{49,68}}: flexible minded (柔軟な心)
{35(long continuous),{49,68}}: patient (根気強い)
{{05(denied),35,{49,68}}: the type getting soon tired of and sticking to nothing (あきっぽい)
{43,45}(cling),{49,68}}: adhesive personality (粘着質)
{05(denied),{43,45},{49,68}}: frank (さばさばした)
{59(wet),{49,68}}(wet type of personality): sentimental personality (しめっぽい性格)
{{05,59}(dried),{49,68}}: not sentimental; crisp businesslike personality (ドライな性格)
{61(front),{49,68}}(putting one's heart in front): positive ( as the personality) (積極性)
{62(back),{49,68}}(putting one's heart in back): negative (as the personality) (消極性)
{20(out),{49,68}}: sociable (社交的な)
{19(in),{49,68}}: private, withdrawn (内気な)
{47(container, accept),68}(capacity of heart): toleration, permit (v. with #gd) (心の器)
{07(large){47,68}: tolerant (寛容)
{08(small){47,68}: narrow-minded(ness) (狭量)

Related to various kinds of feelings (さまざまな感情)
{39(sense),68(heart)}: emotion, feelings (感情)
{25(plus){39,68}}(the feeling which works subjectively to the 'plus' direction): fondness, like (v. with {gd,53}) (好き)
{04(minus),(39,68}}: an antipathy, dislike (嫌い)
{44(opened),(39,68}}: pleasant, merrily, enjoy or take pleasure (v. with gd), entertain (vt. with ge) (楽しい)
{{44,39,68},56action}: play/game (遊び)
{59(water, wet),{39,68}}: sentimental (オセンチな)
{{59,39,34}tear,{3968}}: sorrow, sad, be sad (vi. with #gd), make (someone) feel sorrow (v. with ge) (悲しい)
{57(question),{39,68}}(unclear what one feels): blank surprise, be stupefied (v. with gd) (呆然)
{64(violent),{39,68}}: a violent emotion, carry away by a stroke of passion (v. with gd) (激情)
{{01,64}(emphasized),{39,68}}: emphasize one's emotion (v. with #gd) (感情の強調)
{{01,63}(restrained),{39,68}}: restrained emotion, or the situation, restrain one's emotion (v. with gd) (感情制御)
{{34,39}(eyes),17(up),68(heart)}: looking-up-heart: respect (n. and v. with gd) (尊敬)
{{34,39}(eyes),18(down),68(heart)}: disdain, scorn, looking down on (v. with gd) (見下す)
{14(getting through),{39,68}}(feelings getting through between): friendship (友情)
{67(life),68}(thought from the bottom of one's heart and life): love (愛)
{06(reverse),{67,68}}: hatred, hate (v. with gd) (憎しみ)
{21(facing to){06,67,68}}: grudge, an ill feeling with hatred and enmity (恨み)
{44,68}: joy, happiness, happy, be glad (v. with gd), make someone happy (vt. with ge) (幸、D動詞:喜ぶ)
{47(accept),{44,68}}: gratitude, be grateful (v. with gd) (感謝)
: Thank you (ありがとうございます)
{{44,68},21(facing to)}: celebration (when it needs distinguishing as an event of a celebration, add #09 on top of this character), celebrate (v. with gd) (祝)
: Congratulations! (おめでとう!)
{06(reverse),{44,68}}: reverse of happy: sad, pain or hard situation in one's heart (不幸)
{15,{44,68}}: smile (as a picture-like character) (微笑み)
{{05,16}(cut off),68}: cut-pain in one's heart, broken heart (断腸の思い)
{12(friction),68}: anger, get angry (v. with gd), make (someone) get upset (v. with ge)
{{12,68},64( violent)}: fury, be enraged (v. with gd), infuriate (vt. with ge) (激怒)
{43(rolled up),68}: a fear, be afraid of (v. with gd) (恐れ)
{43,68,64(very much/violent)}: extreme terror (恐怖)
{42(wave),68} the heart waving up): surprise(n.), surprised, be surprised (vi. with gd),
surprise (vt. with #ge) (驚き、D動詞:驚く)
{64(shocked),68}: shock (in one's heart) (心の衝撃)
{42,64,68}(strong shock in one's heart): frightened, be frightened (vi. with gd) (脅え、D動詞:脅える、E動詞:脅す)
{41(move),68}: impression, stirring, impressive (感動)
{{17(up),41}(rise),68}: excitement, excited, be excited (vi. with gd), excite (vt. with ge) (興奮)
{18( down ),{41,68}}: worry (心配)
{19(in),{41,68}}: deep impression, be impressed (vi. with #gd), impress (vt. with ge) (印象)
{20(out),{41,68}}: expression of emotion, express (vi. with gd) (感情表現)
{61(front),{41,68}}: be attracted (vi. with gd), attract (with ge) (D動詞:心引かれる)
{62(behind),{41,68}}: keeping emotion behind, hiding one's emotion (動揺を抑えた)
{{02,18}(drop down),68}: discouragement, discouraged, be disappointed (vi. with gd), discourage (vt. with ge) (落胆)
{37(natural),68}: natural mind, relief, be relieved (vi. with gd) (安心)
: Please (feel free to do something) (「どうぞ(ご自由に)」)

Related to consciousness (意識に関わって)

{15(recognition),68} = consciousness, conscious, be conscious (vi. with #gd) (意識)
{{15,68},53(condition)}: notice (n., v. with gd)(注意・気付く)
{05(denied){15,68}}: faint, unconscious (意識がない)
{25(plus),15,68}: careful (注意深い)
{04(lack),15,68}: recognizing lacking thoughts: "excuse me" or "pardon me"
(as this single character or with a period) (失礼ですが・・)
{04,54(existence),68}: embarrassment, be embarrassed (vi. with {gd,53}) (みっともない)
{60(true),68(heart)}: sincerity, sincere (誠実)
{06(opposite),60,68}: sin (罪)
{06,15,60,68}(the consciousness {15,68} of sin): apology (謝罪)
: 'I apologize', 'I'm sorry' (申し訳ありません・ごめんなさい)
{{18,21}(downward),68}} : be in deep thought (v. with #gd) (沈思)
{{13,21(along)},60(accomplish),68} : belief, believe (v. with gd) (信仰)
{35 keeping for long, 47accepted, 68}: memorial (記念)
{34(important),68}: value (subjective value) (価値)
{25(plus),{34,68}}: good, goodness, become good (vi. with #gd), make something good (vt. with #ge) (いい)
{04(minus),{34,68}}: bad, wrong, become bad (v. with gd), make something wrong (vt. with ge) (悪い)
{{04,34,68}{68,15}consciousness}: shame/unworthy feeling (恥ずかしい、恥じ)

Related to will (意志にかかわって)

{30(indicated, instructed ),68}: (a) will (意志)
{{30,68},51(power)}: vitality (気力)
{07(much),30,51,68}: vigorous (気力溢れる )
{08(less),30,51,68}: lose one's vigor (vi.) (弱虫)
{22(origin),68}: original mind (one's heart at a beginning time) (初心)
{23(change),68}: a change of mind, change one's mind (v. with gd) (変心)
{12(friction),23,68}: treachery, betray (v. with gd) (裏切り)
{24(hard, stable),68}: determination, determined or make up one's mind (v. with gd) (決心)
{35(long continuous),68}: patience, bear or endure (v. with gd) (忍耐心、D動詞:耐える)
{61(front),68}: positive (as the condition of one's will) (積極的)
{62(back),68}: negative (as the condition of one's will) (消極的)
{58(possible),68}: a will which feels possible to do something: confidence, become confident (v. with gd) (自信)
{{01,21}(aim),68}: intention, intend (v. with gd) (意図、D動詞:意図する)
{{21,61}(forward),68}: aggressive (先進的)
{{17,21}(upward),68}: upward feeling (気が軽くなる)
{02,23)light, 68}: hope (希望)

To form a picture-like fundamental character for flower (「花」の象形基礎文字の構成)

{66(plant),68}(as a fundamental ideogram): flower (花)
{flower, 44 open}: blooming (開花)
{flower, 43 closed}: bud (つぼみ)
{{66,68},28(sheet)}: (a) petal (花弁)
{{66,68},16(powder in this case)}: pollen (花粉)
{{66,68},03 line}: both pistil and stamen (しべ)
{{66,68},03 line,19 female}: pistil (めしべ)
{{66,68},03 line, 20 male}: stamen (おしべ)
{{66,68},26(gathering)}: (a) bouquet (花束)
{{66,68},{02,26}(groupin one)}: (a) cluster of flowers (花房)
{{66,68},{31,66}(nose),{44,68}(pleasant)} (feel pleasant with nose)
or :
fragrant, smell sweet (v. with gd), spread fragrance (v. with #ge) (花の香)
{{66,68}(flower),59}: flower nectar/honey (花の蜜・蜂蜜)

. . .