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This shape looks like having very strong energy forward. (進行方向に向く強いエネルギーを感じさせる形)
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the hand-shape-sign:
vertically open between the stretched thumb and the index, symbolizing wide opened energy
the hand-movement-sign:
strongly turning the arm outward with the other signed hand (他のサインの手の腕を強く外側にまわす)

name: ya sound of yard ( ヤ )

ASCII: Q (of Quick)

phonetic value: [function]:

This base emphasizes the function of the other character in a base overlay on each way:

definition (single): shocked situation (衝撃的な)


vi. get shocked (衝撃を受ける)
vt. give (somebody or something) a shock (衝撃を与える)
: even do ... (making the verb emphasize surprisingly) (~さえする)
: even don't do ... (~しさえしない)

main images in base overlays:

1) To emphasize the original meaning, as 'very', or intensify something
(「とても」を加えて強めた意味にする 、何かの状態の度を増す)
2) As the meaning of shocked/shocking
3) To mean fast/quick(ly)
4) To mean violent situation
5) As a part of a picture like character

examples of base overlay:

To emphasize the original meaning like added 'very' or intensify something

{07(much),64}: very much, a great deal ( of) (非常に多い)
{{07,50}(large),64}: huge (巨大)
{08( little ),64}: very little (極わずか)
{{33,36}(frequency),08,64(very)}: rare, rarely(まれに)
{{08,50(small)},64}: very tiny (微小)
{64,17(above) of 48(cover)}: transcendence/transcendent (超越)
{03(line),64}: stretched, situation of strong tension (張)

{28,45,64very strongly}: glued, bond (vt. with ge )(接着)
{28,45,64,29material}: glue (the material to glue something) (接着剤)
{64,{24,31}(solid)}: hard, firm, harden (vt. with ge)(硬い)
{01,64}: emphasized (強調)
{{01,64}(emphasized),{39,68}(emotion)}: very emotional situation, emphasize one's emotion (v. with #gd) (感情の強調)
{{43,68}(anxiety, fear),64}: extreme terror (恐怖)
{gc (proposition),64(emphasize)}: even at/in.. (modifying front word with the following words) ~(続く語)さえ

To mean fast/quick(ly) (速いの意味で)

{21(heading),64}: fast (速い)
{{22,64},{07,08}(degree)}: speed (速さ)
{08(little),21,64}: little fast (やや速い)
{07(much),21,64}: very fast (特急)
{{{47,61}(foot),21}(walk),{(21),64}(fast)}: quick walk (はや歩き)
{{{48,51}(leg),21}(run){(21),64}(fast): sprint, run fast( vi. with #gd) (疾走)
{{42( wave),21}(flowing),64}: rapid (stream) (n)/flow rapidly (vi. with gd) (急流)
{{33,41}(turn),64}: fast spinning/spin fast (急回転)
{61(front),55(seek),64}: haste (n. , v. with #gd) (あせる、あせり)
{64,26(piled )}: quick piling, collect quickly (vt. as e verb) (急な集積)
{46(work),64}: machine (as a fundamental character) (機械)
{10(place),{46,64}(machine)}: factory (工場)
{51(power),38(creation),{{46,64}(machine)}: motor (モーター)
{{46,64}(machine),38(produced)}: machine made (機械生産)
{{17,51}(lift),{46,64}(machine )}: lifting machine(リフト・持ち上げる機械)
{{46,64}(machine)65(human),31(shaped)}: human shaped robot (人がたロボット)

As the meaning of shocked/shocking衝撃的な意味で

{64,23( change )}: drastic change (急変)
{64,36( time )}: sudden(ly) (突然)
{{64,36}sudden,09affair}: accident (突発事件)
{67(life),64,36}: emergency (緊急)
{{36,64},49( quality )}: acute (急性)
{15(recognition),64}: impression, impressed, be impressed (v. with gd) (印象的)
{45(relation),64}: dramatic (劇的)
{64,30(indication)}: shock (n./v. with #gd)
{28(surface),64}: hit, beaten, beat (vt. with ge) (打)
{28,64}(beaten){{36,42}(sound),50(instrument)}: drum (太鼓)
{39,64}: shocking, shocked feeling (感覚に衝撃的)
{{47,61}(foot),64}: kick (n.), kick (v. with #gd) (蹴る、蹴り)
{16(separate),64}: tearing up, tear up (vt. with ge) (E動詞:引き裂く)
{64,44(spread)}: explosion, explosive, detonate (vi, with gd, vt. with ge)(爆発)
{{44,64}(explosion),50(thing)}: explosive (爆薬)

To mean violent situation 暴力的な意味にかかわって

{12(friction),64}: despotic/tyrannical (横暴な)
{64,56(action)}: violence, rude, outrage (v. with #gd) (乱暴)
{64,55(seek)}: enforce (強要)
{64,56,55}: snatch, robbery/ rob (v. with #gd) (強奪)
{{64,56,55},65(person)}: robber (強盗)
{{12,64,56(action)}: a battle, fight (vi. with #gd)/ set (something/someone) to fight (vt. with #ge) (紛糾、紛争)
{{42,68}(shocked),64}: strong shock in one's heart, frightened, be frightened (vi. with gd)
{37(nature),64}: violent nature (荒ぶる自然)
{42, 64(violent)}: turbulent (乱れた、乱流)
{{37,59}(rain),64,07(much)}: heavy rain (豪雨)
{{70,42}(wind),64}: windstorm (暴風 )
{37,42,59,64,70}(combination of rain, wind, cloud and violent): gale, wind and rainstorm (暴風雨)
{64,{39,68}(emotion)}: a violent emotion, carry away by a stroke of passion (v. with gd) (激情)
{{33,47,39}(taste as a fundamental character) 64}: hot spicy (辛み、辛い)
{{33,39,47,64}(spicy),50(thing)}: spice, condiment (香辛料)
{{31,19,66}(smell),64}: stimulative odor (刺激臭)
{{12,24}(teeth as a fundamental character),64}: fang/tusk (牙)
{{23,41,70}(bird), 64}: bird of prey (猛禽)
{{43,41}(reptile),{48,51}(leg),64}: dinosaur (恐竜)
{10(place),{37,66}(wood),64}: jungle (密林)
{{60,66}(arms),64,50(thing/tool)}: powerful weapons like missile or more (重兵器)

As a part of a picture like character (象形文字の構成の一部)

{60,64}( by the finger-tip shape): nail ( included finger/toe nails and claw/talon) (爪)
{12 friction, 60,64}: scratching (引っかき)
{64,65}(a standing human shape with the extended arm; also the opposite shape of 'branch'):
'arm' between the shoulder and the wrist (腕)
See more about body parts here.
{{65,64}arm, 48}: hug (n., v. with gd) (抱擁)

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