This looks like pointing up in the two dimension symbol. But it symbolizes the hand sign pointing front to mean "front."
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the hand-shape-sign:
pointing front by the thumb (親指で前方を指す)
the hand-movement-sign:
move the other signed hand a fist width forward (もう一方の手話の手を拳幅前に突き出す)

name: [ma] ma sound of mark ( マ )

ASCII: R (as the pair with
r )

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): front (前)


vi. become the front (前になる)
vt. make (something or someone) the front (前にする/置く)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to 'front/before' as location (前面、前方)
2) Related to relatives, who comes later in a family history from a standard point
3) Related to 'following/later' as time sequence (時間や順序の「後」)
4) Related to forward (前向き)
5) To form a fundamental hieroglyphic symbol (「足」の象形の部分として使用)

examples of base overlay:

Related to 'front/before as location'(前面、前方にかかわって)
{gc preposition, 61}: in front of (~の前の)
{61,28surface}: the front surface (前面)
{{11,28}wall,61}: the front wall (前壁)
{{10,48}building,61}: front (side) of a building (建物の正面側)
{13(the same level),61}: the same or more front, more front than... (with gc...) (...より前)
{61,16(part)}: front part (前部)
{03(line),61}: front line (前線)
{05(no),61}: dead end (行き止まり)
{61,01(point)}: the top head (先端)
{61.62}: back and forth (前後)
{61,62(back),23(change)}: reverse of front and back (前後の交換・交代)
{60(real),61}: right in front (真ん前)
{17(above),61}: front-above (前上)
{18(below),61}: front-below (below in front of ... : with gc ...) (前下)
{{02,19}(the left),61}: the left in front (左前方)
{{02,20}(the right),61}: the right in front (右前方)
{07(much),61} : much front (ずっとに前方)
{08(little),61}: little front (わずかに前方)
{{07,08}(degree),61} : degree to the front position (前への度合い)

{61,34pronoun}: you, your (this hand sign is pointing forward by
a thumb in front of the center chest. this character symbolizes the sign also.) (あなた)
{61,34,27(plural )}: you, your (as particularly plural) (あなたがた・おまえら)

Related to relatives, who comes later in a family history from a standard point
(親族で、基準よりのちに登場する立場に関係) * renewed October 2006

{61front in the family history,67}: child/(children)
(the relation from the parents; the age is not the matter) (親に対しての「子」)
{61,67,35(long continuous)}: descendant (子孫)
{61,67,27(plural)}: children (子どもたち)
{61,67,19(female)}: daughter (娘)
{61,67,19,n2}: 2-generation-lower daughter: granddaughter (孫娘)
{61,67,19,n3}: great grand daughter (ひ孫娘)
{61,67,20(male)}: son (息子)
{61,67,20,n2}: grandson (孫息子)
{61later,19(female),{13,67}}: niece(姪)
{61later,20(male),{13,67}}: nephew(甥)

Related to following/later as time sequence (時間や順序の「後」にかかわる)
** new change: The usages of and for time has been changed since Sep. 2006 ,
taking Jo Chen's suggestion and help from Germany.
The new setting is more logical, regarding as "earlier time from a time point"
and as "later/after time from there.

{36time,61}: later (after a particular time) (時間的に後)
{36.61,53(condition)}: late/behind time (遅れている)
{gc (for preposition), 36,61(front)}: after (as time preposition) (前置符 時間的に~の後に)

{{36,44}'day' as the fundamental character,62}: tomorrow (明日)
{{36,46}'week' as the fundamental character,62}: next week (the week after) (来週)
{n2,33}{36,46,62}: the second week after this week: the week after following week (再来週)
{{36,49(half moon shape} 'month', as the fundamental character,61}: next month (the following month) (来月)
{{36,48}('year' as the fundamental character),61}: next year (来年)
{22origin,36,61}: after the starting point of the era (紀元後)

{36,61,14 going through}: (not) yet (Something going through would be later; not yet) (まだ)
{24settled for {36,61} later thing}: schedule (予定)
or {{34,39}eyes,{36,61}}: foresee (予見)
{36,61,40 balancing}: beforehand regulation (準備調整)
{38made, 09affair for {36,61}later thing}: plan (n.), be planed (v. with #gd), plan (vt. with ge) (計画)
{36,61later,56action}: reaction (反動)
{11 limit/edge.61}: ending point (終点)
{{11,61},09affair}: result (結果)
{{11,61},14way}: conclusion (結論)
{{25,24}promiss for 61 front/later}: reservation (予約)

{{33,22}sequence,61}: the sequence is just after: next time/next (次回、次)
{{33,22}sequence,28surface/sheet,61}: next page (次ページ)
{{33,22},61,{01,10}position}: next position (次の位置)

Related to 'forward'(前向きにかかわって)

{02,61}: straight ahead (as hieroglyphic) (まっすぐ前)
{06(opposed),61}: returning (戻り)
{61,41(move)}: move/go ahead (vi. with gd) (前進)
{61,{41,43}( reptile)}: crawling ahead, crawl ahead (vi. with gd) (前に這う状態)
{61,21(heading direction)}: forward, facing ahead(前向き)
{67 life,{21,61} facing ahead}: fresh, lively (新鮮)
{61,21,65(person)}: a forward (フォワード)
{{34,39} eye, {61,21}}: look ahead (前方/将来を見据える)
{{34,39} eye, 61}: look forward (to) (期待)
{61,21,41move}: going a head (前進)
{15,61(front)}: new (新しい)
{{15,30}information,{15,61}new}: news
{61,21,12(friction)}: propelling a battle (v. with gd) (進撃)
{61,51(power)}: push forward (v. with gd) (前押し)
{61,68(heart)}: positive (as the condition of one's will) (積極的)
{61,{41(move),68}}: impulsive(ly) (衝動的)
{61,68(heart),(49(personality)}: positive (as one's personality) (積極性)
{61,66(plant )}: growing thick (茂る状態)
{61,58(possibility)}: easy to do (容易)
{61,35(long continuation)}: being far off, have a long way to go (v. with #gd) (先が永い状態)
{61,{33,23}(color)}: the color which works forward: white (白)
{61,33,23, 63(loosened)}: light gray (灰色)
{61,{34,38}(money)}: investment, invest (v. with gd) (投資)
{61,{34,38},16separated}: stocks, shares (株)

To form a fundamental hieroglyphic symbol (「足」の象形の部分として使用)

{47,61}: foot (by the shape), step (v. with gd) (足、D動詞:踏む)
{{47,61},46(work)}: foot work (足機能)
{{47,61},64(shock): a kick (n.), kick (v. with gd) (蹴る、蹴り)
{{47,61},21(heading)}: walk (n.), walk (vi. with gd) (歩行)
{{47,61},{63,66}(brunch)}: toe (足の指)
{{47,61},{14,45}(neck)}: ankle (足首)
{{47,61},18(lower)}: the bottom of foot (足の裏)
{{47,61},18,62(back)}: heel (かかと)

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