This shape looks like shining on the original direction, and piercing or achieving forward at the same time.
This symbols shape has not changed from original, but the location on the frame is slightly centered.

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the hand-shape-sign:
Horizontally extended hand, facing the back to the reader
the hand-movement-sign:
Draw the base shape starting from the tip (尖った部分から書きはじめる)

name: the sound of she ( シー )

ASCII: i (as the partner base of i)

phonetic value: [ function ]:

The diacritic to show using only one side (the left or the right)
of the organ (the lips or the tongue) to pronounce the other consonant in a C-c

definition (single): truth, true


vi. come true ((なにかが)本当になる)
: vt. make (something) true ((なにかを)実現する)
{#gd,60}: must, have to~ねばならない)

main images in base overlays:
The shape points out the heading direction, but at the same time, it is illuminating the origin,
and connects the origin and the future or the tip;

1) penetrate, piercing (貫くことにかかわって)
2) consistent/throughout/accomplish (as the extension of (1)) (一貫した意味にかかわって)
3) straight (the heading point and the origin are in one wrap) ( 「直」の意味で )
4) truth/real/beauty (shining on the original direction and penetrating) (真・美・誠にかかわって)
3) forming a picture like character (象形文字の部分)

examples of base overlay:

Related to penetrate/piercing (貫くことにかかわって)
{13(as its look),60}: penetrated, penetrate (v. with gd) (貫通した)
{12(friction),60}: drilling (もみ込む状態)
{{12,60},50(goods)}: a drill (ドリル)
{{01,29}(atom),16(part), 60 (the nature is 'penetrating anything')}: neutron (中性子)
{{01,52}(hole),60}: hole which something can go through like needle hole and button hole
{{02,23}(light),60}: translucent (透明)
{{02,23,60,28(sheet)}: translucent sheet (透明なシート)

Related to consistent/throughout (一貫した意味にかかわって)
{35(continuous),60}: consistent(ly)/throughout (一貫して)
{46,60 consistent}: reliable (信頼できる)
{33('all' in this case),60}: perfect (完全)
{01(point),60}: focal point, a focus, be focused (vi. with gd) (焦点)
{11(limited),60}: pure, purity (純粋)
{{02,23}(color),60(part of 'purity'),{07,08}(degree)}: chroma/saturation (彩度)
{{02,23}(color), 60,07(much)}: brilliant, vivid (as color) (彩度が高い)
{{02,23}(color),60,08(less)}: dull (as a color) (彩度が低い)
{{13,21(following)},60,68(heart)}: belief/religious, believe (v. with #gd) (信)

Related to straight (「直」の意味で)

{60,45(relation)}: directness (直接)
{03,60}: {60,03(line)}: straight line (直線)
{60,17(above)}: right above (真上)
{60,18(under)}: right beneath/under (真下)
{60,61(front)}: right in front (at the right in front of ... : with gc ...) (真ん前)
{60,62(behind)}: the right back (right behind of ... : with gc) (真後ろ)

Related to true/real/beauty (真・美・誠にかかわって)

{09(happening),60}: fact, reality (事実)
{60,53(condition)}: the actual conditions/circumstances (実態・真相)
{10(place),60}: an actual/real spot or field (not just an imagination) (現場)
{60,56(action)}: operation, deed (実施)
{38(made),60}: tentative (仮)
{ + gc (preposition)} ... if (it's in) some condition, (仮に~(単語または文節)なら、)
{ + gc (preposition) + dl} (a sentence) : if (the sentence), (modifies the predicate of the sentence)
{ + 64(emphasis)} (a sentence) : even if ..., (仮に~でさえも) 
{36(time),60(real)}: now, present time (今)
{{36,44}(day), 60}: today (今日)
{{36,46}(week),60}: this week (今週)
{{36,48}(year),60}: this year (今年)
{{36,60}( now),53(condition)}: the present state/condition (現状)
{ origin (is) now { time, real}}: new (for any tangible or intangible) (新しい)
{{36,60}(now),50(goods)}: brand new (新品)

{02(one),60}:absolute (絶対)
{{02,60}(absolute),54(existence)}: God (絶対神)
{05(not ),60}: incorrect/wrong, make a mistake (v. with gd: The subject make a mistake) (まちがい)
{06(opposite),60}: false, falsehood (嘘)
{{06,60},65(person)}: swindler (詐欺)
ge{06,60,43}{19,43}(involve): deceive (だます)
{60(true),68(heart)}: sincerity, sincere (誠実)
{06(opposite),60,68}: sin (罪)
{06,15,60,68}( the consciousness {15,68} of sin):I apologize',
'I'm sorry' as the single form, apologize (v. with #gd) (一字で:「ごめんなさい」)

{37(nature),60(truth)}: natural truth (自然の真理)
{14,60(trueth)}: (general) science (科学)
{37,60,14(way)}: nature science (科学)
{{14,60}(science),68(heart)}: psychology (心理学)
{{14,60}{10,65}(society)}: social science (社会科学)

{60,55(want)}: need (n./vt. with gd) (必要)
{{60,55}need, 50 goods}: necessity/commodity (必需品)
{40(balance),60}: beauty (as a fundamental character) (美)
{40,60,14(way)}: art (美術)

As a part of a picture-like character ( 象形文字の部分):

{60,66} (a honed head shape; a fundamental character): horn, threaten ( v. with #gd ) (つの);
This character is used to form a symbol of extension of human's fighting power.
( この文字は、さらに重ねて武の意味でヒト社会にも利用)
{{60,66},21(go)}: threat (脅し)
{{60,66},12(friction)}: collision (衝突)
{{60,66},65(occupation)}: soldier (軍人)
{{60,66},26(group)}: military (軍隊)
{{60,66},26,12(friction)}: war (戦争)
{{60,66},50(tool, goods)}: arms, weapon (武器)
{{60,66},64(violent, a part of 'machine'),50}: powerful weapons like missile or more (重兵器)

{60,64}(by the finger-tip shape): nail (included finger/toe nails and claw/talon) (爪)
{12friction, {60,66}nail }: scratch (引っかき)

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