This shape looks like a drop of water, representing water/liquid. (半円と2直線を組んだ水のしずくの形)
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the hand-shape-sign:
Dropping down the hand, facing the back to the reader,
symbolizing the nature of falling liquid form and the base shape
(水の滴りを象形し、指をそろえた手を、甲を相手側に向けて下向きにたらす )

the hand-movement-sign:
Draw the base shape starting from the top(上から記号の形を書く)

name: close to shou sound of should, but the consonant palatal fricative ( シュ )

ASCII: I (a dripping water makes a vertical line with that movement)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): water (水)

main images in base overlays:

1) water in various conditions (いろんな状態の水 )
2) natural or human-made place/facility with water (水関連の場所や施設 )
3) various kinds of liquid (さまざまな液体 )
4) various situations/qualities/things related to water or liquid (水(液体)にかかわる状態・質・物事)
5) forming a picture-like character as a part of the shape (象形文字の部分として )

examples of base overlay:

Water in various conditions (いろんな状態の水)

{34,59} : (a) drop (of liquid) (しずく)
{01,59}: (water) is as 01 (tiny dot)}: vapor (水蒸気)
{59,29(chemical element)}: hydrogen (水素)
{42,59}: flowing/stream (流れ)
{24,59(water)}: ice (氷)
{05(not),24,59}: unfrozen liquid (不凍液)
{06(opposite),24,59}: thawing, thaw (vi. with #gd/vt. with ge) (解凍)
{{24,59},53(condition)}: frozen (凍った)
{{{24,59},52(temperature)}( freezing ),{47,50}( container )}: freezer (冷凍庫)
{52(heat),59(water)}: hot/warm water (湯)
{52,59,11(limit)}: boiling, boiled water (沸騰)
{52,{59,01}(vapor)}: hot steam (n.) (蒸気)
{52,{59,01},21(go for)}: steaming, steam (vt. with #gd) (蒸す)
{37(nature),59}: rain (as the fundamental character) (雨)
{{37,59},63( gentle )}: drizzling rain (しぐれ)
{{37,59},64(very),07( much )}: heavy rain (豪雨)
{{37,59},24(solid)}: snow (雪)
{37,{01(dot).59}(vapor)}: fog (霧)
{{18,37}(underground),59}: ground water (地下水)
{28(surface),37,59}: dew (because it grows on some surface) (露)
{28,37,{59,24(solid)}(ice)}: frost (霜)
{37,59,64(violent),{42,70}(wind)}: gale, rainstorm(暴風雨)
{59,28(surface)}: surface of water (水面)
{03(line),59}: (line of water face)}: horizon, horizontal (水平線)

Place/facility with water (水関連の場所や施設)

{10(place),{42,59}(flowing, stream)}: river (河川)
{10,{02,18}(falling),59(water)}: waterfall (滝)
{10,37(natural),47(holding),59( water )}: lake (湖)
{10,59,{37,66}(tree)}: oasis (オアシス)
{10,47(holding),59(water)}: water pool, pond (池・プール)
{{10,14}(road), 59}: canal (運河)
{10,17(up),59(water)}: fountain (噴水)
{10,59,46(function)}: bath room
{{10,59,46},20out}: toilet
{{10,46},{47,59}water-pool}: bath
{{10,46},38artificial{59,37}rain}: shower-room
{46,38artificial{59,37}rain}: shower
{59,14(way)}: water supply (水道)
{19in{59,14}}: fresh water supply (上水道)
{20out{59,14}}: sewerage (下水道)

Various liquid (いろんな液体)

{59,50(materiel)}: liquid (n.) (液体)
{59,67(life)}: body fluid (any kinds including blood and lymph) (体液)
{42(flowing),59,67} : blood (血)
{42,59,67,20(out)}: bleed (with #gd) (出血)
: {59,{15,67}(as the shape of breasts of mother) : milk (乳)
{{15,59,67}(milk),{(67),02,21}(fermentation)}: yogurt (ヨーグルト)
{{15,59,67}(milk),{(59),52,44}(oil)}: butter (バター)
{{15,59,67}(milk),36(time),25(joined)}: cheese (チーズ)
{{15,59,67}(milk ),{(59),24}(ice)}: ice-cream (アイスクリーム)
{43(for stickiness),{15,59,67}(milk)}: cream (クリーム)
{{15,59,67}(milk),50(goods)}: dairy product (乳製品)

{{04,39}(mouth by the shape),59}: saliva (唾液)
{{31,66}('nose' by the shape),59}: nasal mucus (鼻汁)
(become the condition of nasal mucus out): blow one's nose (vi.) (鼻をかむ)
{{34,39}(eye),59(water)}: tear, weep (vi. with #gd) (涙、D動詞:泣く)
{59(water, wet),{39,68}}: sentimental (オセンチな)
{{59,39,34}tear,{39,68}}: sorrow, sad, be sad (vi. with #gd), make (someone) feel sorrow (v. with #ge)(悲しい)

{{44,52}(fire/burn),59}: (any kind of) oil (油)
{67(a part of 'animal),{44,52,59}}: animal fat (動物性脂肪)
{24( solid),{44,52,59}}: grease (常温で固まる油脂)
{{15,59,67}(milk),{(59),52,44}(oil)}: butter (バター)
{{37,18}(underground),{44,52},59}}: petroleum (石油)
{46( function ),59}: liquid for some work which shown by modifier (液剤)
(color - work-liquid): liquid to put color on, color ink/dye/stain (染料・カラーインク),
(clean - work-liquid): detergent (洗剤)
{46(work),{44,52,59}(oil)}: oil/grease for some usage like lubricant/dope/hair dressing

{{66,68}(flower),59}: flower-nectar/honey (花の蜜・蜂蜜)
{{66,67}(fruit),59}: fruit-nectar (果汁)
{47(container),59}: beverage/something to drink (飲み物)
: fruit juice (フルーツジュース),
: vegetable juice (野菜ジュース)
(babble): soda,
{{47,59},{(59),02}('leaf' by the shape)}: (any kind of ) tea (茶)
{{47,59},{44,39}(awake)}: coffee (コーヒー)
{{47,59},44(open/a part of 'joy')}: alcoholic drink/wine (酒)
: sparkling wine, {wheat-babble-wine}: beer
{{67,47,50}(food) with 59}: soup (スープ)

Various situations/qualities/things related to water or liquid (水(液体)にかかわる状態・質・物事)

{59,45(relation)}: water system (水系)
{{22(origin),51(power)},59}: waterpower, hydraulic (水力)
{59,51(power)}: water-pressure (水圧)
{12(fricative),59}: turbid (濁り、濁った)
{59,55(want)}: thirsty/thirst (渇き)
{59,06(resist),49(quality)}: water-proof/ water resistant (防水性)
{59,58(possible)}: okay with wet (水濡れ可)
{59,43(wound up),20(out)}: squeezed, squeeze out( vt. with #ge) (搾)
{05(not),59(wet)}: dry (ad./vi. with #gd, vt. with #ge) (乾)
{59(wet),49}: aquatic (湿性)
{59,05(denied),49}: dry type (乾性)
{08(much),{(01),59}(vapor),70( in the air)}: dried (乾燥)
{07(little),{(01),59}(vapor),70(in the air)}: high humidity, humid (高湿)
{59(wet),{49,68}(personality): sentimental (しめっぽい)
{{05,59}(dried),{49,68}}: not sentimental, crisp businesslike (ドライな)
{{47,50}(vessel),59}: cup (for liquid) (コップ)
{{47,50,59},20(out)}: teapot, kettle (to pour some liquid out) (ポット)

Related to water and forming a picture-like-character (水に関係し、象形文字も構成して)
{45(relation),59,70( air)}(also as the picture): amphibian (両生類)
{{45,59,70},17('up', because of its jumping)}: frog (蛙)
{{45,59,70},18('down', because its sinking custom): salamander (サンショウウオ)

Making a picture of the meaning (no relation to water specially) (水とは特に関係なく、象形文字の部分として)

{02,59}: (shaping a typical kind of leaf) leaf (葉)
{03(line shaped),{02,59}(leaf)} : a needle leaf (針葉)
{{14,66}(stem),59( for the shape)}: bulb (球根)
{59,66(plant)}( the shape of a kernel of wheat): wheat (小麦)
{{59,66}(wheat .16(powder)}: wheat flour (小麦粉)
{{59,66}(wheat),50(goods)}: wheat product (麦製品)
{{16,59,66}(wheat flour),03( line shaped ),50}: noodle (ready to eat) (麺類)
{{16,59,66}(wheat flour),50}: bread (パン)

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