This 180 degree turned shape of (?) symbolizes a possible situation. (可能なことを表して?の逆転した記号)
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the hand-shape-sign:
the shape of #57 hand holds down 90 degree, with curled index inward
the hand-movement-sign:
draw the base shape in one stroke starting from the top (記号の形を上から書く)

name: [ka] ca sound of card ( カ )

$ (the same as made of a straight line and a curved line)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): possible (可能な)


: become possible (可能になる)
: make (something or someone) possible (可能にする)
{gd,58}: can be/do ...(~できる/~になれる)

main images in base overlays:

As the up-side down shape of 57), related to:
1) being possible/possibility (可能な状態や可能性にかかわる)
2) Because of 1), related to adult/mature (大人に関連)
3) hanging (by the hook shape) (記号の形から、つるす意味にかかわる)

examples of base overlay:

Related to possible/possibility (可能・可能性にかかわって)

{09(intangible matter),58}: a thing which is possible (できること)
{05( not ),58}: impossible (不可能)
{58 of 04(minus)}: loss in possibility (可能性の減少)
{19(in),58(possibility)}: potential (潜在的な可能性)
{58,07(much)}: much possibility, probably (可能性大)
{58,08(less)}: little possibility, perhaps (可能性少)
{11(limited),58}: limited possibility (限られた可能性)
{23 change, 58}: variable (可変性)
{58( possible ),46}: ability (to work for) (機能能力)
{58,46,08}: disability, disabled ((心身の)障害)
{58,46,08,65person}: disabled person/people (身障者)
{61(forward),58}: easy to do (容易)
{62(backward),58}: hard to do (困難)
{58,51(power)}: ability, faculty (能力)
{04(reduce) of 58,51}: declining of ability/decline one's ability (v. with #gd) (能力低下)
{25(add) 58,51}: reinforthment of ability/reinforth one's ability (v. with #gd) (能力増強)
{11(limit) of 58,51}: one's best (できる限り)
{{37(natural ),49(quality)}(nature) of 58}: talent/natural ability (才能)
{58( possibility ),14(way),24(firm)}: right (to do as law) (権利)
{55(ask) for 58}: to ask a permission (許可を求める)
{47(receive) of 58}: permission (許可)

* {61,47}('foot' as the shape) has similar shape,
so be careful about the length of the center lines between both characters.

{58(possible),30( indication)}: license/license(免許)
{58(possible),{11(limited),24(firm)}(particular)}: patent (特許)
{58,15 recognition,30)}: approval (承認)
{35(continue),58}: sustainable (持続可能)
{26(piled),58(able): stackable (積み重ね可能)
{41(move),58}: movable (動ける)
{59(water),58}: okay with wet (水濡れ可)
{15(recognition),58(possible)}: recognizable (認識可能)
{05(not){15,58}}: unrecognizable (認識不可能)
{16(divided) is 58}: divisible (割り切れる)
{05(denied),16,58}: indivisible (割り切れない)
{{33,32}(numeral), {05,16, 58}}: relatively-prime-number (素数)
{14(way) of 58}: possible way (可能な方法)
{58,68(heart)}: confidence (自信)
{58( possible to do for ones own life),67}: adult/ become an adult (with #gd)/
make someone grow up (with #ge) (大人;D動詞で成人する)
{57,58,67}: life time between child and adult (大人と子どもの境目の時期)
{{66,67}(fluit),{58,(67}}: ripen (熟した)
{{58,67}, 53(condition)}: mature

Related to hanging by the hook shape

{18,58}: hanging down, hang down (v. with gd ) (吊り下げ)
{17,58}: hanging up, hang up (vt. with gd) (吊り上げ)
{58,50(tool)}: hanger (ハンガー)
{{21,36,39}(fish by the shape),58}: fishing, (vt. with ge) (釣り、E動詞:釣る)

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