This spiral shape looks shrinking rolling up to the center or looks like a vine of plant twining to the heading direction.
( 進行方向へくるまる/からまる形の螺旋形
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the hand-shape-sign:
roll the index finger stopping by thumb, making the base shape;
other fingers are naturally curved down, as rolling/winding up to the center direction
of the signer's body. Which hand is all right, but be sure always curve down inward.

the hand-movement-sign:
start from the outer edge to draw the base shape, and whirl in gradually narrower
with the other signed hand (重ね相手の手で、外から内へ巻き込む形を書く)

name: (boo sound of book) ( ブ )

ASCII: G (similar looking)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): rolled situation (巻いた状態)


vi. be rolled: the subject coils (巻いた状態になる)
vt. roll/coil (make something in a rolled situation) (何かを巻く)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to rolled situation (巻いた状態に関係)
2) Related to a closed situation as the opposite shape of #44(opened) (閉じた状態に関係)
3) Relate to involving/twining/twisting/clinging/tying (巻き込む、からむ、くっつくことに関係)
4) To form a fundamental picture-like character (象形基礎文字を構成)

examples of base overlay:

Related to rolled situation (巻いた状態に関係):

{05(not),43}: unrolled situation, unroll (vi. with gd, vt. with ge) (巻いた状態から引き伸ばす)
{06(opposite) of 43) : anti-roll (巻かない・転がらない)
{17(up),43}: winding up, wind up (v. with #gd) (巻き上げ)
{18(down),43}: winding down, wind down (v. with #gd) (巻き下ろす(伸ばす))
{43,28(sheet)}: scroll (巻物)
{31(shape),43(rolled)}: shape of whirl/swirl (渦巻き形)
{{70,42}(wind),43}: whirlwind, tornado (竜巻)
{42(wave),43}: whirlpool (渦)
{{67(life),24(hard ),41(move)}(shellfish),43}: (巻貝・かたつむり)
{24(part of 'metal'),43, 50(tool)}: coil (n.) (コイル)
{43,68}(rolled up heart with a fear) : a fear, be afraid of (v. with gd) (恐れ)
{43,68,64(very much/violent)}: extreme terror (恐怖)

Related to a closed situation as the opposite shape of #44(opened) (閉じた状態に関係)

{11(limited),43}: restraint (n.)/ restraint (vt. with ge) (拘束)
{43,30(computer indication)}: to close file (ファイルを閉じる)
{48(cover),43}: be packed (v. with gd), pack (vt. with #ge) (梱包)
{43,53(situation)}: closed situation (閉鎖的)
{43,53,68(heart)}: closed heart (閉ざした心)
{43(closed in this case),34}: private (私的な)
{43(closed),39(senses)}:  a sleep, sleep (vi. with gd)(眠り)
`pGj ` sleepy, be sleepy (gd-55)(眠い)
`pGld `bed {sleeping place thing}

{43,44(opened)}: a spring (as a system/thing with rolling up and open/spread),
bounce/bound( vi, with gd, vt. with ge) (ばね、はずむ)
{41(move),43,44}: jump (vi, with gd, vt with ge) (跳躍)

Relate to involving/twining/twisting/clinging/tying (巻き込む、からむ、くっつくことに関係):

{19,43(rolled)}: involved, involve (vt. with ge) (D動詞:巻き込まれる、E動詞:巻き込む)
{35(infinite),43}: black hole (ブラックホール)
or gd{06,60,43}: {a falsehood involves (43) }: deceive (だます)
{12,43(clinging)}: tangled (もつれ)
{27(plural),43}: twined, twine( vt. with gd ) (縒り合わさった)
{24(stable),43}: tied, tie( vt. with ge) (結んだ)
{59(liquid),43,20(out)}: squeezed, squeeze out (vt. with ge) (搾)
{26(piled),43}: wringed/pressed, wring (vt. with ge) (絞る)
{43,38(made)}: wrenched/twisted, wrench/twist ( vi. with gd, vt. with ge) (ねじった)
{43,38,50(tool)}: screw (ねじ)
{43,38,{46,50}(tool)}: screwdriver (ねじ回し)
{45(relation),43}: twine, wind (vi. with gd, vt. with ge) (からむ)
{05(denied),{45,43}}: unstuck (vt. with ge) (引き剥がす)
{43,49(nature/quality)}: adhesive, gummy (粘着性)
{06(opposite),{43,49}}: anti-adherent (粘らせない)
{43,{49,68}}: adhesive personality (粘着質の性格)
{54(existence),43}: bond, fetter (しがらみ)
{43,66(plant)} (also this is a picture-like character): vine kind of plant like ivy (蔦など)
{{43,66},{37,(66)}(tree),{(66),67}(fruit)}: grapes (ぶどう)
{{43,66},{14,(66)}(stem)}: vine (as the part) (蔓)
{28,45,43(clasp, twined)}: glued, glue (vt. with ge) (接着)
{28,45,43,50(material)}: glue (接着剤)

To form a fundamental picture-like character (象形基礎文字を構成)

{02,43}: (the shape of a needle with a thread): (any kind of) needle (針)
{03(a long thing),43}: thread , spin, make something into thread (vt. with ge) (糸)
{{03,43},21(go)}: {thread is #21(going to improve) the job}: sewing, stitching (縫)
{{03,43(also with the meaning of 'twisted )}, 28 sheet)}: knitting, knit (v. with ge) (編物、編む)

{43(rolled),41(move)}(visually also): reptiles; creep (with gd) (爬虫類・D動詞:這う)
{43,41,03(long line shaped)}: snake (ヘビ)
{43,41,69(for the ellipse body shape)}: turtle/tortoise (亀)
{43,41,{48,51}(legs)}: lizard (トカゲ)
{43,41,48,51,42(flowing water)}: crocodiles/alligators (ワニ)
{43,41,48,51,64(violent)}: dinosaur (恐竜)
{17up,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling up, creep up (vi. with gd) (D動詞:よじ登る)
{18down,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawl down/ creep down (vi. with gd) (D動詞:這い下りる)
{19in,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling in, creep in (vi. with gd) (這い入る)
{20out,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling out, creep out (vi. with gd) (D動詞:這い出る)
{62back,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling back, crawl back (vi. with gd) (這ってあとすざリ)

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