The one cycle wave shape by the combination of two half circles of a half frame diameters. (波形記号)
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the hand-shape-sign:
naturally shake the horizontally extended hand; the speed and the size of wave is
according to the matter. (平らにのべた手を波打たせる。速さは内容による)
the hand-movement-sign:
draw the base shape from whichever side with the other signed hand

name: mi sound of middle ( ミ )

s (the similar shape and lower than 41)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): wave, waving situation (波、波立つ状態)


vi. wave ...the subject shape(s) or move(s) wave likely (波立つ)
vt. wave (make something in a waving situation) (波立たせる)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to wave; wave kind movement/shape/flowing/psychological sway
2) Related to sound, which wave is recognized by ear (symbolized by #36)
3) To form a fundamental picture-like character without meaning wave

examples of base overlay:

Related to 'wave, wave kind movement/flowing/psychological sway' (波、流れ、ゆれにかかわって)

{04(reduce),42}: quiet, become quiet (with gd) (静か)
{05(no),42}: stillness (not only about sound, but also movement) (静)
{42( flow ),50}: fluid (n.) (流体)
{07,42(wave)}: (a) big wave (大波、うねり)
{{07,03}(long ),42}: long wave (長波)
{08,03}(short )42(wave)}: short wave (短波)
{{11,13}(thickness),42}: amplitude of vibration (振幅)
{42,13}(constant up and down): normal (正常な)
{{42,13},05(not)}: abnormal (異常な)
{42, 64(violent)}: turbulent (乱れた、乱流)
{10(place),42(always have some wave)}: the sea, ocean (海)
{10,42,11(end)}: (the edge of the sea): beach(浜)
{10,42, 48surrounded}: bay (湾)
{{10,42}(ocean),03(length),32(unit)}: nautical [sea] mile (M./nm. 海里)
{{33,39,47}(taste), 42(wave/a part of 'ocean')}: salty, saltiness (塩からみ、塩からい)
{47(container to carry) on 42}: boat/ship (船・舟)
{10,42,{41,42}shake,64violence}: tsunami (津波)
{70(space/air),42}: wind (風)
{70,42,63(gentle)}: breeze (そよかぜ)
{70,42,64(violent)}: windstorm (暴風)
{70,42,43(rolled/twined)}: tornado (竜巻)
{{15,34,47}(meanings),42(flowing)}: a story (物語)
{42,59}: flowing/stream (流れ)
{10,{42,59}}: river (河川)
{42,21(go)}: flowing situation, flow (vi. with gd) (流れ、D動詞:流れる)
{24(stable shape),42(flowing)} (also the total shape is like an island: island (象形でもあり「島」)
{42,66(plant)}(the shape of plant in a wave of water): algae (藻)
{42,{23,66}(grass as a picture-like character)}: water grass (水草)
{42(flowing),17}: the upper stream, upstream (上流)
{42(flowing),18}: down stream (下流)
{42(wave),44(spread)}: ripple effect, arouse sensation (v. with gd) (波紋・波及)
{45(relation),42}: influence (影響)
{41(move),42}: shaking, shake( vi. with gd/vt. with ge) (ゆれ、震え)
{{10,24}(land),{41,42}(shaking)}: earthquake (地震)
{{23,33}(color) 42(wave)}: (a) hue (tint) (42 is used because differences of hues are depended on the wave length of the basic color spectrum) (色合い)
{12,42(wave),26}: interfere (vi. with gd) (波の干渉)
{40(balance), 42(wave), 26}: symphonic(協和)
{{34,37}(brain), 42(wave)}: brain waves (脳波)
{38,42}: artificial wave (人工波)
{28(surface),42(waved shape)}: wrinkle, rumpled (しわ、くしゃくしゃになった)
{42(wave),68} = the heart waving up... surprise( n.),
surprised, be surprised (vi. with gd), surprise (vt. with ge)(驚き、D動詞:驚く)
{42,64,68}(strong shock in one's heart): frightened, be frightened (vi. with gd)(脅え、D動詞:脅える、E動詞:脅す)

Related to sound as a kind of wave (音にかかわって)

: {36( time/ear shape),42}: sound (a sort of wave recognized by 'ear' and with 'time') (音)
{36,42}(sound){56(action),44(opened)}(entertainment): music, musical (音楽)
{36,42,40(balance),44} might also be usable as a single base overlay expression for 'music'.
{{36,42}(sound),26(compounded)}: composite sound (複合音)
{{36,42}sound, 49quarity}: timbre/tune (音質)
{{36,42}sound, 07much}: loud/high volume sound (大音量)
{{36,42}sound, 08less}: low volume sound (小音量)
{{36,42}sound, {07,08} degree/level}: sound-volume (音量)
{{36,42}sound, 64shocking}: roar (轟音)
{{36,42}sound, 63weak/gentle}: soft-sounded (弱音)
{{36,42}sound, 17upper}: high tune (高音)
{{36,42}sound, 18lower}: low tune (低音)
{{36,42}sound, {17,18}}: the pitch of sound (音の高さ)
{{36,42}sound, {10,13}level}: musical scale (音階) 
{{33,36}(frequency)),42}: rhythm (リズム)
{42,{33,36}(frequency),32(unit)}: audio frequency, (Hz) (周波数)
{05(no),36,42}: silent, be silent (vi, with gd), stop a sound,
or make someone or something quiet (vt. with ge) (無音・止音)
{03,14,{36,42}(sounds)}: telephone line (電話線)
{{36,42}(sound),50(instrument)}: musical instrument (楽器)
{28,64}(stretched surface){36,42,50}: drum (太鼓)
{36,42,40balance,44opened}: music (音楽)
{{36,42},{44,56} performance}: playing music (演奏)
{{36,42},{44,56},65 occupation}: musician (音楽(演奏)家)

The followings are related to : sound too, but #36 is missed (#36省略で音に関係)

{{ {12,34}(electricity), {37,70}(sky),42(a part of 'sound')}: thunder (雷鳴)
{{04,39}mouth,42sound}: voice, making any kind of voice including speaking,
crying, barking, mewing and singing (vi. with #gd) (声・鳴)
{voice, large}: loud voice; as the verb with : cry (from internal emotion)
{{04,39,42}(voice),20(out }: utterance, utter (with gd) 発声
{{04,39,42}(voice ),21(go/to)}: calling, call (v. with gd) making voice to particular someone
{{15(recognition),33}(language),42}: vocal language (音声の「ことば」)
{33,15,42,21(go)}: speaking/talk (v. with gd) (話、D動詞:しゃべる)
*for only making voice: {{04,39,42}( voice ),20( out )} or {{04,39,42}(voice ),21go}
{15,33,42,20(out)}: vocal language out, speak out (v. with gd) (話すこと、D動詞:話す)
{ +65person}: announcer
{15,33,42, 56 action}: speech (講義・講演)
{15,33,42} speech,14(going through)}: conversation (会話)
{+ 46 a part of machine}: phone-call /telephone (電話)
{33,15,42,44,66}: a joke, joke (v. with gd) (冗談) * means 'laugh' (笑い)
{33,15,42,44(entertain)}: song with words, sing the kind of song (v. with gd) (歌)
{15,33,42}(spoken language){56,44}: reading/recitation/speaking entertainment (語り・朗読)

To form a fundamental picture-like character without meaning wave

{37(nature),42: cloud (as the fundamental character) (雲)
{37,42,70}(clouds in the sky(37,70} ): cloudy (曇り)
{08(less),{37,42,70}}: little cloudy (薄曇り)
{05(denied),{37,42}}: (the weather) become fine (clouds go away) (vi. with gd) (雲がなくなる)
{37,42,59,64,70}(combination of rain, wind, cloud and violent): gale, rainstorm (暴風雨)
(a picture-like symbol): the Galaxy (銀河)

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