The combination of two half circles of a half frame diameter. It looks like moving or shaking
( 動きを感じさせる縦の波形記号
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the hand-shape-sign: shake the naturally standing hand;
the speed and the size of wave is depending on the matter (立てた手をゆらす)

the hand-movement-sign: drawing from which side is also depending on the matter.

name: [me] me sound of member ( メ )

S (the similar shape and taller than 42)

phonetic value: (Function): the diacritic for trill or shaking (重ねた音をその器官を使ってゆする)

definition (single): movement (動き)


vi. move... ( the subject ) move (動く)
vt. move, let( something or someone ) move (動かす)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to movement (動きにかかわって)
2) Related to things or creatures, which move (動くもの)

examples of base overlay:

Related to movement (動きにかかわって)

{05(denied),41}: standstill, stop to move (vi. with gd, and vt. with ge) (静止)
{04(reduce),41}: calm, calm down (with gd) (動きが静まる)
{21(heading), 41}: go( the subject physically move to an intended direction) (vi. with gd ) (行く)
{67life, }: journey (旅)
{22(original direction),41}: return (戻る)
{21,22,41}(go + back): round-trip (往復)
{03(line),41}: track/locus (軌跡)
{17(upward),41}: go up, climb (D動詞:登る)
{17,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling up, creep up (vi. with gd) (D動詞:よじ登る)
{18(downward),41}: go down/ climb down (くだる、下降する)
{18,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawl down/ creep down (vi. with #gd) (D動詞:這い下りる)
{19(inward),41}: moving in (vi. with gd) (引っ越してくる)
{19,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling in, creep in (vi. with #gd) (這い入る)
{20(outward),41}: moving out (vi. with gd) (D動詞:引っ越して出る)
{20,{41,43}(reptile )}: crawling out, creep out (vi. with gd) (D動詞:這い出る)
{61(forward),41}: move/go ahead (vi. with gd) (前進)
{61,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling ahead, crawl ahead (vi. with #gd) (前に這う状態)
{62(backward),41}: move/go backward (vi. with gd) (あとすざり)
{21,62} facing back to 41 move}: move facing back (後ろ向きながら動く)
{62,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling back, crawl back( vi. with gd) (這ってあとすざリ)
{70(space),41}: floating situation/ float (vi. with #gd) (漂う状態)
{42(wave),41}: shake/tremble (ふるえ)
{07(large),41} : (a) large movement (大動)
{08(small),41} : (a) small movement (小さな動き)
{41,{24,31}(solid)}: flexible like a rubber (柔軟)
{41,12(friction)}: rough-motion (動きがぎくしゃく)
{31(form),41}: motion, gesture (動作)
{41,{38,40}(design)}: choreography (振り付け)
{41,{56(action),44(open)}(entertainment)}: dance, dance (vi. with gd) (ダンス)
{41,56(action)}: sport, athletics, (physical) exercise (運動)
{41,56,65(person): athlete (スポーツ家)
{41(movement),44(to spread)}: campaign/movement (as 'for world peace') (運動・活動)
65(person),56,44}: campaigner/ activist (活動家)
{33(circle),41}: (a) turn, turn round (vi. with #gd), turn, spin (vt. with ge) (回転、D動詞:回る、E動詞:回す)
{33,41,64very/violently}: fast spinning (急回転)
{{34,38}(artificial value),{33,41}(turning around)} : (modern) economy (近代経済)
{{34,68}(value),{33,41}} might be used for 'ancient economy' (昔の経済)
{, teeth}: gear (歯車)
{{37,70}(sky),41}: movement of weather (空模様)
{68(heart),41(move)}: emotion, impression (感動、D動詞:感動する)
{17,{41,68}}: stirred up/ excitement, excite (vi. with gd) (興奮)
{18(down),{41,68}}: worry (心配)
{19,{41,68}}: deep impression, be impressed (vi. with gd), impress ( vt. with ge) (印象)
{20,{41,68}}: expression of emotion, express (vi. with gd)(感情表現)
{61( front ),{41,68}}: be attracted (vi. with gd) attract ( with ge) (D動詞:心引かれる)
{62,{41,68}}: keeping emotion behind, hiding one's emotion (感情を隠した)
{41),39(sense)}: the sense of movement/motion (運動感覚)
{06(opposite),39,41(move)} (reaction from senses): reflex (反応)
{70space,41 move,39sense}: psychedelic (幻覚、幻覚的な)

Related to things or creatures, which moves (動くもの)

{41,66(plant)} (because of animal-like and plant-like things): protists (動物と植物の中間的な原始的生物)
{41,67(life)}: animal (動物)
{41,67,02(single cell)}: protozoan (原生動物・単細胞動物)
{{41(move),67(life)}(animal),29}: nitrogen (窒素)
{{41,67},24( shell as {24,67} )}: clams (bivalves shell-fish) (貝)
{{41,67,24},43(rolled)}: snails (巻貝・カタツムリ)
{15,{41(move),67(life)}(animal)}: mammal (哺乳動物)
{38,{15,41,67}(mammals)}: domestic mammals (家畜)
{15,41,{33,67}(egg)}: egg- laying mammals
{47(pocket shaped container),15,41,67}: pouched mammals (有袋類)
{07(large),15,41,67}: elephants (象)
{07, 42(as ocean),15,41,67}: whales (鯨)
{41,67,65(human)}: primates (the mammal family which mankind belongs to) (霊長類)
{15,41,67,{51,48}(leg)}: horses (馬)
{13,15,65{41,67}(animal)} monkeys (サル)
See more mammals (哺乳類) and primate (霊長類)
{23,41(move),70(air)}(a wings opened bird shape): bird (鳥)
{ + 42(wave)}: water bird (水鳥)
{ + {48,51}(leg)}: ostrich (ダチョウ)
{ + 64(violent)}: bird of prey (猛禽)
{43(rolled),41} (visually also): reptiles; creep (with gd) (爬虫類・D動詞:這う)
{43,41,03(long line shaped)}: snake (ヘビ)
{43,41,69(for the ellipse body shape)}: turtle/ tortoise (亀)
{43,41,{48,51}(legs)}: lizard (トカゲ)
{{43,41,48,51},42(flowing water)}: crocodiles/alligators (ワニ)
{{43,41,48,51},64(violent)}: dinosaur (恐竜)

{41,14(way)}: transport (交通)
{{10,14}(road),41(move)}: moving road (動路)
{{{10,13}(level),14}(stair),41}: escalator (エスカレーター)
{41,47(container)}: vehicle, car (乗り物、車)
{{10,14{,{41,47}car}: roadway (車道)
{{41,47},07(large)}: larger car as a bus (大型車)
{{41,47},08(small)}: smaller car (小型車)
{place for car}: parking/garage
{{47,41}viacle, 19,20(in-out), 10place}: bus/train station (駅)
{41,47,19in}: boarding/riding, get on/take (a vehicle) (v. with gd) (乗車)
{41,47,20out}: getting off/alight (v. with gd) (下車)
{41,47,44open to others}: taxi
{14rails-shape,{41,47}vircle}: train (レールを走る乗り物)
{02(one),14 in this case, the rails shape, {41,47}viacle}: monorail-car
{41,48(cover)}(only cover is moving but no reality): ghost (幽霊)
{{15,31,28}(picture),41}: moving picture; movie (映画)
{15,31,50(three dimension body),41}: 3-D movie (3ーD映画)

As a part of a picture-like symbol
(a picture-like symbol): the Galaxy (銀河)

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