This shape is the combination of two symmetrically standing arcs; shaping  a spinning top balancing by the movement.
Thinner than , because of easiness for distinguishing it in the C-cs with or .
( コマが回転することによって立つ均衡を表す記号。 などと重ねたときにも見分けられるよう、 よりも薄い)
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the hand-shape-sign: make the base shape with the index and
the middle fingers vertically extended from the fist (人差し指と中指で記号を象る)

the hand-movement-sign: draw the base shape from upper point with the other signed hand,
stopping the movement at the bottom edge clearly (上下で動きを止めて円と区別する)

name: [bo] bo sound of boat ( ボ )

ASCII: P (as the partner base of )

phonetic value: [ b ] (voiced bilabial plosive) (両唇有声破裂音)

definition (single):

balance, proportion (つりあい、均衡)
This shape symbolizes a spinning top: it's balancing well by its movement.


vi. balance (つりあう)
vt. balance, adjust, make (something or someone) in balance (つりあわす)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to balancing/adjusting (調整することにかかわって)
2) Related to harmony/beauty (調和や美に関係して)
3) To form a picture-like fundamental character (象形文字)

examples of base overlay:

Related to 'balancing' (バランスにかかわって)

{01(point),40}: the center of gravity (重心)
{04(minus),40}: lose balance (v. with #gd) dangerous (均衡を失う)
{51(power ,40}: equilibrium (力の平衡)
{05(denied),40}: unbalanced (不均衡)
{07(much),40}: steady as balance (安定的)
{08(less),40}(difficulty of balance): risky (危険)
{07,08}(degree),40(balance)} : degree of stability (安定度)
{08,40,56(action): adventure (冒険)
{40,39(sense)}: the sense of equilibrium (平衡感覚)
{33(rate, proportion), 40}: proper (適度、適切)
{09( intangible matter),40}: mediation (調停)
{09,40,21(go)}: managing
{09,40,21(go),56(occupation)}: manager
{10(place),40}: arrangement, putting in order (整頓)
{40,24(certain)}: order (秩序)
{13(equal/even),40}: average( n.), average (vt. with ge) (平均)
{21(heading),40}: adjustment, regulation, adjust (v. with gd) (調節)
{{01,19}(self),40}: automatically controlled (自動調整)
{{10,56} social, {24,40} rule/order: government, administrative (行政)
{, 09 matter}: politics (政治)
{45(relation),40}: negotiation, treaty, negotiate (v. with gd) (交渉)
{61(forward),40}: control (支配、采配)

Related to harmony/beauty:
{40,60(true)}: beauty (as a fundamental character) (美)
{40,60,14(way)}: art
{06(opposite) of {40,60}}: ugly (醜)
{40,38(creation)}: a design, designed, design (vt. with ge) (デザイン)
{28,{38,40}(design)}: layout
{41(movement),{38,40}(design)}: choreography (振り付け)
{{47(tongue shape),39(sense),33}(taste), 40(balanced)}: delicious for any kinds (おいしい)
{40(balance),44}: harmony, harmonize (v. with gd) (調和)
{{40(balance),44}(harmony) 0f 42(a part of 'sound')}: symphonic (協和・協奏)
{37(nature),40}: natural regulation (自然の秩序)
{35(continuous/infinite),40}: peace (平和)
{33(global),40,35(continue)}: hello, hi! (as a fundamental character, wishing global peace)
{40,68(heart)}: mind health (心の健康)
`{05(denied){40,68}}: unbalanced (unstable) mind (心が不健康)
{06(reverse){40,68}}: madness, lunacy, insane (狂った)
{67(life),40}: health (健康)
{67,40,25(plus)}: healthy (元気)
{67,40,04(minus)}: ill, sick (病気)
{40,29(material/element)}: hormone (ホルモン)

No relation to 'balance'; to form a picture-like fundamental character (象形文字)

{02,40}(shaping an axle of spin from the side):
an axle, an axis, a spindle or any kind of central supporter of total movement (軸)
{40,66(plant)}(looking like the seed): rice (米)
{{40,66},16(powder)}: rice powder (米粉)
{40,66,{40,34}(seed)}: crops (穀類)
{40,45,66}: (looking like a insect): insect (wider meaning than Insecta) (虫: 昆虫綱より広い概念の設定)
or grass: Orthoptera/grasshopper (バッタ目(直翅目)、バッタ・イナゴ類)
or tree: Cicadoidea/cicada (セミ科セミ)
Here are many varied insect symbols with some illustrations.

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