The shape is the combination of two symmetrical arcs, symbolizing a sensitively movable shape.
Both edges touch at the middle high positions of the left and the right side of the frame.
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the hand-shape-sign: making the base shape with the index and middle fingers,
extended from a fist (中指と人差し指で記号を象る)
the hand-movement-sign: draw the base shape with the other signed hand,
stopping to move a moment at the both edge (円と区別しやすいよう両端で動きを一時停止)

name: [pi] pi sound of pick ( ピ )

ASCII: p (the same phonetic function)

phonetic value: [ p ] (voiceless bilabial plosive)

definition {single): sense, feeling (感覚)


vi. feel (感じる)
vt. make (someone) feel (感じさせる)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to sense and sensitivity (感覚・感受性にかかわって)
2) Related to various emotions and feelings (いろんな感情)
3) Relating to Taste (舌の形と組んで「味」にかかわって)
4) Related to ear/listening (耳の形と組んで「耳・聴」にかかわって)
5) Related to the sense of smell (鼻の形との組み合わせで「匂い」にかかわって)
6) Related to the sense of touch (触覚にかかわって)
7) Related to eye/sight (目に関係)
8) By the compounded shape, related to mouth (「口」の象形)
9) By the compounded shape, related to fish (魚の象形)
10) For other picture-like characters (その他の象形文字)

examples of base overlay:

Related to sense and sensitivity (感覚・感受性にかかわって)

{01(point),39}: point of any kind of sense (感覚点)
{15(recognition),39(feeling)}: perception (知覚) notice (v. with gd) (動詞符とともで:気づく)
`p;j ``pGj `{15,39}, 55 request}: call (for someone's attention) (呼びかけ)
{07(much),39} sharp(ly), keen (鋭敏)
{08(less),39}: dull (for the sense) (鈍感)
{39,63(restrained)}: soothed (落ち着く状態)
{39,64(violent}: shocking, shocked (感覚に衝撃的・刺激)
{38(human made thing), 39}: artificial sensor (人工のセンサー)
{40(balance),39}: the sense of equilibrium (平衡感覚)
`PZp `: dizzy, feel dizzy (vi. with gd) (めまい)
{39,44(opened)}: awoken, awake (vi. with gd, vt. with ge) (醒)
{05(denied),{39,44}(awaking)}: unawake
{{03,05}(cut),39}: {feeling(39) of getting a cut on the surface}: sharp pain (傷つく痛さ)
{{05,16}(cut down),39}}: a severe, an intense pain (断腸の痛み)
{05(denied),39}: numbness, be paralyzed (vi. with gd) (まひ)
{06(opposed),39}: anesthesia (麻酔)
{43(closed),39}:  a sleep, sleep (vi. with gd)(眠り)
`pGj ` sleepy, be sleepy (gd-55)(眠い)
`pGld `bed {sleeping place thing}
{12(friction), ,39(feeling)}: irritate (いらいら)
{{12,39},27(plural): annoying (うるさい)
{41(movement),39}: the sense of movement/motion (運動感覚)
{06(opposite),39,41(move)}: reflex action(反射運動)
{39,45(relation),03(line)}: nerve (神経)
{39,46(function, tool)}: the organ of sense (感覚器官)
{67(life),39}: the sense of life/living (生命感)
{39,49(quality)}: sensitivity (感受性)
{39,49(quality),07(much)}: sensitive, susceptible (感受性が高い)
{17(up),39,49}: elegance, grace (上品)
{18(below),39,49}: vulgar (下品)
{65(human).39}: humane, humanly (人間的)
{70(space),39}: the sense of space (空間感)
{{17(upward),70}(float).39}: the sense of floating (浮遊感)
{70,41 move,39}: psychedelic (幻覚、幻覚的な)
{09,39(sensor)15(recognition)}: (the matter recognized through sensors): image (イメージ)

Related to various emotions and feelings (いろんな感情)
*The three basic emotions {happy, anger, and fear} have each shortened form
with but without . (3大感情の喜び・怒り・おびえには、抜きでより単純な記号を当てています。)

{39(sense),68(heart)}: emotion, feelings (感情)
{25(plus){39,68}}(the feeling which works subjectively to the 'plus' direction):
fondness, like (v. with {gd,53}) (好き)
{04(minus),(39,68}}: an antipathy, dislike(嫌い)
{44(opened),(39,68}}: pleasant, merrily, enjoy or take pleasure (v. with gd), entertain (vt. with ge) (楽しい)
{59(water, wet),{39,68}}: sentimental (オセンチな)
{{59,39,34}tear,{39,68}}: sorrow, sad, be sad (vi. with gd), make (someone) feel sorrow (v. with ge) (悲しい)
{57(question),{39,68}}(unclear what one feels): blank surprise, be stupefied (v. with #gd) (呆然)
{64(violent),{39,68}}: a violent emotion, carry away by a stroke of passion (v. with #gd) (激情)
{{01,64}(emphasized),{39,68}}: emphasize one's emotion (v. with gd) (感情の強調)
{{01,63}(restrained),{39,68}}: restrained emotion, or the situation, restrain one's emotion (v. with gd) (感情制御)
{{34,39}(eyes),17(up),68(heart)}: looking-up-heart: respect (n. and v. with gd) (尊敬)
{{34,39}(eyes),18(down),68(heart)}: disdain, scorn, looking down on (v. with gd) (軽蔑、見下す)
{14(getting through),{39,68}} (feelings getting through between): friendship (友情)

Relating to Taste(舌の形と組んで「味」にかかわって)

{39(mouth shape),47(tongue shape)}: tongue (舌)
`upc (the main function of the tongue): the sense of taste (n.) (味覚)
{33(abstract symbol),{39,47}(tongue)}: taste (n.) (味)
{{33,39,47},44(spread/pleasant)}: sweet, sweetness (甘み、甘い)
{{33,39,47},42(wave/a part of 'ocean')}: salty, saltiness (塩からみ、塩からい)
{{33,39,47},64(violent)}: hot spicy (辛み、辛い)
{{33,39,47},20(out)}: bitter, bitterness
(because you want to spit 'out' when you feel this strong taste) (苦み、にがい)
{{33,39,47},17(up)}: sour, acid
(Don't you feel your tongue go 'up' to touch to the ceiling of the mouth, when you taste acid?) (酸味、すっぱい)
{{33,39,47},43(close/clung)}: astringent taste (you feel your tongue clung and shrunk, don't you?) (渋味、渋い)
{{33,39,47},40(balanced)}: delicious for any kinds (おいしい)
{{33,39,47},67(life/a part of animal)}: protein kind of taste (うまみ、うまい)
{{33,39,47},18(down)}: no English word for this taste (Egui in Japanese): a kind of toxic taste
like a green part of potato: it's not bitter, sour, hotter astringent, but perhaps your tongue
wants to hang 'down' from your mouth.(えぐみ、えぐい)
{{33,39,47},07(much)}: thick taste/tasteful (濃い味)
{{33,39,47},08(less)}: thin taste/tasteless (薄味)

Related to ear/listening (耳の形と組んで「耳・聴」にかかわって)

{36(the shape of a human ear, also #36 means 'time', which is necessary for a sound),39(sense)}:
ears, hear (v. with gd), is heard (with the passive gd), let someone hear (vt. with ge) (耳、聞く)
`Cpc (the main function of hearing) : the sense of hearing (聴覚)
{47accept,{36,39}ear}: hearing ('ears' catch), hear (v. with #gd), let (someone) hear (vt. with ge) (聞き取り)
{36,39,09affair}: auditory thing (聴くこと)
{ga, 21heading to}: listen to (with gd) (耳澄ます) * ga is needed to distinguish from "fish"
: {15(recognition),{36,39}ear}: listening to reason, listen to (with gd) (聴きわけ)
{{36,39},39 function}: auditory organ (聴覚器官)
{{36,39}ear, {(36),42}sound,28sheet}: tympanic membrane (鼓膜)
{{36,39}ear, 19in}: inner ear/the labyrinth (内耳)
{{36,39}ear, 20out}: external ear/the auricle (外耳:外から見える耳)
{{36,39}ear, 20,18under}: ear lobe/lobule (耳たぶ)
{{36,39},50goods}: earphone
{{36,39},46function,50goods}: aural aid (補聴器)
{{36,39},58 available}: audible (聴き取れる)
{{36,39},05not, 58}: inaudible (聴き取れない)
{{36,39},25 adding, 50 goods}: earrings
{{07,08},{36(ear shape),39(sense)}ear,46(function)}: (degree of) audition (聴力)
{{36,39}(ear),46function, 08less}: defective hearing (難聴)
{{36,39}(ear),46function, 05denied}: deaf (聾)
{{36,39}(ear),{44,(39),68}(enjoy),09(event)}: concert (to listen to) (コンサート)

Related to the sense of smell(鼻の形との組み合わせで「匂い」にかかわって)

{{31,66}(nose)39,}: the sense of smell, smell (v. with gd) (嗅覚、D動詞:匂いを感じる)
{{31,39,66},15(recognition)}: sniff(ing) at (嗅ぎわけ)

Related to the sense of skin (皮膚感覚にかかわって)

{28(surface),39}: the sense of skin (皮膚感覚)
`Hpx `{{28,45}touch, 39}: thwe sense of touch (触覚)
{laugh,39sense}} or {{15,33,44,66}{28(surface ,39(sense)}: ticklish (くすぐったい)
{12,{28(surface),39(sense)}}: itchiness, itchy situation (かゆみ)

Related to eye/sight (目に関係)

{34,39(sense)}(eye-shape): eye, see (v. with gd), look (with the passive gd), show (vt. with ge) (目)
`poc (the function of eyes): sense of sight, vision (視覚)
{{34,39},15(recognition)}: reading (recognition through eyes, read (v. with gd) (読)
{{34,39},55(want)}: seek, search, look for (v. with gd) (捜す状態)
{{34,39},21(heading)}: gaze (v. with gd) (見つめる )
`opw `{,`w indicate}: eye-sign such as wink
`opx `{,`x contact}: eye contact
`opU `{,`U cover}: eyelid (まぶた)
`opgG ` {, G close, g open}: blink (まばたき)
{{34,39},59(water)}: tear, weep (vi. with #gd) (涙、D動詞:泣く)
{{34,39}(eye){02,14}(hair (by the shape)): eyelash (まつげ)
(adding 17(above) on top of this character for 'eye-brow') (17をさらに重ねて「眉毛」)
{{34,39}(eye){46(function),50(thing)}(tool)}: glasses/eye tool (メガネ)
How about {{34,39}(ey ),40 balance),50 good)} for 'contact lenses'
{{07,08}(degree),{34,39}(eye),46(function)}: (degree of) eyesight (視力)
{38,{34,39}(eye)}: a camera, take a photograph
(v. with gd: as the meaning the camera of the subject of the verb works), camera (カメラ、D動詞:撮る)
{38,{34,39},31(shape)}: an artificial eye (only for looking) (義眼)
{09,{34,39}(eyes),44(opened)}: a show mainly for visual enjoyment (ショウ)
{{10,47}room},{34,39}(eye)}: window (窓)
{{34,39}eye,10place}: locations to see/vista-point

By the compounded shape, related to mouth (形から「口」にかかわって)

{04,39}: {04,39}(human mouth shape): mouth (口)
{04,39,48}: {48(cover) of mouth}: lips (唇)
{04,24,39}: {24(hard) mouth}: beaks (くちばし)
{{02,14}(hair),{04,39}(mouth),17(above)}: mustache (口の上の髭)
{{02,14}(hair),{04,39}(mouth),18(under)}: beard (あごひげ)
{{04,39},47}: {the mouth acceptance(47)}: action of eating, eat, bite (with gd) (食・口にする)
{04,39,59(liquid)}: saliva (唾液)
{04,28,39,45}: {mouth, touch{28,45}}: kiss
{{04,39}mouth,42sound}: voice, making any kind of voice including speaking, crying, barking, mewing and singing (vi. with gd)(声・鳴)
{voice, large}: loud voice; as the verb with : cry (from internal emotion)
{{04,39,42}(voice),20(out)}: utterance, utter (with gd) 発声
{{04,39,42}(voice),21(go/to)}: calling, call (v. with gd) making voice to particular someone
{torso, 62back, {04,39} mouth} or : anus/vent (肛門)

By the compounded shape, related to fish (魚の象形)

{21,31,36}: fish (as the fundamental character by the shape) (字の形から「魚」)
{38,{21,36,39}(fish)}: aqua-cultured fish (養殖魚)
{{02,14}(hair/straight lines),{21,36,39} fish}: fin (ひれ)
{{21,36,39}(fish),53}: swimming, swim (vi. with gd)} (泳ぐ状態)
{{21,36,39}(fish),58(hook shaped)}: fishing (釣り)
{{21,36,39}(fish),65(person)}: fisherman (漁師)

For other picture-like characters (その他の象形文字の構成要素として)

{33,39}: globe, sphere (by the total shape) (球)
{37,39}: dome (ドーム)
{39,66}(like a picture, also with the meaning of sensor): tentacle, sense through tentacles (v. with gd) (触角)
{38(human-made),{39,66}}: antenna (アンテナ)

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