The shape is the lower half of full size circle in the upper part of the frame;
This symbolizes the opened and raised arms against gravity to show a human power;
also this is upside-down of 37 (nature).
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the hand-shape-sign:
shaping the hand like holding up a ball (半球状の手を上に向ける)
the hand-movement-sign:
drawing a lower half circle with the other signed hand

name: [ve] ve sound of vent ( ヴェ )

ASCII: n (associating with 37)

phonetic value: [ v ] (voiced labiodental fricative)

definition (single): made, created


vi. be made, be accomplished (成る、つくられる)
vt. make, create (something) (つくる)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to creation of something (なにかの創造)
2) Some kinds of artificial thing/system (人工的なものや仕組みにかかわって)
3) Related to something grown by human (人に育てられるもの)
4) Related to creating/to make (作ることに関連)
5) To forms a picture like symbol as a part of it. (象形基礎文字を構成)

examples of base overlay:

Related to creation of something (なにかの創造)

{38 of 15(recognition)}: supposition, suppose (v. with gd) (推察)
{38 of 22(origin)}: invention, originated (発明、創立)
{38 of 09(intangible thing)}: achievement, be accomplished (vi. with gd), accomplish (vt. with ge) (成就)
{38,50(goods)}: products (生産物)
{{38,50},09(intangible thing)}: production (製造)
{09,27(repeating),{38,50}}: reproduction (再生産)
{38 of 24(settled condition)}: establishment, set up (vt. with ge) (設定・設立)
{38 of 15(recognition),44(spread)}: advertisement (宣伝)
{30(indication),38}: instruction, instruct (vt. with ge) (指導)
{45(relation), 38}: a contract, an agreement (契約)
{38 as 65(human)}: culture education, be educated (vi. with #gd), educate (vt. with ge) (教育)
{ + 10 place}: school (学校)
{ + 22basic}: elementally school (小学校)
{ + 17upper}: high-school (高校)
{ + 21go forward}: collage (単科大学)
{ +17upper }: collage for MA or above
{ + {02,25}united}: university (総合大学)
{02(one), 38}: unity, united, unify (vt. with ge) (統一)
{11(limit),38}: completion, complete (vt. with ge) (終了)
{20(out) of 11(limit),38}: graduation (卒業)
{07(much/large),38}: (artificial) enlargement (拡大)
{08(little/small),38}: (artificial) reduction (縮小)
{38,35(continuation)}: succession, inherited, inherit( vt. with ge) (相続)
{49(quality),17(up),38}: refinement, refined, refine (vt. with ge) (精錬)
{40(balance),38}: a design, designed, design (vt. with ge) (デザイン)
{41(movement),{38,40}(design)}: choreography (振り付け)
{28(plane),{38,40}(design)}: layout (レイアウト)
{68(heart),38}: fancy, fantasy (空想)
{53(situation), 38}: directed, direct (vt. with ge) (演出)
{56(action),38}: entertainment, entertain (vi. with gd) (演技)
{38,60fact}: tentative (仮)
{ + gc (preposition)} ... if (it's in) some condition, (仮に~(単語または文節)なら、)
{ + gc (preposition) + dl} (a sentence) : if (the sentence), (modifies the predicate of the sentence)
{ + 64(emphasis)}(a sentence) : even if ..., (仮に~でさえも) 
{23(changed), 38}: remodeling, reconstruction (改変)
{31(shape, form),38}: formed, be formed (with gd), form (vt. with ge) (成型)

Some kinds of artificial system/thing (人工的なものや仕組みにかかわって)

{38(artificial),{34,37}(brain)}: computer (コンピュータ)
{38, 39(sense): artificial sensor (センサー)
{38,48(cover)}: artificial environment (人工的な環境)
{10(place),65(human)}(society)38,47(container)}: city (市)
{34,38(artificial)}: manmade value (as a measurement): money (お金)
; this works as a fundamental character, compounding with others. (これを使った「重ね文字」)
{{34(value),38(artificial)}(money),32unit}: price/cost/adding the country code in front, dollar, yen, pond.. etc.
{{34,38}(artificial value),{33(circle),41(move)}turning around}: (modern) economy (近代経済)
; {{34,68},{33,41}} might be used for 'ancient economy' (昔の経済)
{{34,38}(money),19(in)} : revenue, income (収入)
{{34,38}(money),20(out)} : expenses, expend (with gd in front) (支出)
{{34,38}(money),28(sheet)} : a bank note or paper money (紙幣)
{{34,38},{24,29}metal}: coin
{{34,38}(money),22(origin)} : capital, funds (資本)
{{34,38}(money),21(heading)} : buy, use money (with gd) (買う)
{{34,38}(money),61(front)} : investment, invest (with gd) (投資)
{{34,38},13the same value,20out}: payment, pay (v. with gd) (支払い・支払う)
{{34,38,13,20},28} (paper for payment): check/cheque (小切手など)
{{34,38}(money),{46(function),10(plac )}( facility, establishment)}: bank (銀行)
{{34,38} money),47(accept or container),19(in),20(out)}: banking
{{34,38},47(container),19(in)} : saving (money), deposit (預金)
{{34,38},47(container),20(out)} : withdrawal (預金の引き出し)
{{34,38}, 08less}: small amount of money/change (小銭)
{{34,38}, 07much}: big amount of money (大金)

{38,65(human),46 function)}: robot (ロボット)
{38,65(hum),31 shape)}: mannequin (マネキン)
{51(power),38,{{46,64}(machine)}: motor (モーター)
{38,{37(nature),10 (place)}: garden (庭)
{38,57(wonder)}: a puzzle, (パズル)
{38,{34,39}(eye)}: a camera, take a photograph (v. with gd):
as the meaning of the camera of the subject of the verb works) (カメラ・撮影する)
* {38,{34,39},31(shape)}: an artificial eye (only for looking) (義眼)
{38,42}: artificial wave (人工波)
Related to something grown by human (人に育てられるもの)

{ga,38,66(plant)}: cultivated plant (栽培植物)
(N.B. only {38,66} means 'sprout'; #ga changes the combination way)
{38,{23,66}( grass (by the shape)}: green vegetables (栽培野菜)
{10(place),66}: the place for a plant (繁殖地)
{10, {38,{66,23}grass kind}: vegetable patch (野菜畑、耕作地)
{{38,66},09}: cultivation (栽培)
ge 38 31 {38,{23,66}}: cultivate greens
(N.B. 'greens' itself includes the meaning of 'cultivated', so only 38 is enough for the verb)
{38,{23,66}} {{38,66},09, 65(occupation)}: greens farmer (野菜農民)
{38,67(life)}: raised lives, bred products (飼育されている動物)
{{38,67},09(intangible matter)}: breeding (飼育)
{38,{21,36,39}(fish (by the total shape)}: aqua-cultured fish (養魚)
{38,{15,41,67}(mammals)}: domestic mammals (家畜)
{38,{37,66}tree}: forestation (植林)
Related to creating/to make (作ることに関連)

{21(go),38}: development, developed, develop (vt. with ge) (開発)
{38,14(way)}: technology, technical (技術)
{{38,14(way)},49(quality)}: skill (巧み)
{38(made),27}: remade, remake( vt. with ge) (作り直し)
{25(added),38}: processed (加工)
{28(surface),25,38}: surface-processed (表面加工)
{05(non),25,38}: unprocessed (否加工)
{25,38,27again}: repaired (修理)
{06(opposite) of 38}: destruction, broken, break down (vt, with ge ) (破壊)
{26(group, mass),38}: mass-produced (大量生産)
{{46,63}(hands),38}: hand-made (手作り)
{{46,64}(machine),38}: machine made (機械生産)
{38,13(the same)}: copied, (写した)
{13,38,50(thing)}: copied thing (複製品)
To forms a picture like symbol as a part of it. (象形基礎文字を構成)

{38,66}: sprout (by the total shape) (芽)
{{38,66},{57(wonder),67(life)}child}: baby (目立ったばかりの子ども:赤ん坊)

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