Horizontally connected two circles: the same as 90 degree turned n8 ,
symbolizing infinity or a long continuous situation. (ずっと続くことを意味する伝統記号から借用した形)
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the hand-shape-sign: making a circle with thumb and index, and bend
other three fingers each making a little hole with the next one, totally looking like a chain
the hand-movement-sign:
draw the base shape starting from the center (中央から書き始める)

name: [ fi: ] the pronunciation of fee in English ( フィー )

ASCII: % (both have two circles)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): continuous situation (to continue endlessly or without expecting the end soon) (継続)


vi. continue, stay on (続く)
vt. let (someone or something) continue (続ける)
{#gd,35( long continuous)}: The verb represents that the following situation have continued for a long time.
* {gd,53} is also explain a continuous situation, but #35 emphasizes longer.
( を重ねた動詞符は、 に比べて永いまたは長さを強調した継続を表す。)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to continuation (継続にかかわって)
2) Related to unlimited, infinite/almost unlimited situation/permanence (永い・永続性にかかわって)
3) To form picture-like characters (象形文字を構成)

examples of base overlay

* This base shape has been a little smaller than the original. (since April '05): =>

Related to continuation(継続にかかわって)

{05(not),35}: not permanent; temporary (臨時)
{09(intangible matter),35( continue long )}: continuation (継続)
{11( limited ),35}: limited continuation (期限付き継続)
{12(friction),35(continuation)}: intermittent (断続)
{23(change),35}: continuous change (持続的変化)
{41(move),35}: continuous move (持続的な動き)
{35(continuous),60}: consistent(ly) /throughout (一貫して)
{13(same),35(continuous)}: maintenance, maintain (vt. with ge) (保持)
{14(way),35continuous long )}: tradition (伝統)
{35,15(recognized)}: classic (古典)
{35,30(instruction)}: bible (聖典)
{35(long continuous),68(heart)} = patience, bear or endure ( v. with #gd) (忍耐心、D動詞:耐える)
{35,49(nature/quality)}: continuity (継続性)
{35,51(power)}: staying power (持久力)
{35,51,49(nature/quality)}: endurance/permanence (耐久性に富む)
{52(heat),35}: thermal (保温(用))
{52,3549(nature/quality)}: retentiveness of heat (保温性)
{35,45(relation)}: chain (this also looks like a picture of a part of physical chain) (チェーン)
{{35,45},21(go)}: chain reaction (連鎖反応)
{{(01),37,51}(mountain),35(continuous)}: a mountain range (山脈)
{35,58(possible)}: sustainable (持続可能)
{35,{36,70}(term)}: continuance, time length of continuation (継続期間)

Related to unlimited, infinite/almost unlimited situation/permanence (永い・永続性にかかわって)
{06(opposite) of 35}: immediate (即時)
{03(length),35}: unlimited length (限りない長さ)
{35,36(time)}: forever, eternity, eternal (永久)
{35,10(place)}: infinite ( limitlessly wide as three dimension) (無限に広い)
{35,28(plane)}: limitlessly large square measure (限りない面積)
{02(one),35}: universal (普遍)
{35,54(existence)}: immortal (不滅)
{35,54,05(denied)}: mortal (死を免れない存在)
{35,57(question)}: never solved mystery (永遠の謎)
{35,37(nature)}: cosmos (宇宙)
{35,37,65(human)}: astronaut/cosmonaut (宇宙飛行士)
{35,37,47(container)}: spaceship (宇宙船)
{35,43( involve/closed): black-hole (ブラックホール)
{35,44(open and spread)}: big-bang (ビッグバン)
{35,40(balanced)}(continuously moving in good balance like a spinning top): peace(平和)
{33( globe),40(balance),35(continue)}: hello, hi! (as a fundamental character, wishing global peace)

{{10(place),24(stable)}(land),35}: continent (大陸)
{37(nature),35,24(hard)}: rock (岩)
{26,{35,24,37}(rock)}: sedimentary rock (堆積岩)
{16(grains),{37,35,24}}: sand (砂)
{35,50(tangible thing)}: soil(土); used 35 with prayers for lives to be able to grow on it eternally
{{35,50},52(heat)}: earthenware (焼き物)
{{35,50,52},47(container)}: pottery as vessels/dishes (陶器の器類)
{{35,50,52},24(hard)}: porcelain (磁器)
{35(infinite),26}: sedimentary (永く堆積した)
{35,67(life)}: inheritance, heredity (遺伝)
{35,67,22(original thing)}: gene (遺伝子)
{35,67,22,15(recognition)}: genetic code (遺伝情報)
{38(make),35(continuation)}: succession, inherited, inherit (vt. with ge) (相続)

To form picture-like characters (象形文字を構成)

{34(little round thing),35}( a picture like symbol): pebbles (this 35 also has the meaning of infinite thing) (石ころ) {69(zero, empty),35}: bubble (泡)
{69,35,26(gathering)}: foam (泡の集合)
{69,35,50(goods)}: soap (石鹸)

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