The full frame size circle, symbolizing round/round things or an abstract concept
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the hand-shape-sign:
shaping a vertical half circle opening between thumb and other fingers, like holding a ball
the hand-movement-sign:
draw a large circle starting from the inner side (upward) (内側から大円を描く)

name: wa sound of watch in American or wa (means ring or peace) in Japanese (ワ)

ASCII: O (the similar shape)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): a circle, round (円、丸い)


vi. become round (丸くなる)
vt. make ( something ) round (丸くする)
vi. be round (丸い)

main images in base overlays:

1) To form abstract concepts, which work systematically,
like 'color, language, direction, number, etc.'
2) Related to a circle (円形に関係)
3) Related to 'globe/sphere' by its looking (球状のものに関係)
4) As a part of a picture-like-character (象形文字の一部として)

examples of base overlay:

To form abstract concepts, which work systematically (しくみを持つ抽象的な内容の記号を構成)

Related to color(色に関係)

{33,23(this is a part of 'light'{02,23})}: color (色)
Some psychological clues were used for distinguishing various colors:
{{23,33},69(zero)}: no color/uncolored (無色)
{{23,33},05(denied)}: no additional color/original natural color (素色)
{{23,33},42(wave)}: (a) hue (tint) (色合い)
(42 is used because differences of hues are depended on the wave length of the basic color spectrum)
{{23,33},61(front ward)}: white(白)
{{23,33},61,63(weakened)}: light gray (灰色、薄ねず)
{{23,33},62(backward)}: black (黒)
{{23,33},62,63}: dark gray (濃いねずみ色)
{{23,33},61,62,}(between white and black): gray (ねずみ色)
{{23,33},17(up/pointing the sky)}: blue (青)
{{23,33},18(down/sinking image)}: indigo color (藍いろ)
{{23,33},66(plant/a part of 'grass')}: green (緑)
{{23,33},67(life/a part of 'blood')}: red (赤)
{{23,33},19(in)} (the color with inward power): purple (紫)
{{23,33},20(out)} (the color looked like coming out): yellow (黄色)
{ yellow,{24,29} metallic}: gold, golden (金、金の)
{{23,33},52(heat)}: orange color (橙いろ)
{{23,33},26(piled)}: brown (茶色)
{{23,33},07(many)}: colorful (多彩)
{{23,33},08(little)}: colorless (彩りを抑えた)
{{23,33},02('light' with 23)}: brightness ( of color ) (色の明度)
{{23,33},02,07(much)}: bright (as color) (明度が高い)
{{23,33},02,08(less)}: dark (as color) (明度が低い)
{{23,33},02,44(spreading)}: fluorescent color (蛍光色)
{{23,33},60(part of 'purity'),{07,08}(degree)}: chroma, saturation of color (彩度)
{{23,33},60,07(much)}: brilliant, vivid (as color) (彩度が高い)
{{23,33},60,08(less)}: dull (as a color) (彩度が低い)
{{23,33},04(remove)}: bleach (n., vt. with ge) (漂白)

Related to scent/smell/odor (This part has been changed since April 25, 2012)(匂いに関連)
(To see the symbols, please download and install the EL font)

`YWO `scent/smell/odor (匂い) {YW nose (picture-like ideogram)(鼻)`O `abstract concept, which works systematically}
`gYWO `
emitting scent (放臭) {YWO `g `open (開) }
`YWOa `
: fragrance (花の香) {YWO `aY `flower (花) }
sharp odor (刺激臭) {YWO `Q `shocking }
`YWOq `
faint smell (かすかな匂い) {YWO `q weak (弱)}
`OYWz `
nasty odor (いやな匂い) {YWO `z  friction (摩擦)}
`YWOugp `
sweet smell (甘い香) {YWO `upOg `sweet}
`YWOh `
chemical material of scent (匂い物質) {YWO `h `material }
source of odor (匂いの元) {YWO `K `origin }
`YWO0 `
odorless (無臭) {YWO `0 `zero }
mixed odor (混合臭) {YWO `X `piled (重なった)}
`nYWO `
artificial scent (人工香) {YWO `n `human made (人工)}
`dYWO `
incense (香料) {YWO `d `goods(品)}
perfume (香水) {YWO `I `liquid (液) }`
`YWOZ `deodorizer (匂い消し) {YWO `Z opposite}
`YWOr `
the smell/fragrance someone left behind (残り香){YWO `r behind}

Related to Language(言語に関連)

{33,15( recognition )}: language( any kinds of communication waywith the systematic rule) (言語)
{33,15,32( unit )}: a word( a unit of a language, not only spoken) (単語)
{33,15,21(going)}: description, describe (vt. with gd) (述)
{33,15,21,32(unit)}: sentence (文法的な意味で「文」)
`O;k^ {,11stop}: paragraph (段落)
`O;k^w {
,11stop, 30 indicator}: period of a sentence (終止符)
{33,15,21,65person}: author, writer (著者)
{33,15,20(out)}: foreign language (外国語)
{33,15,14(going through)}: communication ((言語を介する)交流)
{,44(open)}: formal greeting for starting a communication time as a conference (開会の挨拶)
{,43(close)}: formal greeting for closing a meeting (閉会の挨拶)
{33,15,42( a part of 'sound'{36,42}}: spoken language (音声ことば)
{33,15,34(identity): name (名前)
{10(place),name): place-name (地名)
{33,15,42,21(go)}: speaking, speak/talk (v. with #gd) (話すこと・動詞符と組んで話す)
*for only making voice without meaning: {{04,39,42}(voice),21go}
{15,33,42,20(out)}: announce, speak out (v. with gd) (アナウンス), { +65person}: announcer
`s;#O `{15,33,42} speech,14(going through)}: conversation (会話)
`s;#Oc `{+ 46 a part of machine}: phone-call /telephone (電話)
{15,33,42, 56 action}: speech (講義・講演)
{33,15,42,44,66}: a joke, joke (v. with gd) (冗談)
* means 'laugh' (笑い)
{33,15,42,44(entertain)}: song with words, sing the kind of song (v. with gd) (歌)
{33,15,42}{40,60}(art): speech art, such as story telling and reading aloud(詩)
* the shape of 'art' shows that seeking/finding the truth(60) of continuous spinning (40)
{33,15,31(shape)}: written language, letters/characters/any systematic visual symbols (視覚記号、文字)
{33,15,31,21(go)}: writing, write( v, with gd) (書)
{33,15,31}{40,60}(art): calligraphy (書道)
`W;XO `{26 gathering of visual symbols (especially ideograms)}: dictionary of ideograms (字典)
{15,33,31,28(sheet)}: notations on sheets: document (書類)
{{33,15},{46,63}(hand)}: hand signs (手話: 手の形・動き両方を含む)
(including (hand-shape signs) and (hand-movement-sign)
{{15,33},13(same),45(relation)}: (the same language relation) race, a people/peoples (民族)
{15,30,33systematical abstract concept}: cord (符合)
{15,30,{33,07,08}(ratio; also by the shape)}: pie chart (円グラフ)
{48,{15,33}(language)}: cipher/secret code (暗号)

Shape (形)

{33,31(shape)}: shape (31 itself means 'shape', but this single form is only for
a grammatical usage, and the base overlay with 33 means 'shape' as the fundamental base overlay)
.( 31は「形」を意味するが、これのみでは文法記号として用いるので、33を重ねて「形」とする)

Related to Direction/Angle (方角、角度に関連)

{33,21(facing to)}: direction (方角)
{{33,21}(direction)32(unit)}: unit of degree/angular (角度の度)
{ + {07,08}( degree )}: angle (角度)

(What angle is that?)
(( It's ) 45 degree)

{ + 07(much)}: obtuse angle (鈍角)
{ + 08(less)}: acute angle (鋭角)
{ + 06(opposite)}: opposite direction, turn around (vi. with gd) (逆方向)
{33,17}: north (北)
{33,18}: south (南)
{33,19}: west (西)
{33,20}: east (東)
{{17,33}north,{10,12} pole}: the north pole (北極)
{{07,08}(degree),{17,33}northern} : (a) northern latitude (北緯)
{{17,33},32(unit)}: degree of northern latitude (北緯の度合い)
{{17,20,33}: north-east (北東)
{{17,19,33}: north-west (北西)
{{17,18,33,03(line)}: north-south line (南北に引いた線)
{17,18,19,20,33}: four directions (四方)

Related to Numbers, Numerals, Arithmetic, etc. (数、番号、算数に関連)

.....: the first, the second, the third.... (1番、2番、3番・・)
{33,57( ? )}: which number( of sequence) (何番)
{33,22(from)}: sequence (順番)
: 25th (25番)
`K1<O `{33,22,{02,19}(the left)}: sequence from the left (左からの順)
{33,22,{02,20}(the right)}: sequence from the right (右からの順)
{{33,22 }(sequence),62earlier}: the sequence is just before: last time/ former (前回)
{{33,22 }(sequence),28(surface, sheet),62earlier)}: last page (前のページ)
{{33,22},62,{01,10}position}: former position (前の位置)
{{33,22}(sequence),61later}: the sequence is just after: next time/next (次)
{{33,22}(sequence),28(surface, sheet),61later}: next page (次ページ)
{{33,22 },61,{01,10}(position)}: next position (次の位置)
{33,32( unit )}: numeral (as fundamental base overlay) (数)

{{33,32},57( ? )}: how many( numbers )(いくつ)
{{33,32},01(point)}: integers/integral number (整数)
{{33,32},27(plural)}: plural numbers (複数)
{{33,32},25(plus)}: positive number (正数)
{{33,32},04(minus)}: negative number (負数)
{{33,32},n2,26(multiple)}: even number (偶数)
{{33,32},n2,06(opposite)}: odd number (奇数)
{{33,32},16(dividing){05,58}( impossible)}: prime number (素数)

{33,36(time)}: frequency (回数)
{07,33,36}: often (しばしば)
{08,33,36}: sometimes , reduce (the subject's times ; with d-verb symbol) (ときに)
{08,33,36,64(very)}: rare, rarely (まれに)
{{33,54}(all, whole),36}: always (いつも)
`C.O `{33,36}frequency, 32unit}: how many times
{{33,36}(frequency)),42(wave)}: rhythm (リズム)
{ + }: first time (はじめて)

{33,25(plus)}: sum total (合計)
{33,04(minus)}: the remainder (差)
{33,26(multiple)}: the product (as mathematical meaning) (積)
{33,16(divided)}: the quotient (as mathematical meaning) (商)
{33,{01(point),19(in)}(oneself)}: score point (得点)
{33,{01(point),20(out)}(the other)}: loosing point (失点)

Related to Proportion, Rate, Level, etc.
(the round shape of 33 looks like showing an entire proportion) (比率、割合に関連)

{33,07(much/large)}: most, the large rate( percent) (おおかた、大きな割合)
`BQO `{33,07,64very}: almost (ほとんど)
{33,08(less/small)}: the small rate( percent) (少ない割合)
{33,{07,08}(degree)}: rate (割合)
{{33,07}(pie-chart),32}: %
: parts per hundred million (ppm)
{33proportion/rate,n2,05cut}: a half (半分)
{33,n3,05}: a third (3分の1), {33,n4,05}: a quarter (4分の1)
: one fifth (5分の1), : one sixth (6分の1), : one eighth (8分の1)
{33,54(existent)}: all, whole (全)
{10(place),{33,54}(whole)}: everywhere. whole area (いたるところ)
{33,54, 65people}: everybody (みんな)
:{{33,54}(all, whole),36}: always (いつも)
{33,47(vessel, accepted)}: filled, fill (v. with ge) (満)
{{33,47},20(out)}: overflowed, flow over (v. with gd) (溢れた)
{33,60(penetrated/ truly)}: perfect (完全)
{33,40(balanced)}: proper (適当)
{33,13}: common, general
(fundamental base overlay by the total shape of the widely spreading area in the circle) (一般的)
{{33,13},05(denied)}: uncommon (異状)
{{33,13},06(opposite)}: unique (ユニーク)

Related to Taste(味に関連)

{33,{39(mouth shape).47(tongue shape)} tongue}: the sense of taste (n.), taste (vt. with gd)
(主に舌で感じる感覚:味, D動詞:味わう)
{{33,39,47},44(spread/pleasant)}: sweet, sweetness (甘み、甘い)
{{33,39,47},42(wave/ a part of 'ocean')}: salty, saltiness (塩からみ、塩からい)
{{33,39,47},64(violent)}: hot spicy (辛み、辛い)
{{33,39,47},20(out)}: bitter, bitterness
(because you want to spit 'out' when you feel this strong taste) (苦み、にがい)
{{33,39,47},17(up)}: sour, acid (Don't you feel your tongue go 'up' to touch
to the ceiling of the mouth, when you taste acid?) (酸味、すっぱい)
{{33,39,47},43(close/clung)}: astringent taste
(you feel your tongue clung and shrunk, don't you?) (渋味、渋い)
{{33,39,47},40(balanced)}: delicious for any kinds (おいしい)
{{33,39,47},67(life/a part of animal)}: protein kind of taste (うまみ、うまい)
{{33,39,47},18(down)}: no English word for this taste (Egui in Japanese ):
a kind of toxic taste like a green part of potato: it's not bitter, sour, hot or astringent,
but perhaps your tongue wants to hang 'down' from your mouth. (えぐみ、えぐい)
{{33,39,47},07(much)}: thick taste/tasteful (濃い味)
{{33,39,47},08(less)}: thin taste/tasteless (薄味)

Related to a circle (円形に関係)

{33,41(move)}: (a) turn, turn round (vi. with gd), turn, spin (vt. with ge) (回転、D動詞:回る、E動詞:回す)
{33,{01,48}(surrounding/around)}: circumference (円周)
{33,03(line)}: diameter (直径)
{33,24,31( shape )}: ( a ) cone/ conic ( by the shape combined 33 and 24) (円錐)
{33,34,25}: wheel (as the picture like symbol) (車輪)
{33,{11,13}( thickness )}: ( a ) disk/(a) circular board (円盤)
{33,20( out ),21( heading ),51( power )}: centrifugal force (遠心力)

{33,34}: ring (by the total shape) (輪)
{21,33,34} (as rings for going to somewhere; simplified): (any kinds of) bike
{{21,33,34},63slow}: bicycle (with no motor)
{{21,33,34},64fast/a part of 'machine'}: motorbike
{{21,33,34},n3}: trike
{21,33,34,n3,08small}: children's trike

Related to 'globe/sphere' by its looking (球状のものに関係)

{33,39}: globe, sphere (by the total shape) (球)
{33,50(goods)}: ball (ボール)
{33,67(life)}: (an) egg (卵)
{{33,66}: beans/ peas (by the shape) (豆)
{{33,66}(beans),50}: bean product (豆製品)
{{33,66}(beans),16(grounded)}: bean powder (豆粉)
{{33,66}(beans),16(grounded),50(solid body)}: bean curd/tofu (豆腐)

{33,44}: the sun (by the total shape) (太陽)
{{33,44}17(up)}: rising sun/ sunrise (日の出)
{{33,44}18(down)}: setting sun/ sunset (日の入り)
{ {=, line} (akin) of }: star as the meaning of the sun level spherical body/bodies(太陽の同類として:恒星)
*For general usage for stars (any twinkling stars in the night sky), you can use a picture-like symbol: wW-1 
{it moves like planet, but its track is ellipse): comet (惑星のように太陽の周りを回るが楕円軌道)彗星)
{33,49(a half moon shape)} (sometimes circle/a half circle): the moon (月)
{ artificial }: artificial satellite (人工衛星)
: (akin of the moon) satellite of other planet (他の惑星の衛星)
{33,{01,34}(it/the)}: the earth (地球)
{{01,33,34},10(place)}: global world (地球世界)
{{01,33,34},28(surface)}: the ground, earth (but not means the material soil) (大地)
{33(globe),40(balance),35(continue)}: hello, hi! (as a fundamental base overlay, wishing global peace) (こんにちは)
{33(globe),45}: holistic (部分と全体のつながりに焦点をあてた)

As a part of picture-like-characters(象形文字の一部として)

{33,15,66}(as the picture-like fundamental ideogram: face (顔)
{{33,15,66},44(open)}: laughing, laugh (vi. with gd) (笑い、D動詞:笑う)
{{15,33,66,44},65(occupation)}: comedian (コメディアン)
{{33,15,66},17(above part)}: forehead (ひたい)
{{33,15,66},18(low part)}: chin (あご)
{{33,15,66},54(existence)}: representative (代表)
{{33,15,66},09(matter/affair)}: title (題)

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