A tiny circle at the bottom left corner in the frame, symbolizing a unit (単位を示して、右下隅の小さな丸)
* Until September 2006, this symbol was at the bottom right corner. It was fixed
by Jo Chen's suggestion; this looks much better between sentences.

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the hand-shape-sign:
the palm side down fist (相手に向け、伏せた拳)
the hand-position-sign:
bringing the other sign to the center of the waist (ウエストの位置)

name: [do] do of donate ( ド )

ASCII: . (it has the same function as a period)

phonetic value: [ function ]:

# As single: form: a period of a phonetic sentence, used for recording a speech of some language.
# The base overlay with this shows that the base overlay is pronounced as a single syllable.

definition (single): ( function )

The grammatical symbol for punctuation: a period of a sentence,
as showing the end of a unit of sentence.
Putting before numeral(s), it represents a decimal point/period.

main images of in base overlays:

1) Related to unit (単位にかかわって)
2) Some kind of basic unit (なにかの基準単位)

examples of base overlay:

Related to unit(単位にかかわって)

{02(one),32}: unit (単位)
{57(wonder),32}: how much (by a unit) (いくら)
{33,32}: numeral ( as a fundamental base overlay ) (数)
{ + 57( ? )}: how many (numbers) (いくつ)
{ + 01(point)}: integer/integral number (整数)
{ + 27(plural)}: plural numbers (複数)
{ + 26(multiple)}: multiple number (倍数)
{ + 25(plus)}: positive number (正数)
{ + 04(minus)}: negative number (負数)
{ + n2,26(multiple)}: even number (偶数)
{ + n2,06(opposite)}: odd number (奇数)
{ + 16(dividing){05,58}(impossible)}: prime number (素数)
{29(material),32}: element (元素)
{{33,15}(language),21(going),32(unit)}: sentence (文法的な意味で「文」)
{{10(place),24(stable)}(land),32}: nation/country (国)
{10,24,32}(nation),16}: state/prefecture (a unit of division of a nation) (州、県)
{67(life),32}: individual of life (生命個体)

Some kind of basic unit (なにかの基準単位)

{03 (length),32} : meter, the basic unit of the measurement of length (長さの単位メートル)
: kilometer ( km ), : centimeter ( cm ), millimeter ( mm )
{{10,42}(ocean),03,32}: nautical[ sea ] mile (M./nm.) (海里)
{28 (square),32}: square meter (平方メートル)
: square km (平方キロ)
: square cm (平方センチ)
: square mm (平方ミリ)
{50(3D thing),32}: cubic meter (立方メートル)
{07(large), 50,32 (unit)}: 1000,000,000 cubic meter
{08(small),50,32(unit)}: 0.000,000,0001 cubic meter
{47(container),32}: the basic unit of capacity: liter/liter (リットル)
{18(downward),51(power),32}: the basic unit of weight: gram (グラム)
: kilogram
: ton
{{18,51}(weight),07(large),32(unit)}: 10000000000 gram
{{18,51}(weight),08( small ),32( unit )}: 0.0000000001 gram
{51(power),32}: the basic unit of power: newton ( N ) (力の単位・ニュートン)
{51,46(work),32}: the basic unit of work: joule ( J ) (仕事の単位・ジュール)
{51,{34,12}(electricity),32}: electron volt ( eV ) (電力の単位ボルト)
{{34,12},42(flow),32}: the unit of electric current: ampere ( A ) (アンペア)
{52(heat ,32}: the basic unit of temperature: degrees centigrade (摂氏温度)
{52,47(capacity),32}: calorie (カロリー)
{{33,07}(pie-chart),32}: %
: parts per hundred million (ppm)
{{02,23}(light),32}: degree of light: lux (明るさの度合い・ルクス)
{34,39}(eye),46(function),32}: degree of eyesight (視力の度)
{{36,39}(ear),46(function)32}: degree of hearing (聴力の度)

:{32,36(time)}: (an) hour (the standard unit of the length of time.
If the standard will be changed, the definition of the base overlay will follow it too.) (時を計る基準単位:時間)

{42(wave),{33,36}(frequency),32}: audio frequency, ( Hz ) (周波数)
{{34(value),38(artificial)}(money),32}: price/cost/adding the country code in front,
dollar, yen, pond. etc. (価格、前に発行圏の文字を入れるとお金の単位、$、円など)

{{17,33}(north),32}: degree of northern latitude (北緯の緯度)
{{18,33}(south),32}: the unit of southern latitude (南緯の緯度)
: {{33,19}(west),32} 125.42: longitude 125.42 degrees West (西経125.42度)
{33,20}east,32}: 12 degrees E (東経12度)
{{33,21}(angle)32}: degree/angular (角度の度)
{21,32}: the basic unit of speed: meter per second ( m/s ) (速さの基準単位、秒速)

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