The full frame square shape, symbolizing a square or some plane thing. ( 四角または平面を暗示する正方形)
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the hand-shape-sign:
the upward extended hand touching the fingers
next to each other, facing the palm to the reader

the hand-movement-sign:

drawing the base shape starting from the upper horizontal line

name: pe sound of pen (ペ)

ASCC: H (similarly having parallel wide lines)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): plane/a plane (平面または平面状)


(vi. become plane)(平らになる)
(vt. plane (something))(平らにする)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to plane/surface/square measure (平ら、表面、面積にかかわって)
2) Related to some kind of flat thing or a thing made by sheets/boards
3) Related to its entire shape of a base overlay (全体の形が意味に関係)

examples of base overlay:

Related to plane/surface (平ら、表面にかかわって)

{{03,31}(inclined),28} : slope (斜面)
{07(large),28} : large square measure, wide, widen( vt. with ge) (面積が広い、E動詞:ひろげる)
{{07,08}(degree),28} : area, square measure (面積)
{08(small),28}: small square measure, (surface) shrunk (面積がせまい、D動詞:縮む)
{28,32(unit)}: square meter (平方メートル)
{{01,34,33}(the earth), 28}: the ground, earth( but not means the material soil ) (大地)
{59(water),28}: surface of water (水面)
{28,37(nature),59(water)}: dew ( because it grows on some surface ) (露)
{28,37,{59,24(solid)}(ice)}: frost (霜)
{{46,63}('hand' by the shape),28}: palm (手のひら)
{, }: joining one's palms together (合掌)
{46,63,28,20(out)}: back of hand (手の甲)
{12(friction),28}: rough (surface texture) (ざらざら)
{28,06(opposite),12}: smooth, burnish/polish (vt. with ge ) (滑らか、E動詞:研磨する)
{28,42(waved)}: wrinkle, rumpled (しわ、くしゃくしゃになった)
{05(cut),28}: torn situation, be torn( with gd), tear (vt. with ge) (裂)
{17(upper),28}: the upper surface; 'on' with gc (but only upper side) (上面)
{18(under),28(surface)}: the under/wrong side surface (: the opposite side of top) (下側)
{19(in),28}: the inner surface (内側の面)
{20(out),28}: the outer surface (外面)
{61(front),28}: facade (前面)
{62(back),28}: back side (後面)
{28,39(sense)}: sense of touch (触覚)
{15,33,44,66}(laugh) {28,39}: ticklish (vi. with gd/ vt. with ge) (くすぐったい)
{12(friction),{28,39}}: itchiness, itchy situation (かゆみ)
{28,45(relation)}: touch (n. /v. with gd) (触れる)
{{28,45}touch,44energy-open}: massage (n./vt. with ge) (マッサージ)
{{28,45},63(weak)}: very close but not touch (触れないが非常に近い)
{28,45,64very strongly}: glued, bond (vt. with ge) (接着)
{28,45,64,29material}: glue (the material to glue something) (接着剤)
{{04,39}(mouth),28,45}: { mouth, touch{28,45}}: kiss
{28,45,43(clasp, twined)}: stuck (by bolt, staple kinds)
{28,45,43,50tool}: tool for sticking something, such as bolt and staple
`HF+ `{added power on the surface}}: pressure (for physics) (圧力)
`HF+p `sense of pressure (圧感)
`HFB   {power of being stretched}: tension/ tensile strength (張力)
{28(surface),64shock}: hit, beaten, beat (vt. with ge) (打)
{28,64}(beaten){{36,42}(sound),50(instrument)}: drum (太鼓)
{28,25(added)}: adherent, attached (付着)
{28,{25,38}(processed)}: surface-processed (表面加工)
{28,{38,40}(design)}: layout (レイアウト)
{06(opposite),28}: the reverse, the back (裏)

Related to some kind of flat thing or a thing made of sheets/boards

{03,28} (long 28(plane kind of thing)): tape, sash, flat things with long length (テープ)
{50(tangible thing),28}: (any kind of) sheet (シート、平面状のもの)
{{31,30} mark, sheet}: flag (旗)
{{28,50}, (waved)}: a corrugated sheet (波形シート)
{46(function),28}: card (カード)
{{46,28},{38,34}(money)}: cash card (キャッシュカード)
{{46,28},56(act)}: play card (遊びのカード)
{{54,30}identification,46,28} or : ID card
{21(heading),46,28}: ticket (切符)
{{15,30}information,46,28}: cards for inform something, such as medical charts/menu
{43(rolled),28}: scroll (巻物)
{16(parts),28}: tile (タイル)
{{11,13}(thickness),28}: sheets with thickness: board (板)
{{11,13,28},26 group}: shelf (棚)
{11,13}(thickness),16,28(sheet)}: brick (れんが)
{ {(11)(invisible),13,28}(board),47(container)}: box (箱)
{{13,28,47}(box),20(out)}: drawer (引出し)
{{13,28,47,20},26(gathering): a furniture/box with drawers (引出しがまとまったたんすなど)
{28 with {48,51)legs}: table (テーブル)
{ table for 46(work)}: desk (机)
{{15,33,31(shape)} (visual language),28(sheet)}: notations on sheets: document (書類)
{15(recognition),31(shape),28}: picture, illustration (絵)
{15,,31,28,41(move)}: moving picture (映画)
{28(sheets),26}: any kind of bound thing, bind/stitch vt. with ge) (綴じたもの、綴じる)
`;wRH :{{15,30,61}(news),28sheet}newspaper(新聞) * S. Takehara's idea
{{15,30}(information),28,26}: book (本)
{{15,31,28}(picture),26}: picture book (絵本)
{28 sheet/surface),30(show)}: screen (画面)
{28,30,07(large)}: enlargement of the screen/canvas (画面の拡大)
{28,30,08(small)}: reduction of the screen/canvas (画面の縮小)
{28,30,50(tool)}: monitor (visual display unit) (モニター)
{15,30,28(sheet)}: file (for computing usage) (ファイル)
{15,30,{13,28}(by the shape): table (chart) (表)
{15,30,28,03(line ),23(change)}: bar chart (線グラフ)
{{34,38}(money),28(sheet)} : a bank note or paper money (紙幣)
{{34,38,13,20}payment,28} (paper for payment): check/cheque (小切手など)
{{66,68}(flower),28(sheet)}: petal (花弁)
{28,47(container)}: bag/ sack (袋)
{28,47 sack as 16 a part}: pocket
{28,48(cover)}: wrapping sheet (ラップ)
{{15,33,66}(face),28,48}: mask (仮面)
{28,66(plant)}: paper (紙)
{28,66,26(gathering)}: notebook (帳面)
{28,38(human made)}: plastic sheet (人造シート)
{{02,23}(light),14(through),28}: sheet glass( including 'windshield', etc.) (板ガラス)
{{02,23,60(penetrate),28}: (any kinds of) translucent sheet (distinguished with above base overlay) (透明シート)
{28,69(empty)}: blank, blank paper (白紙)
{28,70(space)}: margin, blank space on a surface (余白)
{{55(want),30(indicate)}(to apply),28}: application form (申請書)
{n8,28,50(an object)} : octahedron (an object with eight planes) (8面体)
: the eighth page (8番目のページ)
{28,33(for number),22(from origin)}: page (ページ)

{{33,22}sequence,28,61(front)}: next page (次ページ)
{{33,22}sequence,28,62(back)}: last page (前のページ)
{{45(relation),26(multiple)}(network),28}: net (n.) (網)
{{03(line),43(twined)} thread,28}: knitting, knit (vt. with ge) (編物・編)
{{56(action),44(open)} entertainment,28}: stage (ステージ)
{67(life),28}: membrane (膜)
{67,28,20(out)}: skin (皮膚)
{{01,67}(cell),28}: cell membrane (細胞膜)
{11(division),28}: wall (壁)
{11,28,17(above)}: ceiling (天井)
{11,28,18(below)}: floor (床)
{11,28,19(in)}: interior wall (内壁)
{11,28,20(out),}: exterior wall (外壁)
{11.{28,50}(sheet)}: curtain, room divider (カーテン・間仕切り)
{{06,21}reflection, 28sheet}: mirror (鏡)

`=#H `grid
`/=#H `
`H=-#1 `woven-fabric (織物)
`/H=-#1 `
unwoven-fabric (不織布)

Related to its entire shape of a base overlay (全体の形が意味に関係)

{28,31(形)}: ( the shape of #28): square (四角形)
`HVW `{28, 24,31}: pyramid (四角錘)
{31,28,33}: cylinder (円柱)
{01,28}(pointing the center of the ( square or surface or aspect ): center (中央)
* Maybe base overlay with looks better for this meaning, but the character might be mistaken
with when hand-written. So I chose for it.
(大円と重ねたほうが適切かもしれないが、 との間違いを避けて)
{66,45,28(also by the meaning of sheets for the wings)}: butterfly(蝶)

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