The diagonal square (rhombus), which four points touch to the frame, associating with a (crystallized) material

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the hand-shape-sign: 
show the back of fist to the reader (横向きの拳、甲を相手側に)
the hand-movement-sign:
draw the base shape starting from the upper point (上からスタート)

name: pu sound of pull (プ)

ASCII: h (associating with : H)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): substance, material (物質)

main images in base overlays:

1) This relates to various chemicals/materials and their elements.
2) Related to the shape of this symbol (記号の形に関連)

examples of base overlay:

This relates to various chemicals. (いろんな化学物質要素)

They say there are more than 20 million kinds of chemical materials and more
increasing day by day. I don't have much knowledge about chemistry,
so tried only for a few basic thing. Any new materials would be able to
be show by joined base overlays, please join to develop this page.
{01,29} (the individual dot-like elements of materials): atom (原子)
{01,29,16(parts)}: elementary particle (素粒子)
{01,29,16,19(inside)}: proton (陽子)
{01,29,16,20(outside)}: electron (電子)
{01,29,16,60(penetrate)}: neutron (中性子)
{29,32(unit)}: element (元素)
{40(balance),29}: hormone (ホルモン)
{57(wonder),29}: unknown material (未知物質)
{45(relation),29}: catalyst( as a chemical term) (触媒)
{{12,34}(electric),14(go through),29}: conductor (導体)
{05(denied),12,34,29}: nonconductor (不導体)
{63(controlled),12,34,29}: semiconductor (半導体)
{29,34}: molecule( as the fundamental character ) (分子)
{03,29} (long shaped 29(an elemental material)): fiber (繊維)
{03,29,37(nature)} : natural fiber (with 37(nature)) (自然繊維)
{03,29,38(artificial)} : artificial fiber (with 38(artificial)) (人工繊維)
{03,29,66(plant)} : plant fiber (with 66(plant)) (植物繊維)
{04,29,46}{harmful material(29)}: toxic (毒物)

{07,29( material, substance )} : large mass (as scientific term) (質量大)
{08(small),29}: small mass (as scientific term) (質量小)
{{07,08}(degree),29}: mass (as scientific term) (質量)
{29,26(compounded)}: chemical compound, (chemically) combine (vi. with gd, vt. with ge) (化合物)
{67(life),29,26}: organic compound (有機化合物)
{24,29(material)}: metal (金属)
{{20(out-going),{23,33}(color)} yellow, metal}: gold, golden (金、金の)
{59(water),29}: hydrogen (水素)
{67(life),29}(a life needs this element to grow) : nitrogen (窒素)
{66(plant),29} (chlorophyll in plants get this element from air with sunlight): carbon (炭素)
{{10,42}(sea),29}: sodium (ナトリウム)
{{44,52}(fire), 29}: oxygen (酸素)
{{24,51}(bone),29}: calcium (カルシウム)
{{17,18,19,20,44}(radiation),29}: radioactive (material) (放射性物質)
{38(human made),29}: human-made chemical such as plutonium (プルトリウムのような人工元素)
{29,50(thing/goods)}: chemical material (剤)
{{67,25}(care){29,50}(chemical material)}: medicine/ drug (薬剤)
{{67,25}{29,50},65(occupation)}: pharmacist (薬剤師)
{29the main material from {10,42}(sea)}: salt (塩)
{{33,39,44,47}(sweet),29}: sugar, sweetening (砂糖・糖分)

Related to the shape of this symbol (記号の形に関連)

{29,31(shape)}: rhombus (菱形)

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