The full size V shape, looking like reflecting light, changing the direction at the center bottom
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the hand-shape-sign: open upward the thumb (outside) and the extended four other fingers 
the hand-movement-sign:  draw outward from the original position

name: che sound of check (チェ)

v (the shapes are similar)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): change, changing situation (変化)


vi.(the subject) change/changes (変わる)
vt. change (something or someone) (変える)

main images in base overlays

1) Related to 'change' (変化にかかわって)
2) As a part of picture-like-characters {bird, grass, light}
3) Related to color, as the shortened form of (light)

examples of base overlay:

Related to 'change' (変化にかかわって)

{01(point),23} {the point to be (changed)}: turning/changing point (変わり目)
{05(not),23}: constancy (不変)
{06(opposite),23} (opposing to change): conservative (保守)
{07(much),23}: a lot of change (変化大)
{08( little),23}: a little change (わずかな変化)
{23( change ),31}: transformation, transform (v. with gd) (変形)
{23,31,67(life)}: metamorphosis (変態)
{23 change, 58}: variable (可変性)
{{01,19,20} each other,23}: change (relief, alternation) (交代)
{ {47,54} possession,23}: exchange (交換)
{09(events, intangible matter),23}: a change, alterations (変更)
{10place,23}: change of 'place': transfer (移動)
{10,23,56 action}: trip/ travel (旅)
{12(gap friction),23}: revolution (革命)
{13(same),23}:  assimilation, assimilate (vt.  with ge ) (同化)
{14(way),23}: a switch (スウィッチ)
{14,23,25(plus)}: turning on a/the switch (スウィッチを入れた状態)
{14,23,04(minus)}: turning off a/the switch (スウィッチを切った状態)

{23,15(recognition)}: transition (of one's recognition/ image) (見方の推移)
{26(piled),23}: compound( to change into some other thing) (化合)
{17(up),18(down),23}: reverse up and down: upside down (上下逆さ)
{17,18,23,54(be)}: a hand-stand or to be standing in upside-down ( 逆立ち)
{17(high),23}: betterment, improvement, improve (vt. with ge) (向上)
{18(low),23}: changing for the worse, make worse (vt. with ge) (悪化)
(19(in), inner change (内変)
{20(out)}: outer change (外変)
{63(mild),23}: slow change (緩変)
{64(very),23}: drastic change (急変)
{35(continuous),23}: continuous change (持続的変化)
{19(in),20(out),23}: reverse of in and out: inside out (裏表逆)
{61(front),62(back),23}: reverse of front and back (前後の交換)
{{01,19,20} each other, 23}: change/relief/alternation (交代)
{36(time),37(nature),25(join),23}: weathering, weather (vi. with gd ) (風化)
{23, 38(creation)}: remodeling, reconstruction (つくりかえ)

: to translate (v. with gd) ... These translate, interpret characters are formed by Joseph Bayerl
{{30,14,23},09}: translation (翻訳)
{{30,14,23},38}: machine translation (機械訳)
{{30,14,23},65}: translator (翻訳家)
  {15,30,45,24}: interpret (通訳)
{15,30,45,24,65}: interpreter (通訳家)

{23,68thought)}: a change of mind, change one's mind (v. with gd) (変心)
{12( friction),23,68}: treachery, betray (v. with gd) (裏切り)

As a part of picture-like-characters (象形文字の一部として)

{23,41(move),70(air)}(a wings opened bird shape): bird (鳥)
{ + 42 wave}: water bird (水鳥)
{, {48,51} leg}: ostrich (ダチョウ)
{ + 64( violent)}: bird of prey (猛禽)
{{37.70}(sky),{23,(70)}(parts of 'bird'}: wings (翼)

{23,66(plant)}: grasses (a fundamental character by the shape) (草)
{38(raised by human),{23,66} grass}: green vegetables (野菜)
{42(wave,flow),{23,66} grass}: water grass (水草)
{{23,66} grass, {40,45,(66)}(insect)}: grasshopper (ばった)
{02,23}: spreading straight lines from one dot, the total character shape looks like light ;  light ( noun), shine (vi. with gd, vt. with ge) (光、D動詞:照る、E動詞:照らす)
{02,23,27plural}: sparkle, twinkle (輝き)
{02,23,05(denied)}: dark, darkness, become dark  (vi. with gd) (暗)
{02,23,06(opposite)}: shadow, shade (vt. with gd) (影)
{07(much),{02,23}} : bright, light( as irony of 'dark', not as weight), 
(subject) much shine (vi. with gd), shine on, light up (vt. with ge) (明るい、D動詞:明るく照る)
{08(little),{02,23}}: less light, dim (うす暗い)
{{02,,23}( light ){07,08} degree}: (a degree of) illumination (照明度)
`1v: `{{02,23}(light),16(devided)}:spectrum(スペクトル)
`1v:d `{{02,23,16}(spectrum),50(tool)}:prism(プリズム) *these two ideas are from S. Takehara

{{02,,23}  light 21(heading)}: focused light up (焦点を定めた照射)
{{02,,23,}21,06(opposite)}: reflection of light (光の反射)
{{02,23},60(penetrate)}: translucent (透明)
{{12,34}(electricity),{37,70}(sky){02,23}(light)}: lightning (稲妻)
{{02,23},{45,66,69}('beetle' by the shape)}: firefly (ほたる)
{03line,23(bent situation of light (shortened from{02,23}) line}: inflection, refract (with ge),
be refracted (with gd) (屈折)
Related to 'color' in which 23 is the shortened form of (light) (光の略として用い「色」関係に)

{33( notation for an abstract matter ),23( a part of 'light' {02,23})}: color (色)
Some psychological clues were used for distinguishing various colors:
{{23,33},69(zero)}: no color/uncolored (無色)
{{23,33},05(denied)}: no additional color/original natural color (素色)
{{23,33},42(wave )}: (a  hue (tint) (42 is used because differences of  hues are   depended on the wave length of the basic color spectrum) (色合い)
{{23,33},61(front ward)}: white (白)
{{23,33},61,63(weakened)}: light gray (灰色、薄ねず)
{{23,33},62(backward)}: black (黒)
{{23,33},62,63}: dark gray (濃いねずみ色)
{{23,33},61,62,}(between white and black): gray (ねずみ色)
{{23,33},17(up/the part of the sky)}: (sky) blue (空色)
{{23,33},18(down/sinking image)}: indigo color (藍いろ)
{{23,33},66(plant/a part of 'grass')}: green (緑)
{{23,33},67(life/a part of 'blood')}: red (赤)
{{23,33},19(in)}: purple (紫)
{{23,33},\20(out)}: yellow (黄色)
{{23,33},52(heat)}: orange color (橙いろ)
{{23,33},26(piled)}: brown (茶色)
{{23,33},07(many)}: colorful (多彩)
{{23,33},08(little)}: colorless (彩りを抑えた)
{{23,33},02('light' with 23)}: brightness (of color) (色の明度)
{{23,33},02,07(much)}: bright (as color) (明度が高い)
{{23,33},02,08(less)}: dark (as color) (明度が低い)
{{23,33},02,44(spreading)}: fluorescent color (蛍光色)
{{23,33},60(part of 'purity'),{07,08}(degree)}: chroma, saturation of color (彩度)
{{23,33},60,07(much)}: brilliant, vivid (as color) (彩度が高い)
{{23,33},60,08(less)}: dull (as a color) (彩度が低い)
{{23,33},04(remove)}: bleach (n., vt. with ge) (漂白)

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