Two straight lines are supporting each other as the stable structure
protecting from outer power, representing certainty or solid.

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the hand-shape-sign:
wide open downward the thumb and the extended four other fingers.
(the direction of the thumb is free, according to the position, whichever side can be the front)

the hand-movement-sign:

to draw the base shape, stopping for a moment on top to distinguish from 48.

name]: cho of choke without [u] in the vowel (チョ)

ASCII: V (the similar shape, but pointing up)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): the situation of certain, firm (確か)


vi. (the subject) becomes firm (確かになる)
vt. make (something) sure or firm (確かにする)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to stability/stable/firm things in nature (自然の確かなもの、安定に関連)
2) Related to a firm/hard/solid material or quality (硬さ、固いもの・質に関連)
3) Related to 'hard shell', but also each total shape represents its creature
4) Artificially settled/settling matter (人為的な定め)
5) Relating to its shape (記号の形に関係)

examples of base overlay:

Related to stability/stable/firm things in nature (自然の確かなもの、安定に関連)

{10(place),24}: land(土地)
{10,24,20(out)}: peninsula (半島)
{10,24,38(artificial)}: artificial land (人造地)
{10,24,35(continuous)}: continent (大陸)
{{04,31}(horizontal),{10,24}(land)}}: plain (geographical sense) (平原)
{10,24,11(end)}: coast, shore (岸)
{10,24,50(object)}: land as real estate (物件としての土地)
{10,24,{41,42}(shaking)}: earthquake (地震)
{24,42(wave)}: also the total shape is like an island: island (象形でもあり、島)

{24,66(plant)}: root (根)
{02,14,{24(stable),66(plant)}root}: root hair (of plant) (根毛)

{51(power),24}: bone (骨)
{{51,24},{34,54}( head )}: skull (頭蓋骨)
{{51,24},05(no)}: bone-less (骨なし)
{{51,24},02(for the shape),62(back)}: backbone/spine (背骨)
{{51,24},26(compounded)}: structure (構造)

{02(one),24}: uniform, constant (ad.) (一定)
{40(balance),24}: order (秩序)
{{10,56} social, {24,40}rule/order: government (行政)
{, 09 matter}: politics (政治)
{05(not),24}: uncertain (不確定な)
{37(nature),24}: natural order (自然の定め)

Related to a firm/hard/solid material or quality (硬さ、固いもの・質に関連)

{37(nature),35(continue),24}: rock (岩)
{16(grains),{37,35,24}(rock)}: sand (砂)
{24,29(material)}: metal (金属)
{{20(out-going),{23,33}color}(yellow),{24,29}( metal )}: gold, golden (金、金の)
{24,59(water)}: ice(氷)
{05(not),24,59}: unfrozen liquid (不凍液)
{06(opposite),24,59}: thawing, thaw (vi. with gd / vt. with ge) (解凍)
{{37,59}(rain),24}: snow (雪)
{28(surface)37,59,24}: frost (霜)
{06(opposite),24}: unrestricted, flexible (柔)
{24,50(material)}: solid (n.) (固体)
{24,31(form)}: solid (ad.), become solid( vi. with gd ) (固まった)
{24,31,05(not)}: not harden (固まらない)
{24,31,06(opposite): crumble/ break up (vi. with gd ) (くずれ)
{{24,31}(solid),{07,08}(degree)}}: degree of hardness( of a solid thing, not the meaning of difficulty ) (硬度)
{07(much),{24,31}}: rigid (堅くて曲がらない)
{08(little),{24,31}}: brittle, fragile (もろい)
{41( move),{24,31}}: flexible like a rubber (柔軟)
{63(weak),{24,31}}: soft (やわらか)
{24,31,64(very)}: hard, firm, harden (vt. with ge) (硬い)
{{04,39}(mouth),24}: beaks (くちばし)
{12(friction),24}: tooth/teeth (as a fundamental character), chew (v. with gd) (歯、D動詞:噛む)
{{12,24},64(violent)}: fang/tusk (牙)
{{33,41}rotating, 12,24 teeth}: gear (歯車)
{{68(heart),49(nature, quality)} (personality ),24}: stubborn(頑固)

Related to 'hard shell', but also each total shape represents its creature

{67( life ),24}: shell/carapace (殻)
{67,24,41( move )}: shellfish (貝)
{,66,45,24}: crustacean (甲殻類)
{+ {17,18}vertical}: shrimp/prawn/lobster (エビ)
{+ {19,20}horizontal}: crab (蟹)

Artificially settled/settling matter (人為的な定め)

{09affair,24}: regulation, rule, rule (v. with gd) (規定)
{22(origin),24}: foundation, be founded/be established (v. with gd) (基礎)
{45(relation),24}: organization, organized (組織)
{14way,24}: rule (規則)
{14,24,26(gathering)}: law (法律)
{{48,25}security, 24(related to law),46}: police (as an official organization)
{{48,25}security, 24(related to law),10place}: police station
{{48,25}security, 24(related to law),56occupation}: police officer
{58(possibility),14,24}: right (to do) as law (権利)
{56(action),14,24}: duty as law (義務)
{{15,33}language,14,24}: grammar (文法)
{15(recognition),24}: judgment, judge (判断)
{47(vessel),15,24}: measure cup (計量器)
{24certain,30indication}: proof/certification (証明)
{24.30,65person}: witness (証人)
{24,38(make)}: decision (決定)
{24,54(existence)}: settlement, settle (v, with gd) (定住)
{01,24}:(fixed/settled point): fixed point (定点)
{11(limited),24}: particular (特定)
{58(possible),11,24}: patent (特許)
{13(same),24}: league, confederacy, alliance (同盟)
{25(join),24}: promise (約束)
{{25,24}promiss for 61 front/later}: reservation (予約)
{47(accepted),24}: pledge, oath (誓い)
{{48,69}(clothes),24}: uniform to wear (ユニホーム)
{50(goods),{34,38}(money),24}: fixed price (定価)
{{36,70}(term, period),24}: fixed term (定期間)
{{36,30}(specific time),24}: scheduled time (定刻)
{{36,33}(frequency),24}: periodic (定期的)
{{34,65}(member),24}: regular member (常連)
{10(place),24,32(basic unit)}: country (国)
{10,24,16(parts),32(basic unit)}: state/a unit part of a country (州、県)
{10,24,32, 16, 08(smaller)}: smaller unit/units of the above matter: county/district (郡)
{{34,68}(value),24}: treasure (宝)
{68(heart),24}: determination, resolve (personal than ) (決心)

Relating to its shape (記号の形に関係)

{33,24,31(shape)}: (a) cone/ conic (by the shape combined 33 and 24)(円錐)
{28, 24,31}: pyramid (四角錘)

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