Two horizontal short lines are looking like away from each other; and represents a separated situation.
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the hand-shape-sign:
vertically wide opened pinkie (upper position) and thumb

the hand-movement-sign:
pushing each once at the upper and the lower position with the other signed-hand

name: [ge] (ge sound of get) ( ゲ )

ASCII: : (as the similar shape)

phonetic value: unused

definition (single): divided, part(s) (分かれた、部分)


vi. (the subject) parts (from somebody), diverge, branch off :
(become into parts from the original situation as one) (別れる、分かれる)
vt. divide, separate (something): (make something into separated situation) (分ける)

main images in base overlays: part, division, a part of something, separated situation

1) As the meaning of 'a part' or 'parts' (「部分」に関係)
2) As the meaning of 'parting/separation/ division' (分離にかかわって)
3) To show a mass of tiny things made by breaking down some kind of body

examples of base overlay:

As the meaning of 'a part' or 'parts' (「部分」に関係)

{02(one),16}: a piece (1部)
{14(going through),45(relation),16}: (any kinds of) joints (つなぎ部分)
{04(minus),16}: shortage, lacking situation (不足)
{07(large), 16}: major (大きな部分)
{08(small),16}: minor (小さな部分)
{14(way, through),16}: process (過程)
{22(original),16}: element (要素)
{17(upper),16}: the upper part (上部)
{18(lower),16}: the lower part (下部)
{19(inner),16}: the inner part (内部)
{20(outer),16}: the outer part (外部)
{61(front),16}: the front part (前部)
{62(back),16}: the back part (後部)
{34(main),16}: main (adj.)/the main part (n.) (主な/主な部分)
{10(place),16(part)}: division (区域)
{10(place),24(stable),32(unit)}(nation),16}: state/prefecture
(the size is not the matter. a unit of division of a nation) (州、県)
{10,24,32, 16, 08(smaller)}: (a smaller unit of the above matter) county/district (郡)
{{10,65}(human society),47(container)} (town),16}: a district of a town/city/village (地区)
{25(join) ,as 16}: addition/supplement, add ( vt. with ge) (追加)
{16,50(goods)}: parts (of an assembled things), take to pieces (vt. with ge) (部品、E動詞:解体する)
{{50,67(life)}(body of a living thing),16}: body parts of a living thing (身体の部分)

As the meaning of 'parting/separation/ division' (分離にかかわって)

{03(line),16}: line parting: a split, split (vi. with gd), split, divide (vt. with ge) (分裂、E動詞:裂く)
{01(point),16} (point of division): junction (分岐点)
{16,53(situation)}: separation, separate (v. with gd) (別離・分離)
{{46,63}(hand),16}: dividing by hand (vt. with gd, because the hand belongs
the subject of the verb) (D動詞:手で分ける)
{16,64( shocked)}: torn up, tear up (vt. with ge) (E動詞:引き裂く)
{26(group),16}: grouping, divide into groups (vt. with ge) (組み分け)
{45(relation),16}: classification, classify (vt. with ge) (分類)
{13(same),45,16}: the same kind (同類)
{37(nature),{16,45}: kind (sort of nature) (種族)
{{16,45},65human}: (human) race, racial (人種 )
{46(work),16}: allotment, assignment, take partial charge (v. with gd) (配分)
{16,51(power)}: sharing ( energy) (分担)
{16, {01,67}(cell)}: segmentation of cell (細胞分裂)
{05('cut' in this case),16}: cut in parts: cutting down, cut down (vt. ge) (切断)
{05,16,39(feel)}: feeling(16) cut down: a severe, an intense pain (切断の痛み)

{06(opposite), 16}: pulling near up, attract (vt. with ge) (E動詞:引き付ける)
{16(divided) is 58(possible)}: divisible (割り切れる)
{05(denied),16,58}: indivisible (割り切れない)
{{33,32}(numeral),16, {05,58}(impossible)}: prime number (素数)
{09(intangible matter),16}: clause, itemized (statement) (箇条)
{16 and 11(limited)}: distinguished, distinguish A from B (vt. with ge) (区別・分別)
{13(equal),16(divided)}: equally divided, divide equally (vt. with ge) (等分)
{15(recognition),16(divided)}: analysis, analyze (v. with gd) (分析)
{{38,34,37}computer, {15,16}(analysis)}:
computer analysis, analyze with computer (v. with gd) (コンピュータ解析)

As the meaning of 'flour/powder/grains':
Basically #01 is used for the meaning, but #01 sometimes can't be compounded with other characters. In those cases, and when it would be useful to have a base overlay, #16 is used for a mass of tiny things which is made from something by breaking it down, or which is divided from some kind of body.

{{59,66}(wheat).16}: wheat flour (小麦粉)
{{40,65}(rice). 16}: rice powder (米粉)
{{66,68}(flower),16}: pollen (花粉)
{16(grains),{37,35,24}(rock)}: sand (砂)
{{01,29}(atom),16}: elementary particle (素粒子)
{01,29,16,19(inside)}:proton (陽子)
{01,29,16,20(outside)}: electron (電子)
{01,29,16,60(penetrate)}: neutron (中性子)

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