The shape points up symbolizing above. This arrow head shape is not symmetry,
the right of the top line is longer than the left one, for distinguishing it from 24 easier.
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the hand-shape-sign:
pointing up with the extended thumb (親指で上を指す)
the hand-movement-sign:
moving the other signed hand a fist width upward from the original position

name: [sa] ( sa sound of sardine ) ( サ )

ASCII: T (the vertical line touches to the Top line)

phonetic value: [function]:

definition (single): upper direction, above (「上」の意味)


(vi.) rise, become the upper position (上になる、昇る)
(vt.) raise, let something be up (上げる)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to 'upper/above direction' (上)
2) Related to 'upward/move up/rising' (上昇または上向きにかかわって)
3) Related to 'psychologically upper/higher' (心理的な上方に関係)
4) To point a far particular thing in the sight (遠くを指すのに関係)
5) As the image of 'honor' with the looking 'up' manner; to use for ancient tales
6) As the meaning of 'quality high' (sometimes subjectively) (質的な「上」)
7) Related to 'north' (「北」にかかわって)

examples of base overlays:

Related to 'upper/above direction' (「上」にかかわって)

{17,28(surface)}: the upper surface; 'on' with gc ( but only upper side ) (上面)
{13(the same level),17}: the same or upper, upper than... (より上)
{{10,13}(level),17}: upper level/ higher lank ( than standard ) (~より上級)
{17,16(part)}: upper part (上部)
{11,17(above)}: the upper limit (上限)
{03(line),17}: over line (上の線)
{17(up),18(down)}: up and down (上下)
{17,18,23(change)}: reverse up and down: upside down (上下逆)
{17,18,23,54(be)}: a hand-stand or to be standing in upside-down (逆立ち)
{42(flowing),17}: the upper stream, upstream (上流)
{60(true),17}: right above (真上)
{61(front),17}: the front above (前方の上)
{62(back),17}: the back above (上後方)
{01 (the point),17}: the top point, summit (頂点)
{17,{11,12}(limitation)}: supreme, top ( for any highest images) (極上)
{17,{01,10}(position)}: high position ( for any position) (上位置)
{17(above),37(nature)}: celestial (not the meaning of Chinese old culture) (天)
{{17,37,20(out),10(place)}: Heaven (天界)
{{11,28}(wall),17}: ceiling (天井)
{{10,48}(building),17}: roof (屋根)
{17,{44,52}(fire)}: flame ( as hieroglyphic also) (炎)
{17,58('hang' in this case by the shape)}: hanging up, hang up( vt. with gd) (吊り上げ)
{17,58,50(tool)}: hanger (ハンガー)
{17(up),18(down),10(place),14(way)}: elevator (エレベーター)
{{02,14}(hair),{04,39}(mouth),17(above)}: mustache (口髭)
{{02,14},{34,39}(eye),17(above)}: eyebrow (眉毛)
{{15,33,66)(face),17(upper part)}: forehead (ひたい)
{44 a part of the sun, 17above, 36time}: noon (正午)
{70 duration including }: day-time (昼間)
{62 before (as time)}: before-noon (昼前)
{61 after }: after-noon (昼過ぎ)

As the image of 'upward/move up/rising' (上昇または上向きにかかわって)

{07(much),17}: tall, become tall (vi. with gd) (高い)
{08(little),17}: short (as the height), shortened (低い)
{{07,08}(degree),17}: height (高さ)
{17(up),{36(time),37(nature)}(season)}: the season while plants/lives get 'up' = spring (春)
{17(up),59(water),10(place)}: fountain (噴水)
{17,66(plant)}: growing (of plant), grow (vi. with gd) (成長)

{{33,44}(the sun),17}: rising sun (朝日)
{17,21 (heading)}: upward, head up (vi. with gd) (上向き)
{{17,51(power)}: lifting up , lift up (vt. with gd: by the subject power) (D動詞:もち上げる)
{17,{41(move),68}(emotion)}: stirred up/excitement, excite (vi. with gd) (興奮)
{17,43(rolled)}: winding up, wind up (v. with gd) (巻き上げ)
{17,41(move)}: going up, climb (D動詞:登る)
{17,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling up, creep up (vi. with gd) (D動詞:よじ登る)
{17,70(space)}: to float (in the air/to the air on water; vi. with gd) (浮遊、D動詞:浮く)
{67life,17(upward)}: growing (生育)

As the image of "psychologically upper/higher" (心理的な上方に関係)

{{21,17}(upward), 68(heart)}: upward feeling (気が軽くなる)
{{34,39}(eye),17,68}: looking-up-heart: respect (n. and v. with gd) (尊敬)
{17,15(recognition)}: favorable criticism, be well received( passive v. with {gd,47}) (好評)
{17 from 12(friction)}: conquer, over come (vi. with gd) (克服)
{17,55(want),68}: aggressive (上昇志向)
{17,{10,65}(society)}: upper class society (when it has ranks) (上流社会)
{17(related to the sky image),{33,23}(color)}: blue (青・空色)

*Before the base, 17 was used for upper generations and relatives, but the usage has been canceled, taking the meanings as before-time generation/relatives. (September, 2006) See #67-base overlays for relatives.

As the meaning of pointing a far particular thing in the sight :(遠くを指すのに関係)

{17,34(pronoun indicator)}: that (pointing a far thing) (あれ)
{17,34,27(plural)} : those (pointing things far away) (あれら)
{17,34,10(place)}: that place (あそこ)
{{34,17}(that),21(heading)}: go (from here to there) (こちらからあちら側に行く)
{02,17} (arrow-shaped picture-like character; it looks going far against the gravity:
a shot, be shot (vi. with #gd), shoot (with ge) ;
This hand-sign is pushing straight up long (for 17) by the 02(the straight up index finger)-signed hand.(発射)
As the image of 'honor' with the looking 'up' manner; use for ancient tales (階級制のあった時代の敬称)

{17,65(person)}: a title of honor (unisex) (ユニセックスの敬称、~様)
{19(female),17,65}: Ms. (女性への敬称)
{20(male),17,65}: Mr. (男性への敬称)
{10(place),17}: Putting this in front of a verb, to honor the subject of the verb
{54( existence ),17}: lord (特別な上位者への敬称)
As the meaning of 'quality high' (subjectively) (質的な「上」)

{49(quality),17(high)}: high quality (高級・高質)
{17,50(goods)}: exclusive goods (高級品)
{17,15(recognition),50}: brand name item (ブランド品)
{17,39(sense)}: elegance, grace (上品)
{17,46(function)}: elaborate, elaborately (高機能)
{17,23(change)}: betterment, improvement, improve (vt. with ge) (改善・向上)
{49,17,38(made)}: refinement, refined, refine (vt. with ge) (洗練)
As the image of north (since traditionally north is mostly positioned upper in a map): (「北」にかかわる)

{{17,33(globe)}: north (北)
{{17,33}(north),{10,12}(pole)}: the north pole (北極)
{{07,08}(degree),{17,33}(northern)}: (a) north latitude (北緯)
{{17,33},32(unit)}: the unit of latitude (北緯の度数)

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