This shape makes 45 degree (small angle/rate) on the right side, representing "little"

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the hand-shape-sign:
horizontally extended pinkie to  show little (「ちょっと」を示して小指を伸ばす。)
the hand-movement-sign:
draw this base shape starting from the diagonal edge (斜めの先からスタート)

name: ( loo sound of look ) (L子音のル)

ASCII: b (not because of the shape, but as "bit")

phonetic value: [function]

;to make a vowel opening narrower than original, or to make less for the function of
an additional symbol (like tone symbol). See here for the detail.(重ねた記号の機能をゆるめる)

definition (single): a few, little (少)


vi. become less, ( the subject itself ) decrease (減る)
vt. decrease, reduce ( make something less) (減らす)

main image in base overlays:

1) As the meaning of little (subjectively) (少)
2) As the meaning of small (subjectively) (小)
3) Relating to degree of something, working with #07 (程度に関係)

examples of base overlay:

As the meaning of little (subjectively) (少。量的に計れる場合は、低温 などの「低」にもこれを使用)

(NB) In English and many traditional languages, 'low' is used for some of these expressions instead of 'little' like 'low pressure'. EL uses 17( up, high ), 18( down, low ) for expression of a degree of quality , and 07( much ), 08( little ) for mainly the matters which can be measured/scaled or visible to see the quantity.

{08,51(power)} : weak, become weak(v. with #gd), make (something) weak (with #ge) (弱い、D動詞:弱る)
{08,{18(downward),51(power)}(weight)} : light (as the weight) (軽い)
{08,52(heat)}: cool, get cold (vi. with #gd), cold down (vt. with #ge) (低温、Dv:冷える、Ev:冷やす)
{{08,52},47(holding)}}: holding cold (冷蔵)
{{08,52}(cold),{47,50}(container)}: refrigerator (冷蔵庫)
{08,{37,70}(sky),52(heat)}: low ambient temperature (寒い)
{08,{01,59}(vapor)-01(because invisible),70( space)}: dried (乾燥)
{08,17(upward)}: low, become low ( vi. with gd) (低い)
{08,18(under)} shallow under (底浅い)
{08,19(inward)}: shallow ( inward ) (奥行きが浅い)
{08,20(outward)}: close, near (近い)
{08,{11,14}(width)}: narrow (幅せまい)
{08,{11,13}(thickness)}: thin (薄い)
{08,{24,31}(solid)}: brittle, fragile (もろい)
{08,61(front)}: little front (わずかに前方)
{08,11(limit)}: little limitation: loose(ly) (ゆるい)
{08,45(relation)}: (systematically) simple (単純)
{08,46(function)}: narrow functional (少機能)
{08,33}: (looks like a pie chart) small percentage (わずかな割合)
{08,34(value)}: less valuable (少価値)
mub {mu possession, 08 less}: poor/scanty (貧)
{47,08(little),{34,37}}: poverty/ poor (not for 'heart', but for money) (貧乏)
{08,{23(a part of the character of 'a light'),33}('color' as a fundamental character )}: less colored (少色)
{08,{02,23}(light)}: less light, dim (うす暗い)
{08,13(same)} : less, less than (comparing to others which follows to #gc) (~以下)
{08,63(weakly)}: a little bit (少なめ)
{08,64(very)}: very little (極わずか)
{08,21(go)} : little advanced (進度小)
{08,{21,63}(slow)}: little slow (やや遅い)
{08,{21,64} (fast)}: little fast (やや速い)
{08,15(recognition)}: little known (あまり知られてない)
{08,39(sense)} : dull (for the sense) (鈍感)
{08,40(balance)} : risky (危ない)
{08,67(life)}: short life expectancy (短い寿命)
{08,68(heart)}: narrow heart: timid (心が小さい)
{58(possible),08less}: little possibility, perhaps (可能性少)

When #08 is compounded with a countable or tangible thing, it means small ( subjectively).(小の意味を加える)

{03(line),08} : short (as length), shorten (vt. with ge) (短い、E動詞:短縮する)
{{08,03}(short)42(wave)} : short wave (短波)
{08,28(surface, area)} : small (foe square measure), shrunk (面積がせまい、D動詞:縮む)
{08,50(body)}: small (for volume, size), dwindle (vi. with gd) (体積が小さい)
{{08,50},64(very)}: tiny (微小)
{08,70(space)}: small as the space: tight (窮屈)
{08,47(vessel)}: small capacity (容量が小さい)
{68(heart),{08,47}}: narrow mindedness, narrow minded (心が狭い)
{08,09(intangible matter)} : trifle, trivial (些細)
{08,65(human)}: dwarf (こびと)
{08,66(plant)}: small plant ( as the kind ) (小植物)
{08,{21,33}(angle)}: (a) small angle: (an) acute angle (鋭角)
{08,{36(time),67(life)}(age)}: little aged: young (歳が若い)
{08,31(shape)}: shortened (for the shape) (vi. with gd), reduction (vt. with ge) (形の縮小)
{08,54(existence)}: trivial (being) (とるに足らぬ)
{08,23(change)}: small change (わずかな変化)
{08,41(move)}: (a) small movement (小さな動き)

{07(much/large),08} : ( by the combination of { much or little} or {large or small}) degree, measure.(程度)

This base overlay makes many applications related to a measure or a degree
(NB) When you are not familiar with EL symbols, you might mistake the diagonal line
{07,08} with #03 or #05. Please be careful about the angle and
whether or not it is attached to the vertical line of #08 in the base overlay.

{03(line),{07,08}} (measure as line): length (長さ)
{{07,08},28(surface)}: area, square measure (面積)
{{07,08},50(body)}: volume (体積)
{{07,08},47(container)}: capacity (容積)
{{07,08},70(space)}: three dimensional width of a space
( means a square measure of surface) (空間の広さ)
{{07,08},51(power)}: (degree of power) strength (力の大きさ)
{{07,08},52(heat)}: (general) temperature (温度)
{{07,08,47}(capacity)52( heat)}: heat capacity, calorie (熱量)
{{07,08,52}(temperature),{37,70}( sky)}: temperature (of environmental air) (気温)
{{07,08},17(upward)}: height (高さ)
{{07,08},18(under)}: depth under (底深さ)
{{07,08},19(inward)}: (inward) depth (奥深さ)
{{07,08},20(outward, away)}: distance (距離)
{{07,08},{34,39}(eye),46(function)}: (degree of) eyesight (視力)
{{07,08},{36(ear shape),39(sense)}(ear),46(function)}: (degree of) audition (聴力)
{{07,08},{21,33}(direction, angle)}: (a) degree of angle (角度)
{{07,08},{17,33}(northern)}: (a) north latitude (北緯)
{07,08,{18,33}(southern)}: the south latitude (南緯)
{07,08,{19,33}(western)}: the west longitude (西経)
{07,08,{20,33}(eastern)}: the east longitude (東経)
{07,08,33}: degree in a pie chart : percentage (割合、パーセンテージ)
{07,08},40(balance)}: degree of stability (安定度)
{{07,08},{24(hard) ,31(form, shape)} (solid)}: hardness (of a solid thing,
not the meaning of difficulty), firm (硬度)
{{07,08},21(go)}: the degree of advancement (進度)
{{07,08},{21,64}(fast)}: speed (速さ)
{{24,31}(solid),{07,08}}: degree of hardness (of a solid thing, not the meaning of difficulty) (硬度)
{{07,08},61(front)}: a degree from the front position (前からの度合い)
{{02,,23}(light ){07,08}}: (a degree of) illumination (照明度)
{{36,42}sound, {07,08} degree/level}: sound-volume (音量)

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