The parallel lines that 05 line can be between, symbolizing that the divided two areas
by the diagonal lines are twisted to the opposite direction each other.
* This base was slightly changed to make compounding with 05 available on May 17, 2006.
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the hand-shape-sign:
diagonally extended index and middle fingers sticking together
the hand-movement-sign:
diagonally two times straight movement (記号の2本の線を書く)

name: ne sound of neck (ネ)

ASCII: Z (the proportions and angles are different but the drawing zigzag-ways are the similar)

phonetic value: [function] to make the air stream opposite: implosive (息を(逆に)吸い込みながら発音)

definition (single): opposite (逆の)


vi. become the opposite situation (逆になる),
vt. change something into the opposite situation (逆にする)
{gd,06(opposite)}: must not, should not.
06 changes the verb into a prohibited situation.(禁止の動詞符)
: You must not see it. (Seeing it is prohibited.)

main images in base overlays:

1) To change the character meaning into opposite or reverse (意味を逆にする)
2) To add the meaning of opposing or resisting (逆・反対の意味を 加える)

examples of base overlay:

To change the character meaning into opposite or reverse (意味を逆にする)
(N.B. For denying the meaning, (05) is used)

{06,38creation}: destruction, demolition, destroy (vt. with ge) (破壊、壊れた)
{06,50 tangible thing}: metaphysical (形而上)
{06,60(truth)}: false, falsehood (嘘)
{ge{06,60,43}{19,43}(involve): deceive (だます}
{{06,60},65(person)}: swindler (詐欺)
{06(opposite),60,68}: sin (罪)
{06,15,60,68}(the consciousness {15,68} of sin): 'I apologize', 'I'm sorry' as the single form,
apologize (v. with #gd )(一字で「ごめんなさい」の意味)
{06,46(work)}: hindrance, obstruction, disturb (vt. with ge) (邪魔)
{06,14(way)}: stopper {tap, cork, barricade etc.} (vt. with ge) (栓)
{06,24(stable)}: unrestricted, flexible (柔)
{06,12(friction)}: smooth, slide, slip (vi. with gd) (滑らか、動詞:滑る)
(gd {06,12} [06,40( balance ),54( exist)}: slip and tumble down (滑って転ぶ)
{06,26(multiply or group)}: broken down, dissolve (vt. with ge) (ばらばら)
{06,57doubt}: believed, believe (v. with gd) (信じ込まれた)
{06,{55,57}}(question)}: an answer, solve (v. with gd ) (解答)
{06,58(possible)}: prohibition, prohibited, forbid (vt. with ge) (禁止)
{06,47(acceptance)}: objection, oppose (v. with gd) (反対)
{06,55(want)}: giving, give (vt. with gd) (与える)
{06,28(surface)}: the reverse, the back (裏)
{06,69(nothing)}: exist (vi. with gd) (有)
{06,35(long continuous situation)}: immediate (即時)
{06,13(same)}: discrimination, discriminate (v. with ge) (差別)
: discrimination in the classes/ranks/grades (階級差別)
: sex/racial discrimination (男女や人種の差別)
{06,23(change)}: conservative (保守)
{06,43(rolled)} anti-roll (巻かない・転がらない)
{06,{43,49}(sticky) gummy)}: frank, plain (さらっとした)
{06,67(life) }: killing, kill (vt. with ge) (殺)
{06,44(opened)}: a blockade, blockade ( vi. with gd ) (閉鎖)
{06,{02,23}(light, illumination)}: shadow, shade (vt. with gd) (影)
{06,{40,60}beauty}: ugly (醜)
{06(opposed),39(sense)}: anesthesia (麻酔)
PZp : dizzy, feel dizzy (vi. with gd) (めまい)

To add the meaning of opposing or resisting (逆・反対の 意味を加える)

{06,09( matter)}: opposition ( n.) (反対)
{06,10(place)}: the other side (反対側)
{01point, 06}: conflict point (対立点)
{06,37(nature)}: counter to the nature (反自然)
{06,36(time)}: time slip to the past (逆時間)
{06,49(temper)}: defiant temper (反抗性)
{06,41(movement)}: reaction (反動)
{06,39(sense),41}(reaction from senses): reflex action (反射運動)
{06,27(plural)}: opposite of opposite (逆の逆)
{06,51(power)}: resistance, resist (v. with gd) (抵抗)
{06,56(action)}: revenge (仕返し・お返し)
{06(resist, oppose),45}: avoidance, avoid (v. with gd) (回避)
{06,52(heat) }: heat insulating (断熱)
{06,{44,52}(fire)}: extinguishing a fire (消火)
{06,{21,33}direction}}: opposite direction (反対方向)
{06,21(heading)}: reflection (反射)
{{02,23},21( heading),06(opposite)}: reflection of light, reflect (光の反射)
{{06,21}, 28sheet}: mirror (鏡)
{{06,21}{36,42}sound}: echo (こだま)
{06,59(water)}: waterproof (防水)
{06,31shape}: reverse of a shape (逆形)
{06,31,54(put)}: print (版)
YWOZ deodorizer (匂い消し) {YWO~Z opposite}

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