The diagonal straight line from the right top to the left bottom symbolizing cutting or denying

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the hand-shape-sign: 
the diagonally extended hand which back faces to the reader,
the fingers are touching to each other (甲を相手側に斜め平らに伸ばす)
the hand-movement-sign:
from higher to lower, diagonally straight movement (もう一方の手話の手で斜め上から対角線)

name: ( ni sound of nibble ) ( ニ )


phonetic value: [function]: voiceless
to change a vocal sound of the other character into a voiceless sound, used in a base overlay (無声音に変化)

definition (single): no, not, denial (否定)


vi. be denied (否定される、~でなくなる)
vt. deny, reject (否定する)
{gd,05( denied )}: don't or don't become. 05 denies the meaning of the verb.(ならない、しない)
{gd,05,54}: am not, are not, is not (存在の否定、いない、ではない)
: He is not my chief. (彼は私のチーフじゃない)

{gd,05,53}: be not ..ing, be not in the following situation(状態の否定、~ない)

main images in base overlays:

1) To deny the meaning of the other character
2) Adding the meaning of cut or carved to the other character, according the 05 shape

examples of base overlay:

For denying the meaning of the other character (重ねる相手の文字の意味を否定 して):

{05,37(natural)}: unnatural (不自然)
{05,25(added),38(human made)}: not artificial product: (人工的でない)
{05,36(time)}: instant (瞬時)
{05,35(permanent)}: not permanent; temporary (臨時)
{05,40(balanced}: unbalanced situation (不均衡)
{05,47(acceptance)} : No (for a request), disagree (v. with gd) (不承知)
{05,48(cover)}: uncovered situation, undress (v. with gd),
peel/unwrap/take off the cover (of the object of that sentence) (vt. with ge) (D動詞:脱ぐ、E動詞:はぐ )
{05,59(water)}: dry (乾)
{05,60(true): not correct/wrong, make a mistake (v. with gd): the subject make a mistake) (まちがい)
{05,57(doubt)}: undoubted/clear (疑いない)
{05,21(go)}: stop to go (止まる)
Om/  {{33,54}(whole),05(denying)}:not all((部分否定で)全てが~なわけではない)* this idea is from S.Takehara
Om / : not at all (全否定)
{05,30(instruction or indication)}: cancellation (of instructions) (指示中止)
{05,56(action)}: (the subject) stops doing (v. with gd), stop someone to do the action (vt. with ge) (行為の停止)
{05,68} (normal heart(68) is denied): cold hearted situation (不人情)
{05,65(human)}: atrocious situation, become atrocious (v. with gd) (人でなし)
{05,67(life)}: death, die (vi. with gd) (死)
{05,66(growing/plant)}: withered situation (枯)
{05,14(way/go through)}: closed, lock out (不通)
{05,41(motion)}: standstill, stop to move (vi. with gd, and vt. with ge) (静止)
{05,42(wave)}: stillness (静)
{05,{36,42}( sound)}: silent, be silent (vi, with gd)
stop a sound, or make someone or something quiet (vt. with ge) (無音・止音)
{{36,39},05not, 58can}: inaudible (聴き取れない)
{{36,39}(ear),46function, 05denied}: deaf (聾)
{05,46(work)}: idle/disable situation, go wrong or become out of order (vi. with gd) (無為)
{05,31(shape)}: disappear (vi. with gd), eliminate (vt. with ge) (無形・姿が消える)
{05,15(recognition)}:(as the idiomatic usage) 'I don't know' (知りません)
{05,{15,14}understand}}: 'I don't understand (your talking)' (わかりません)
{05,70(space in between)}: direct situation(直接)
{05,54(existence)}: become extinct (vi. with gd), extinguish (vt. with ge) (消滅)
{05,55(want)}: unnecessary situation (不要)
{{33,47}(filled),05}: lacking (不足)
{05 no),58}: impossible (不可能)
{05 no){15,58}}: unrecognizable (認識不可能)
{05(denied),16,58}: indivisible (割り切れない)
{{33,32}(numeral) + 16(dividing){05,58}(impossible)}: prime number (素数)
{05,13(same)}: difference, different situation (違)
{{42,13} normal),05}: abnormal (異常な)
{05,43(rolled)}: unrolled situation (巻いた状態から引き伸ばす)
{05,44(opened)}: closed or shut oneself up situation, close (vt. with ge),
(the subject) shuts oneself up (vi. with gd) (閉鎖)
{05,07(much)}: perhaps not...(多分~ない)
{05,{39(sense),44(open)}(awaking)}: unaware (知らない)
{{02,23}(light),05}: dark, darkness, become dark (vi. with gd) (暗)
poc/ {{34,39}(eye),46function,05denied}:blind (盲)
pCc/ : {{36,39}(ear),46function, 05denied}):  deaf (聾)

Adding the meaning of cut or carved to the other character, according to
the image of the 05 shape

{03( line)),05}: engraved situation, engrave or give a cut (vt. with ge),
(the subject) gets a cut (v. with gd) (切り込み・傷)
{03,05,39(feeling)}: feeling by a cut on the surface ; sharp pain (傷つく痛さ)
{05,16(separated in pieces)}: cut down (the situation/vt. with ge) (切断)
{05,16,39(feeling)}: a severe, an intense pain (切断の痛み)
{05,50(thing/tool)}: knife, any kind of tool to cut (刃物)
{05,12(friction/ zigzag shape)}: sawed (vt. with ge) (挽く)
{05,12,{46,50}(tool)} or : (n.) a saw (のこぎり)
{05,28(sheet)}: torn situation, be torn (with gd), tear (vt. with ge) (裂)
{05,45relation}: situation to cut the connection or to break off a relation (断関係)
{33proportion/rate,n2,05cut}: a half (半分)
{33,n3,05}: a third (3分の1), {33,n4,05}: a quarter (4分の1)
: one fifth (5分の1), : one sixth (6分の1), : one eighth (8分の1)

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