A Poem and the Pictograph in Earth Language (EL) for this month -- March '03 --

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This is an EL (Earth Language) experimental page to enjoy
the image of a haiku/short poem originally in English/Japanese.
When you can't see the Japanese parts, please don't mind and just skip those parts.

I picked a short poem by Lauren Carlisle (18) for this month. I don't know when he made this poem, but I imagined the early spring water in my body with light and impulse through this. Which season do you feel in your environment? I found it from the book, “RIVER OF WORDS - 2002 - The Natural World as Viewed by Young People – "( Poetry From The Annual River Of Words Contest Selected by Robert Hass.) The author is a student of All Saints’ Episcopal School in Vicksburg, Mississippi (Teacher: Greg Sellers)

今月は、“RIVER OF WORDS ”という上記の青少年の詩集2002年版の受賞作から、ミシシッピー州の高校生、 Lauren Carlisleさん (18)の詩を訳してみました。自分の中に流れる早春の輝く水を想像しながら読みました。みなさんの印象はどんなでしょうか?

The EL pictograph for this poem

Original Poem(by Lauren Carlisle):

[And You Dance

You are of water,
tiny droplets of light.
The motion in you,
A property of liquid.

How do you make your body
Glide in such a luminous way
And move in perfect time
To the rhythm of the music,

Flowing through us
Like water making its way
Through even the most
twisted landscapes?

The way you dance is an
Elixir, a stunning mixture
Of liquid and light,
Inviting the hour to slip by.

I want to dance
To the point of liquidity
And have the music brim
From my fingertips, too

EL translation:

日本語訳 (by Yoshiko too):

そしてきみは踊る ]
















液体と光のめくるめく混合 だ<





* The numbers of the following explanation are for each basis; see more in the dictionary.
Also each basis and an empty space used in the poem has a frame for easy recognition. You don't need frames in actual writings.
: ( the grammatical notation for conjunction ) and 接続符「と」/そして
{61( front),34(pronoun)}(pointing the front direction as the hand sign): you, your あなた(の)
: the grammatical notation to form a d-verb meaning that 'the subject' become(s) in the situation shown by the following character or phrase; or (the subject) do/does the following action. d-動詞符
{ move,{56,44}(entertainment)}: dance, dance (vi. with gd) ダンス
{gd (verb),54} : be { am, are, is } だ、です
{gc(preposition),22(original direction)} : from (後ろの語)から
{{08(little),50(body)},64(very)} : tiny 微小
{34(small round shape),59(water)} : (a) drop (of liquid) しずく
: ( the grammatical notation for preposition); to show that the following symbol(s) modifies the front one(s) 後ろの語が前を修飾することを表す前置符
{02,23}( the total character shape shows light }; light ( noun), shine( vi. with #gd) 光
{30(show),49(quality}: characteristic, feature, peculiarity 特徴
{59(water),50(body, materiel)}: liquid (n.) 液体
{57(question),14( through/way)}: how どうやって
{67(life),50( tangible thing)}: body( of a living creature) 身体
{06(opposite) of 12(friction)}: slippery, slip (vi. with gd) D動詞:滑る
{gc (preposition),25(joined)} : with 〜で、とともに
{gc,53(condition)} : in the condition of
{33(abstract symbol for rate, in this case),60(penetrated/ truly)}: perfect 完全
{13(same),21(heading)}: being along, follow (vi. with gd) 沿う
{gc,21(heading direction)} : to, for
{{33,36}(frequency)),{(36),42}(sound)}: rhythm リズム
{{36,42}(sound),40(balance ),44(spread of energy)}: music 音楽
{42(wave),21(go)}: flowing situation, flow (vi. with gd) 流れ、D動詞:流れる)
{gc (preposition),14(way)}: through 〜を通る(って)
{gc,{13,15}(similar: as the same type of recognition)} : like..., in the similar way of ...(つづく語)のような
vt. making (to modify the front word)〜をつくる・・(前の語を修飾)
: showing that the following character or phrase is the one who actually becomes the situation of the e-verb by the subject of the sentence .... see here for the details主語によってE動詞の状態になる目的格を示してその前に置く
{01,64}(emphasized) {gc (proposition),10(place)}: even in the place where...(modifying front word with the following emphasized words) 〜(続く語)なところにさえ
{07(much),64(intensity)} : very much (非常に多い)
{45(relation),43(twined shape)}: twine, twist (vi. with gd, vt. with ge) からむ
{10(place),24(stable )}( as a fundamental character): land 土地
{14(way),21(go)}: method, way (方法)
{{37,57}(mysterious){21,14}(way)}: magic, elixir (魔術・錬金術)
{26(piled),44(open/spread)}: mixed situation, mixture 混合
{43(the turning around shape),39(sense)}: dizzy, feel dizzy( vi. with #gd ) めまい
:{36,{01as invisible,70}( between (limits))}: length of time, duration (時間)
{62,34}(pointing oneself as the hand sign): I, my わたし(の)
{gd,55(want): want to 〜したい
54: existence 存在
{ (waved/frowing),50(body)}: fluid 流体
{gb,27(plural)}: and ..., too そしてまた〜も
{{33,47}(full),20( out )}: overflowed, flow over( v. with #gd ) 溢れた
{{46,63}(hand),{(63),66}(branch)}: finger (as a fundamental character) 指
{11(limitted/edge),10(place)}: edge 端
A News related to Water:
This month, The Third World Water Forum will be held in Japan.
As a project of this event, there is [Water Voice], 
and here you can get various voices about water
 from all over the world. Please enjoy.
Thank you, friends who have cooperated with Yoshiko for this project.


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