This full size shape points forward (of a writing) representing heading forward

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the hand-shape-sign:
open forward the thumb (upper) and the extended four other fingers
the hand-movement-sign:
drawing the base shape forward (pushing the other signed hand forward down and pull it back down) (前に向かって押して引くように書く)

ki sound of kick ( キ )

ASCII: k (similar angles are included)

phonetic value:

ejective (eject the air in the mouth out at the closure of the other consonant in a base overlay) [_>];
it's used always in a base overlay (重ねた子音の位置で「放出音」)

definition (single):

heading direction, to (putting this right next of 'A': to 'A' or direction of 'A'.
For the preposition 'to': the base overlay (with the preposition grammar-symbol) is used.


(vi.) face (to), turn toward (向かう)
(face to you) (あなたに向かう)
(vt.) turn or direct (something or someone to some direction) (向ける)

{gd,21(heading)}: be going to ...
(The tense is just before starting to be in some situation or starting
to do something. #21 represents the direction which the verb is heading on.)
{ge,21(heading)}: be going to make (somebody/something) to be/do ...

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to (facing/heading) direction ((向かう)方向・方角にかかわって)
2) Related too 'toward/facing to/heading to' ((なにかに)向かうことに関連)
3) Related to 'go'( to move heading to a direction ) (進むことに関連)
4) To form a picture-like fundamental symbol as its part (象形文字の構成要素)

examples of base overlay:

Related to (facing/heading) direction/angle (方向・方角にかかわって)

{01,21}(the point of (heading direction)): aim (目標)
{{01,21,06 opposite}: contrary (目標が逆)
{{01,21} aim,68}: intention, intend (v. with gd) (意図)
{02(one),21(direction), 53(situation) }; one sided (一方的)
{{34,65}(member), 21(toward)}: guest (客)
{33(abstract),21}: direction (方向)
{33,21,06(opposite)}: opposite direction, turn around (vi. with gd) (逆方向)
{{07,08}(degree),{21,33}}: (a) degree of angle (角度)
{08(large),{21,33}(angle)}: (an) acute angle (鋭角)
{07(small),{21,33}}: (a) obtuse angle (鈍角)
{32(unit),(21,33}}: the unit of degree of angle (角度の度/単位)

Related too 'toward/facing to/heading to' (なにかに向かうことに関連 )

{{15,33,66}(face),21)}: facing (向く、顔を向ける)
{17(up),21}: upward, head up (vi. with gd) (上向き)
{{17,21}(upward),68(heart }} : upward feeling (気が軽くなる)
{18( under ),21}: downward, heading down (下向き)
{{18(under),21}(downward),68(heart)}} : be in deep thought (v. with gd) (心沈む状態)
{19(in),21}: inward, introversion, turn inward/ introvert (vi. with gd/vt. with ge) (内向)
{19,21,49(nature, personality)}: introverted nature (内向性)
{19,21,51(power)}: pressure, oppressed, press( vt. with ge) (圧迫)
{33(circle),{19,21},51(power)}: centripetal force (求心)
{20(out),21}: outward (外向)
{20,21,49(nature, personality)}: extroversion (外向性)
{20,21,51(power)}: generating power (出力)
{33(circle),{20,21},51(power)}: centrifugal force (遠心力)
{{20,21}, 15recognition}: recommendation (勧め)
{{04,39,42}(voice),21(go/to)}: calling, call (v. with gd) making voice to particular someone (鳴、発声)

{{33,20}(east ),21}: toward the east (東向き)
{{33,19}(west ),21}: toward the west (西向き)
{{33,18}(south),21}: toward the south (南向き)
{{33,17}(north),21}: toward the north (北向き)
{10(place),21(heading)}: destination (行き先)
{11,21(heading)}: reaching, arrival (到達);
compounding with gc: (preposition) until ((gcを重ねて) ~まで)
{55(asking),21(heading to),{01,19}(oneself)}: invitation/ invite (招待)
{21(heading to),{01,20}(the other)}: a visit/ visit (v. with gd) (訪問)
{55(asking),21(heading to),{01,20} (the other)}:
 arrangement for a visit/get an appointment (v. with gd) (訪問のうかがい)

{21,62}: backward, facing to the back (後ろ向き)
{21,41move,62}: going backward (バックする)
{{21,62}(backward),68}: retrospection (懐古)
{67,{21,62} facing backward}: old/opposite of fresh (古い、鮮度の落ちた)
{61,21(heading direction)}: forward, facing ahead (前向き)
{61,21,65(person)}: a forward (as in the football/soccer) (推進者)
{{21,61}(forward),68} : aggressive (先進的)
{67 life,{21,61} forward}: fresh, lively (新鮮)
{{34,39} eye, {61,21}}: look ahead (前方/将来を見据える)
{21(heading to),68(heart)}: interest, be interested (v. with gd) (関心)
{07(much),{21,68}}: much interested (関心が高い)
{08(little),{21,68}} : not so interested, reduce interest (v. with gd) (余り興味がない)
{11(limit),{21,68}} : resignation, give up (v. with #gd) (あきらめ)
{57(question),{21,68}} : perplexing, be puzzled (or waved) (vi. with gd), puzzle( vt. with ge ) (迷い)
{{13,21}(following, being along),68}: trust (信頼)
{04,21,68}: {situation of an interest{21,68} goes away}: lose an interest (with gd) (関心が減る)
{{44,68}(happy),21( facing to )}: celebration (when it needs distinguishing as an event
of a celebration, add #09 on top of this character), celebrate (v. with gd) (祝)

{14,21}: method, way (方法)
{15recognition,21}: try/trial, try (v. with gd) (試み)
{{15recognition, 21heading} trying to know, {10,47}room}: class-room (教室)
{13,21(heading)}: being along, follow (vi. with gd), along (preposition with gc) (沿う)
{{13,21},60(accomplish),68} : belief, believe (v. with gd) (信)
{{34,39}(eyes),21} : gazing, gaze (v. with gd) (D動詞:見つめる)
{{34,39}(eyes),68 heart,21} : observing, watch carefully/observe (vt. with gd)(観察)

Related to 'go' (to move heading to a direction) (進むことに関連)

{21, 41(movement)}: go
{{34,18}(this),21(heading)}: come (from another place to here) (来る)
{55(request) for{34,18,21}}: asking to come this way/call (n./v. with gd) (呼び寄せ、呼ぶ)
{{34,17}(that),21(heading)}: visit (from here to there) ((こちらから他へ)訪れ)
{67life,}: journey (旅)
{21,42wave}: flowing (流れ)
{{36,42}sound, {21,42}flowing,{21,41}go}: melody 
{0354}line,21 go}: parade
{05 not,21}: stop to go (止まる)
{21,56(action)}: promotion, promote (v. with gd) (推進)
{21,56,65(person)}: promoter (推進者)
{21(heading),64}: fast (速い)
{{22,64},{07,08}(degree)}: speed (速さ)
{08(little),21,64}: little fast (やや速い)
{07(much),21,64}: very fast (特急)
{{47,61}(foot/feet),21}: walk (n.), walk (vi. with gd) (歩行)
{{{47,61}(foot),21}(walk),{(21),64}(fast)}: quick walk (はや歩き)
{{{48,51}(leg),21}(run){(21),64}(fast): sprint, run fast (vi. with #gd) (疾走)
{21(go),63}: slow (ゆっくり)
{07(much),21,63}: very slow (とてもゆっくり)
{08(little),21,63}: little slow (ややゆっくり)
{{{47,61}(foot)21}(walk),{(21),63}}: slow walk (そぞろ歩き)
{{48,51},21(heading)}: running, run (vi. with gd as a fundamental character) (走る)
{{{48,51}(leg),21}(run){(21),63}(slow): jog, run slowly (vi. with gd) (ゆっくりかけ足)

{42(wave),21}: flowing flow (vi. with gd) (流れ、D動詞:流れる)
{{42,21}(flowing),,64(very)}: rapid (stream) (n)/flow rapidly (vi. with gd) (急流)
{{42,21}(flowing),63(gentle)}: gentle stream (n)/flow gently (vi. with #gd) (緩流)
{{07,08},21(go)}: the degree of advancement (進度)
{07(much),21(go)}: much advanced (進度大)
{08(little),21(heading)} : little advanced (進度小)
{09(affair),21}: things which is going on now (現在進行中の事柄)
{12( friction ),21}: competition (as noun), competitive (as adj.), compete ( vi. with gd ) (競争)
{61,21,12(friction)}: propelling a battle (v. with gd) (進撃)
{21(go),44(opening widely)}: spread (vi, with gd, vt with ge) (ひろがる)
{{34,44}(public).21}: publicity (広報、公開)
{45(relation),21}: connection, connect, tie (vt. with ge) (つなぐ)
{{45,21},50thing}: hook-up (a tool/part to connect)
{48shelter,21}: defense, defend (v. with gd) (防御)
{{46,63}(hand),21}: working with hand improving something like writing, drawing, painting, etc.
{47,21( go)}: conveyance, carry (vt. with gd) (運搬)
{{41,47}(vehicle),{21,(47)} carry}: truck, carrier car (運搬車)
{21,70(air)}: fly (vi. with gd) (飛ぶ)
{{70,21}(fly to go),47(container)}: plane(s), any kind of flying (飛行機など)

{21,33,34} (as rings for going to somewhere; simplified): (any kinds of) bike
{{21,33,34},63slow}: bicycle (with no motor)
{{21,33,34},64fast/a part of 'machine'}: motorbike
{{21,33,34},n3}: trike
{21,33,34,n3,08small}: children's trike
{06,21(heading direction) }: reflection (反射)
{{02,23},21(heading),06(opposite)}: reflection of light, reflect (光の反射)
{{34,37}(the brain),21}: logical thought/think about (with gd) (思考)
{21,38(creation)}: development, developed, develop (vt. with ge) (開発)
{{34,38}(money),21} : buy, use money (with gd) (買う)
`aok {value, go to work}: sale, selling including service business(売)
`laok {aok sale, place}: shop/store (店)
{{33,15}(language),21}: description, describe (vt. with gd) (述)
{{33,15}(language),21,65person}: author (著者)
{33,15,21,32(unit)}: sentence (文法上の「文」)
{33,15,42,21(go)}: speaking/talk (v. with gd) (話、D動詞:しゃべる)
{+ 65 person}: announcer
{33,15,31,21(go)}: writing, write (v, with gd) (書)
{{03,43} thread, 21(go)}: {thread is 21(going to improve) the job}: sewing, stitching (縫)

To form a picture-like fundamental symbol as its part (象形文字の構成要素 )

{{21,36,39}(as a picture-like fundamental character)}: fish (魚)
{38(raised by human),{21,36,39}(fish)}: aqua-cultured fish (養殖魚)
{{02,14}(hair/straight lines),{21,36,39}(fish)}: fin (ひれ)
{{21,36,39}(fish),53}: swimming, swim (vi. with gd) (泳ぐ状態、D動詞:泳ぐ)
{{21,36,39}(fish),58(hook shaped)}: fishing (vt. with ge) (釣り、E動詞:釣る)
{{21,36,39}(fish),65(person)}: fisherman (漁師)

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