This shape points inward , symbolizing the hand-sign #19 pointing inward.
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the hand-shape-sign:
pointing inward (one's own body direction) with the extended thumb. (肩前、親指で内側を指す)
the hand-movement-sign:
moving the other signed hand a fist width inward from the original position. (拳幅内側に動かす)

name: (soo sound of soot) ( ス )

ASCII: < (looks similar)

phonetic value: [function]

To change the place of articulation one step inward than the original,
the diacritic for Retracted; also additionally work for pitch with #17or and #18
(see here for the examples)
また17,18の音程を示す記号の補足にも使用)( 表音システム参 照)

definition (single): inside, in (this itself is not a preposition; just as the image) (内)


vi. enter, be inside (入る)
vt. put (something) in (入れる)

special usage compounding with verb symbol:
{gd.19}: (pointing original direction of the writing) the past tense d-verb symbol;
became ../ did .. (過去D動詞符;~になった、~した)
{ge.19}: the past tense e-verb symbol (made someone to do ..) (過去E動詞符;~させた)

main images in base overlays:

1) Related to in/ inside/ inner/ internal/self (内 がわや自身に関連)
2) Related to inward or oneself (内向きに関連)
3) To symbolize one side of bipolar concepts as
the left, west, female, past tense (working with 20 for the opposite side)
4) Composing an arrow shape (矢印を構成)

examples of base overlay:

Related to 'in/ inside/ inner/ internal/self'( since the sign points to inward/ oneself )

{19,28(surface)}: the inner surface (内側の面)
{{11,28}(wall),19}: interior wall (内壁)
{13(the same level),19}: the same or inner, inner than... (より内部)
{19,16(part)}: inner part (内の部分)
{11(limit),19}: a scope, a range, within (with gc, as a preposition) (領域内)
{03(line),19}: inside of line (線内)
{19,20(out)}: in and out (内外)
{19,20,23(change)}: reverse of in and out: inside out (裏返し)
{19,01}: (pointing inner way): oneself (as a fundamental) (自身)
{33,{01(point),19(in)}(oneself)}: score point (得点)
{19,{01,10}(position)}: one's own side (自分側)
{{01,19}(self),{48,51}(support)}: independence/ self-help (自立)
{19.01.20}(as the combination of 'self' and 'other'{20,01}}: each other (互い)
{{01,19,20} each other, 23}: change/relief/alternation (交代)
{{46,63,48}(grasp),{01,19,20}}: handshake (v. with gd) (握手)
reciprocally standing (相互依存)
mutual understanding (相互理解)
reciprocity (相互利益)
{10(place),19}: inside (内側)
{{10,48}(building),19}: interior (室内)
{19,58(possibility)}: potential (潜在的な可能性)
{19,48(cover)}: secret (秘密)
{14(go through),19}: betrayal, betray (v. with gd) (内通)
{19,25(join )}: included, include (vt. with ge) (含んだ、E動詞:含める)
{19(in),{36(time),37(nature)} season}:
the season while most people and animals keep 'indoor': winter (冬)
{19,{15(recognition),68(heart)}consciousness}: subconscious (潜在意識)

Related to 'inward' (内向きの方向に関連)

{07(much),19} : (inward) deep (奥深い)
{08(little) ,19}: (inward) shallow (内向きに浅い)
{{07,08}(degree),19} : (inward) depth (奥深さ)
{19,41(move)}: enter (入る)
{19,{41,43}(reptile)}: crawling in, creep in (vi. with gd) (這い入る)
{06(resistance),19}: locked out situation (入るのが禁止の状態)
{19,51(power)}: input (入力)
{07,{19,51}}: much input (入力大)
{08,{19,51}}: little input (入力少)
{19,21(heading direction)}: inward, introversion, turn inward/introvert (vi. with gd/vt. with ge) (内向き)
{19,21,49(nature, personality)}: introverted nature (内向性)
{19(in),21(heading),51}: centripetal force (求心力)
{19(in),{49,68}}: private, withdrawn (内気な)
(19,12(friction)}: blame, take the blame for... (v. with gd, {gc,22}), accuse (vt. with ge) (責め、とがめ)
{19,{41(move),68} emotion}: impression, be impressed( vi. with gd), impress (vt. with ge) (印象)
{19,43(rolled)}: involved, involve( vt. with ge) (D動詞:巻き込まれる、E動詞:巻き込む)
{19,47( container/a part of 'room')}: entrance (entry), accommodate, put in (v. with ge) (入会・入場、E動詞:収容する)
{{47,41}viacle, 19,20(in-out), 10place}: bus/train station (駅)
{{47,41}viacle, 19in}: boarding/riding on (a vehicle) (下車)
{19,{33,23}(color)}: purple (紫)
{19,{34,38}(money)}: revenue, income (収入)
{19,{34,38}(money),47(vessel)}: deposit, saving money (預金)
{19,20(out),{34,38}money,47}: banking (銀行業務)
{44 the sun,19 in (gets in under the horizon), 36time}: sunset-time (日没どき)
{70 duration including }: evening (夕方)
{61 after }}: evening after sunset/dusk (夕暮れ)

As one side of bipolar concepts( distinguishing opposite things with #20)

Meaning 'female' (女性に関連)

{19,34(pronoun)}: she, her (彼女)
{19,67(life)}: female (as a fundamental character) (女・雌)
{19,67,27(plural)}: women/females (only for plural) (女たち)
{61(later),19,67}: daughter (息女)
{(62(earlier),67}(parent),19}: mother (母)
{62,67,19,n2}: 2 generation upper mother: grandmother (祖母)
{62,67,19,n3}: great grandmother (曾祖母)
{{67,13(the same level)} (sibling: fundamental character),19}: sister (姉・妹)
{67,13,19,n2}: secondly far female in the same generation: female cousin (従姉妹)
{67,13,19,n3}: second female cousin (また従姉妹)
{62,67,19,13}: the same level of a parent and female: aunt (叔母・伯母)
When you feel the above characters look too mess, you can put the numbers , in front separately:
as = (見にくい場合には、左のように分離も可能)
{19(female),17(for a term of respect),65(human)}: Ms. or lady (女性の敬称)
{19,17,65,27(plural)}: ladies (ご婦人方)
{19,20(male),17,65}: Mr. and Mrs. (紳士淑女)
{19,20,17,65,27}: ladies and gentlemen (紳士淑女かたがた)
{19,66}: female of plant (when differs are) (雌株の植物)

As a direction(方向に関連)

{02(vertical line),19}: the left (fundamental character by the shape) (左)
{33,22,{02,19}}: sequence from the left (左からの順)
{02,19,20(out)}: the left and the right: both, both sides (左右)
{33(globe),19}: the west (西)
{33,19,{07,08}(degree)}: the west longitude (西経)
: {33,19,32(unit of degree)} 125.42:
longitude 125.42 degrees West (西経125.42度)
{33,19,21(heading)}: toward the west (西向き)

As past and past tense(過去に関連)

{19,36(time)}: past (since #19 points the opposite direction where the writing goes to) (過去)
{{19,36}(past),50}: antique (骨董)

Composing an arrow shape (矢印を構成)

{04,19}: the left pointed arrow mark (左矢印)
This itself doesn't work for a part of a verb or an adjective, but when compounded with another ideogram, it works as a normal EL ideogram relating to inserting, adding the meaning of inward by 19.
<-_ {{04,19}, 70 space between}: inserted, insert (vt. with ge), be inserted (vi. with gd) (挿入)
<-c {{04,19}, 46work}: plug
<-I {04,19},59 liquid}: infusion, infuse/inject (vt. with ge) (注入)
<-Id {04,19,59}, 50 tool}: injection filler (n.) (注射器、注入器)

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